Episode-252- Let’s Start Getting Ready for Fall — 25 Comments

  1. Filename of today’s podcast is the same as yesterday’s. Same file uploaded or filename incorrect?

  2. Possenti2246: The proper file was uploaded, the pointers just got messed up, instead of linking to 252 it linked to 251… so you would be downloading yesterdays episode. 252 is there, just not linked right. No biggie, Jack will get to it.

  3. Hey Jack – this looks like an excellent show however the download link is linked to yesterday’s show. Thanks for what looks like a great topic.

  4. Hey sorry about the mix up! Dang it I hate it when crap like this happens. You may have to clear your cash or delete and re-download on itunes but the new file is now there. Sorry about the mix up.

    What a craptacular occurrence, my made up word of the day.

  5. No problem about the mix up – like I said, it’s Friday and we are all ready for weekend dude!

  6. Hi,
    Did you see the story about the guy that invented a windmill that produces water. It seems the windmill generates electricity that is used to condense the water vapor. That sounds interesting to me.

  7. I think San Fran Nan has been hitting the LSD a bit hard as of late. Any Nazis with swastikas would have been supportive of obammer care, it is socialist and fits with their national SOCIALIST platform!

  8. Hey Jack,

    Awesome show today. I have to be your first dissenter though. I really, really don\’t like the mic on today\’s show. I know – small beans, right? But it\’s … I don\’t know, tinny, I guess.

  9. Yea Sis I know what you mean. I was hoping it would be useful on the PC but it has some sort of metallic quality, too bad you can’t compost plastic.

  10. Jack,

    Thanks for the review of the radio. I’d much rather have a bad review than buy a bad piece of equipment. You’ve saved me from a $60 heartache.


  11. Jack on the AARP thing that is wrong for them to be treated that way.If it wasnt for all the AARP members that young lady woudnt have a jod there in the first place.The only other thing i haft to say to the AARP is dont let the door hit them in the ass on the way out.

  12. I own a few of these small radios. I like the kaito but it doesn’t have a quality lasting durable feel.

    Sony makes a crank radio called sony ICF-B05W it’s the best radio I own. AM FM & Weather. The battery life is incredible. The two lights were great for night feedings and diaper changing with the 1 and 2 year olds. Way better than the kaito. It also illuminates the radio dial so you can see what your tuning at night. The audio quality is deep compared to othe portable tin sounding radios. My kids napped great listening to these. I own 4 total. These are tuff radios. aprox price 15-30 dollars

    If AM, FM CB & Shortwave is your thing sony also makes the ICF-SW7600GR. It’s made in Japan, imagine that. Poor battery life is the downside. About 24 hours but pulls in stations from around the north america & world which could be invaluable in a shit hits the fan incident. Shortwave and ham stations from around the world are AWESOME! It’s funny to me to listen to China North Korea and Cuban shortwave. Listen and you’ll know what I mean. Price $60 (used – refurb)-$150 new

    I bought these on the Sony Style website but the can be had from alot of sources

  13. So looking for local info on planting time tables and chill hours I went to my local county extension office web page. A ton of great info, lists of varieties of fruits and veggies that do well here, schedules for classes… the list goes on.

    I checked out an adjacent county (more urban) and it was pretty lean on info so I guess it is hit and miss. Growing stuff depends a lot of local conditions (weather, soil, pests) don’t forget to look to your local community for good plant and garden info.

  14. Great job on the radio review. Many of these do-all radios suck at picking up the weather stations something you need in a survival situation.

    How do you like the Grundig, that\’s a good brand?

  15. The Grundig is a much better tool for what it is designed to be. That is a SW 1 and 2 and AM/FM ratio with a light. It must be cranked or relies on AA’s no solar, no charging with a solar panel or charging cell phones, hence it does less but it does its’ core functions much better. It also cost me 30 bucks vs. 60 hence I would say get one of the 20 dollar dedicated devices for charging cell phones and a grundig and save 10 bucks and you are better served.

  16. Jack,
    On the guy with the HOA problem with chickens, you said the HOA did not allow livestock. I know lots of folks who keep chickens as pets. And i also notice there are no alley cats outside some local restaurants…so if anyone in the HOA has cats they might be keeping livestock. It is all in your perception.

  17. Hey Jack, I see a couple other comments on the mic and have to agree, it’s bad. When your voice gets higher/louder it’s real brassy and sharp, then when you’re lower and more quiet it’s hard to hear you, so finding the right volume for the entire show is tough. (I hate to have to adjust it while biking) Great podcast though!! Keep it up!! I keep telling my friends about you! 🙂

  18. Great show! Just curious about whether you have any suggestions on growing produce indoors (i.e. tomatoes, peppers, etc.).

    I will be experimenting this winter with some of that because I had trouble with my outdoor garden. I have a nice sky light in a room upstairs and it tends to get hot up there.

    Just curious about your thoughts on that.


  19. Another note, I found a great website for anyone trying to learn more about gardening (especially if you are still in the city).

    Check out:

    In a video near the bottom of the page, the host, Patty, talks to Mel Bartholomew, the author of “All New Square Foot Gardening”.

    The videos look to be of a good quality. Apparently, the site is connected to a magazine called “Urban Sustainable Living”. Of course, I imagine the ideas and principles can be used almost anywhere.

  20. I am a spamming maggot so Jack removed my link and changed my post to this confession about being a sorry ass bastard of a spammer. God I am a stupid fool for spamming this site am I not.

    Another spammer killed and left to hang by your friendly neighborhood Jack!