Episode-243- 20 Simple Everyday Food Storage Options — 55 Comments

  1. Sorry those other drivers were insensitive. Two wrongs don’t make a right though, and you should not have profiled that guy as a Mexican just because he has dark skin. That’s what got those cops in trouble this week with Obama.

    I know you don’t think Comm majors are valuable as you said but they are good for cultural sensitivity training. If you hire one for your company it’d help you keep from offending your listeners and customers.

    Just sayin.

  2. Jack good show you seem to have a lot of new spirit in your voice.Thanks for teaching class .ASS CLOWN 101.Did these people get there drivers license out of a kracker jack box?

  3. I did not care for yesterdays show. What bothered me was the rant you went into about how tolerent you are. You said that you were so tolerent there’s no place for people that want to live with people of their own race. There’s no place for people who want to live with people of their religious beliefs. To me that sounds like intolerance.

  4. Jack – New format works well! I like!

    Marion S. Heeple – If you (or anyone else out there for that matter) are getting offended by what Jack says there’s a very simple solution – hit the STOP button. (BTW: Go take a drive through Dallas or Houston. Your tune on “insensitive drivers” may change a bit…)

  5. @John you’re a moron I said there was no place for racists, you can live wherever you want and I think you probably are one of the racists that try to soft sell it as “living with your own”. I think you should find a different form of entertainment if so you ain’t going to like it here.

    @Marion S you either have your tongue in your cheek or your head up your ass, not sure which. I didn’t profile him as a Mexican I stated he was and I will lay 100 to 1 that he was. Being a Mexican was not my problem with him, my problem was he

    1. Pulled out onto a three lane interstate and did about 15 miles an hour

    2. He had no license plate

    3. A window was broken out the car looked stolen

    However, you are probably right some poor Irving officer will probably get nailed for “profiling” this poor “undocumented victim” when he gets pulled over. I mean you know no license plate, broken window and driving to slow for safety can’t be why he was stopped, it was profiling right?

    If you are trying to be sarcastic you are not pulling it off Marion you are coming across like a first class ass clown. Remember there is no voice inflection in text. If you are serious I recommend pulling really hard down on your head until you hear a loud pop!

  6. Good show with a lot of good food ideas. Dried beans are great to have and you can make a lot of meals from them as well as soups and stew. Going into the basement later to see if I still have my grain mill. As for PB&J sandwiches, I have one almost every day. Not just because they are a cheap source of high quality calories but I also think they taste great.

  7. I understand the need for road rants – keeps you sane. I don\’t see any need to include them in the show however. Just a thought.


  8. Road rants? Don’t care really. I assume that editing them out would just delay the release of the podcast and take time away from Jack’s work once he hits the office. People do need to take a class on how to merge into traffic, it so frustrating.

  9. After 15 years of Phoenix traffic I find the road rage amusing. Too many years of having been in similar circumstances I suppose.

    Thanks for the food tips, Jack.

  10. On the road rants, all I can say is what I said today I try to serve the majority of my audience. For every complaint there are 20 people that enjoy it.

    That said today was a rare day! I am really thinking about bailing out a bit early to avoid to much of a similar experience in the afternoon rush hour.

  11. Rice is good stuff. My favorite rice recipe comes from Rawles book ‘Patriots’.

    White Rice, breakfast sausage, and Tabasco sauce. Very tasty stuff.

    Oh yeah, an overlooked prep is Tabasco. My favorite is the Chipotle Tabasco sauce.

    As for eating the same thing everyday, I eat a “triple layer” PB&J sandwich for lunch every day. It’s great. Basically, you make a normal PB&J sandwich, and stick another piece of bread on one side with PJ or J or both. It’s like a BigMac of kid food.

  12. Right on Jack. Love your impersonation of Bull-Dyke Suzie Orman. She gives awful advice and absolutely hates family people and men. She would say “why waste money on storing food when you can invest it in mutual funds.” She is such an idiot and parrots what the establishment wants her to say. The government is in serious trouble if you are prepared, you will be in a hurt locker in the fall when the stores are empty.


  13. Amen.

    My first time to drive was on 635 and the Tollway at 5:30 in the afternoon in 1996. If you survive, you’re entitled to cuss out other drivers.

  14. I think most of your listeners really like your new format. Personally, I\’m not so much into the political side of things but I do enjoy hearing your opinions.

    Maybe I\’m a bit unique here, but I really enjoy your \"road rants\". They remind me that you\’re a real person and that you\’re actually recording from the road.

    Suze Orman used to really freak me out. I have noticed that she has become much more conservative in her advice – even encouraging others to keep 8 months of expenses in savings. Sure, she\’s a but flaky but she\’s moving in a good direction and her advice may be a bit to \"out there\" for the \"sheeple\" but she seems to be introducing them to responsibiliy at least.

    I took you advice to heart today and had some extra fun with preps – thanks!

  15. Good show. Most of my food storage is canned and dried stuff from the grocery store and Sams or Costco. I don’t eat meat on Friday’s and some Friday’s I fast. Today I am fasting, hungry and I want to stock up! I fast for a few reasons: religious, health, self discipline, and in a survival situation, to be able to deal with being hungry and be able to function normally both mentally and physically.

  16. I LOVE the road rants!! Never stop. I laugh my ass off during them… get a life people.

  17. Jack,

    Would it be possible to get a copy of your food list and the sources of supply you stock your food from?

    I did enjoy the show barring the idiots that kept you off track. I also noticed the sound was fading in and your voice would get weak and then strong again. I thought you wore a headset and that sounded like you were looking away when speaking into the microphone.


  18. Great show, Jack…

    Another way to use up the powdered milk you store is to make Hot Cocoa Mix in the wintertime (with Quik, powdered sugar and coffee creamer). We have never had a problem with dried milk going bad around here.

    Thanks for the tips!

  19. Robert Collins –
    My pantry & supply lists can be found on Granny Miller.

    I would also recommend dried fruits such as apricots, prunes, raisins, dates etc. to any food storage or pantry list.
    Dried fruits are easy to store, take up little space and rehydrate easily.

    I also prefer canned milk over powdered milk in my pantry.
    Canned milk can be stored anywhere and never gets clumpy.
    It is superior to instant powdered milk in cream based soups and in all cooking.

  20. @ Marion

    “Cultural sensitivity training”?? Ha, ha. Snicker.

    We have an abundance of cultural sensitivity in this country. In fact too darn much cultural sensitivity, it is a completely flooded market. No job opportunity here.

    I suggest communication degree majors expand out and develop into a new untapped area. Perhaps training courses could be titled:
    – Living without the chip on your shoulder.
    – Growing a thick skin.
    – Sticks, stones, bones, and words.

  21. I was talking to a local cop awhile back and she told me that they DON\\\’T pull over anyone who looks like a Mexican even if they break traffic laws because none of them speak Spanish and most of them have no license, insurance or registration on the vehicle and it\\\’s just too much for them to deal with! I\\\’m thinking about going to the tanning bed and dying my hair black so I won\\\’t get pulled over!
    Jack, maybe you can do a show on how to organize your food storage. I use gamma seal lids on my buckets for easy entry but I store small amounts of my bulk items in small rubbermaid containers for easy access. You can see a photo here Also, check out they have the ultimate food storage shelves!

  22. Oh, and the mixes in my pantry were made from a book called Mix-A-Meal by Deanna Bean & Lorna Shute. And I tried to store yeast in bulk but I stored it in my pantry and it became inactive. It should be stored in the freezer apparently :o)

  23. Granny Miller,

    Thanks for the link to your site. Your home reminds me of when I was little. I am stationed in California not by choice. The spaces are small and I know water and supplies will become short quick. SoCal is the big disaster cesspool. If SHTF it would be hard to leave for safety.

  24. I, for one, am not looking forward to the day when this podcast will not be done from the mobile audio studio. The traffic definitely gives the show an edge, some drama. If the show someday is taken off the road I would strongly encourage that it be done in front of a wall-mount 52″ widescreen while playing “Need for Speed”, “Grand Theft Auto”, or such.

  25. I have been canning meat! You can get case deals at Sam’s and Cosco and it is such a highly superior product than store bought canned meat and much less expensive, even if you have to buy jars and lids. I pound fits in a pint and 2 pounds in a quart. It’s very easy to do, just takes about 90 minutes to pressure can it. It’s like having roast in a jar! It’s such a convenience food as well.
    I also make a lot of homemade canned soups. You have a lot less cost and also less sodium, etc. Don’t for get to store condiments!

  26. @SClindaH

    Your are correct, home canned meat is a great product. My distaste today was for store canned beef, not something you can’t eat if you have to but something you seldom look forward to.

    I have also canned lamb, that works great and makes a marvelous quick stew.

  27. I’ve also cooked rice using the boiling like pasta method. I don’t reheat mine. I run hot water over the rice / colander, and it stays warm enough not to reheat in microwave. You can also heat butter / margarine in the bottom of you rice pot while rinsing, put rice back in pot and stir butter/rice together. If you have a gas stovetop, you don’t have to have elect for this method.

    Also, if you’re using your oven for another dish, you can place the covered rice pot in the oven for a few minutes (assuming your dish is oven safe). I don’t heat up my oven just for this. Oven warming keeps your rice hot or reheats it while you’re baking something else. Not too long or you’ll dry out your rice.

    To reheat leftover rice, I add a little water and heat on stovetop. Or I cook in my skillet with olive oil. Toss in a scrambled egg, green onion and soy sauce – you’ll have a good cheap meal.

  28. Jack,

    Dude . . .I\’m starting to worry about your health! I think you need to find a \"road less travelled\" than your regular route into work. It sounds like the drivers on your regular route are going to be the death of you. . either by accident or causing a brain embolism from their driving antics.

    At least there\’ll be a record of the incident (Possibly Titled \"Jack\’s Last Podcast\")! (Just joking, I live in Colorado where interstate traffic almost stops when someone pulls to the side of the road to change a tire.).

    Just wanted to give a hint about making good, non-instant rice that doesn\’t end up too sticky.

    BEFORE you cook the rice, rinse it several times until the water runs clear, washing away the starch. THEN cook as per directions.

    Plus, something I didn\’t hear you say was that Brown Rice doesn\’t store very well. The oils that make the rice brown oxidize very quickly, turning the rice rancid within 6 months, normally. To extend this quite a bit, package in mylar bags and either displace the oxygen (e.g. with nitrogen) or use several oxygen absorbers.

    Just some thoughts, and repeat after me : ohm – mane – padme ohm!

  29. Not a huge fan of rice as a regular food, it\’s a great source of carbs and has a few other nutrients and is said to complement beans well. It\’s advantages are, of course, it stores well and is easy to cook. If I am using rice I do not cook batches of it but put it into water cooked foods like soups and stews or home-made sauces.

  30. I personally like the rants. I do them myself when people drive like morons. I think it adds charm to the podcast, and a feel like we are in the car with Jack – especially if I am listening while driving to and from work.

  31. Just a note. In many cultures where rice is a staple it is prepared to be sticky so you can easily eat it with chopsticks. Embrace the sticky.

    Many of your cooking tips included using butter. Butter is available canned from show sponsor ready made resources.

  32. I shall not embrace the sticky, UNLESS I am making sushi or certain Asian dishes and then only with the right varieties of rice.

    Also if kept in low oxygen environments brown rice lasts plenty long for annual rotation based storage, even two years can be done with ease.

  33. I have been hit 3 times in the last 4 years. Each time I was legally parked in the parking lot of a local business. All 3 times, the driver of the vehicle that ran into me spoke no English, had no driver’s license and no insurance. Just relating what happened to me.

  34. I hear you Darlene. We were rear ended by a guy who spoke no English here in Houston. Totaled our car and of course he did not have insurance.

  35. Hey Jack, great podcast today. I’m happy to report that I stock all of the items you listed except the bacon– but I’m definitely going to check that out.

    I think meat has been the hardest thing to come up with. Most of my family (except my 9 year old fussy eater), so we use the tuna in a pouch as well as Tyson chicken pouches.

    I also wanted to send a personal “thank you” for your continuous encouragement (and occasional rants) on the topic of not hiding the fact that I’m a prepper.. I’m not the type of person that necessarily worries about the “Zombie Hordes” coming and killing me and stealing my food – while I do keep it quiet from one odd-ball neighbor.. 🙂 But I have been shy about revealing my survival inclinations from friends and family because I was afraid of that LOOK that some people get when they find out that I store food.

    I think my husband and I hit a tipping point where we had to decide if being quiet was fair to the people we care about. So we came out of the closet (or the food pantry..) and started talking a little more openly about our preparations.

    Now, we didn’t get on the roof and yell “YO!! We have lots of food here!”, but we did open up to our family members and some close friends about what we think about the economy and what we expect to see when inflation strikes.

    Surprisingly, a couple of our friends confided that they too had been making preparations.. and one or two did give us that funny look, but that’s okay. My sister and brother-in-law were actually somewhat unaware of some of the things we talked about (like imminent inflation) and wanted to learn more, so I pointed them to some websites and books to read, and also sent them a link to your podcast. I’m pretty sure you will have two new fans listening in this week.

    I’ve been so motivated about the topic that I decided to put together an ebook to offer at my website to encourage people to store food- showing some of the steps that I went through to get my food storage process started. I think that there are lots of people who want to do this, but get overwhelmed by the task. My goal is to give some simple, practical advice to get people started. I’m about 20 pages into it, and my husband has been offering some help as well. It has been a great experience for both of us. I’m thinking I may even do some videos..

    As for the road rage… Dallas traffic is nuts! I feel so bad for you and know that you will be so much happier when you get out of there and move to Arkansas. Our best friends lived in Dallas for many years and made a 15 mile commute to work, but it took 45 minutes! They now live in Lone Grove, OK and commute to Duncan, OK to work. The drive is 60 miles, but they make it about the same amount of time with very little traffic. They are like new people now that they are free of the smog and crazy traffic!

    The only problem I have with the occasional rants is that I have to pre-screen your podcasts before I can play them in front of my 9 year old.. While I think it’s funny to hear about the Ass Clowns, I might not like to get a call from a 4th grade teacher after my son calls HER an Ass Clown.. LOL.. but it’s something I’m willing to do, and there are many podcasts that I’ve let him listen in on and now he is right there with us, learning how to live a better life when… you know.. 🙂

    Thanks again for all you do.

  36. oops – some of my text got deleted about the meat products… I meant to say most of my family likes tuna and chicken (except my fussy eater..)

  37. Hey Jack, great podcast today… Home prep is something I am trying to be more serious about, as well as getting my a$$ out of debt.

    Thanks and keep it up, bud.

    Oh, and is there a way to block Marion S. Sheeple\’s IP address. He or she is just a pain in the ass, taking away from the good that you are trying to do. People like him or her just look for stupid crap to comment about because all they have is time on their hands to be an idiot.

  38. I wonder why “Marion” even comes back if he/she doesn’t like what’s being said. Find something else to listen to and somewhere else to shop. Why keep punishing yourself by listening to people who won’t tell you what you want to hear? Frankly, I’d rather be offended by the truth than comforted by a bunch of BS. Move on Marion.

  39. Another thing I wanted to comment on was the types of wheat. If you are getting started, make sure you get a hard winter wheat (red or white) as they have the lowest moisture content and longer storage. The red wheat is a little more dense and has a nuttier flavor. The white wheat is a lot easier to use in making breads and in baking and has a milder flavor.

  40. Jack,

    Love the “Road Rants”. I have had to commute since Hurricane Katrina and it sounds like I face the same drivers you do on a daily basis. I listen to the show during my commute with the wife. Thanks to your rants my wife now knows I am not the only one to do that.

    Your food storage advice was eye opening to me. I can’t believe how much I have limited the choices in my food preps. I guess I could not see the forest for the trees.


  41. This show was a special treat for me with not one, not two but three \’ass-clowns\’ that you had to deal with!

    On the subject of rice, I have always rinsed well, boiled it and then drained for sticky rice or rinsed with hot water for non-sticky rice. Are there other ways of cooking it that I am unaware of?

    I\’ve been reading/hearing a lot about canning and thought it might make a good subject for a future show?

    Thanks 🙂

  42. As for the rice issue… I began buying exclusively the parboiled rice a few years ago. According to books I have read, it has the lowest glycemic index numbers of any type of rice (brown rice included). I have never had a problem with parboiled rice becoming sticky… just put 2 1/4 c. water, a bit of butter and salt on to boil… add a cup of rice and cook for 20 min. Works perfectly every time. No stickiness…

  43. We\’ve had wheat for years, eventually you need to use some of it, not just store it. Ours was just sitting there until we bought an electric wheat grinder. Homemade bread is not an everyday thing, time consuming.

    But there is an easy everyday use for wheat, even without a grinder. Put twice as much water as wheat, maybe a little more water, in a crockpot overnight on low. Hot breakfast waiting for you. Add fresh fruit and berries, milk. Tastes better than pre-packaged cereal, even with the added fruit, cheaper too. I\’ve heard you can put wheat and hot water in a thermos overnight, same thing, haven\’t tried that. Anyway if you have wheat, try some in a crockpot.

  44. I love your rants. It keeps your show real. Not some nicey-nicey soft twit with a show. I also like your new format. Keep informing us on the A$$clowns in Washington.

  45. Driving in traffic always makes me want to drink. I have tried to make my rants less profane since I have kids. A rant is much better than shooting at other drivers.

  46. Got to poking around the internet about hard cheeses and storing them. Came across a cool bit on waxing your cheese for room temperature storage. I seem to remember my grandparents always getting hockey puck sized cheese in cased in a red wax…. for the quick bit on waxing your cheese. (somehow the 12 year old in me chuckled when I typed that).

  47. Here's a classic for those of us who suffer from instantaneous road rage:
    Driving is bad for humans. Let us all become Member Support Brigade so that Jack can stop driving to and from work everyday. Maybe he can start guerilla-casting while weeding to keep up the intensity of his style.
    Being Latino and having to face Latino drivers where I live, I can understand the frustration of trying to figure out exactly how is it that we drive. We're better at dancing…

  48. Where do you get the wheat grain from? Are there recipes for using the wheat grain and where you can get the wheat grinder? I remember reading something about this in Kurt Saxon's books a while back. Do you know anything about this Jack?

  49. Your show offended me because you cower and deny your a racist when you are white. Atleast have the balls to admit your are or are you trying to claim you are not white. Dude only whites are racist and it is impossible for any people of color to be racist. You need to get that clear in your fathead white boy. I like listening to your show for the scared whitey entertainment factor preping for something that will never happen except only our government will get stronger and eliminate all of you w as threats.

    White people are like cattle and deserve to be slaughtered it is funny how you even make fun of your own people for being what you know your are. Too funny I laugh and pity your political correctness fear that will be the death of you people!

    Good riddance! I dare you to discuss this on your show or are you some coward?

    SA+ Raise the Fist

  50. Since the list of 20 didn’t make the show notes, here it goes: (I only got 19 on my list, so I must have missed one…)

    1. Soup
    2. Canned Meats – chicken & turkey, also beef, fish
    3. Pastas, sauces, tomatoes, tomato paste, ro-tel diced tomatoes & green chilies
    4. Packaged rice & noodle mixes
    5. Peanut Butter and Jelly
    6. Whole Wheat – get a grinder and grind your own or buy it pre-ground. Quinoa or Amaranth can be substituted for those with allergies
    7. Oils, sugar, and honey
    8. Dry Beans
    9. Dried Potatoes
    10. Dry Milk – mix it up the night before and let it chill in the fridge
    11. Salt – store 5 lbs of it for about $4.
    12. Bisquick & pancake mixes
    13. Bouillon Cubes or “Better than Buillon”
    14. Corn Bread Meal or Corn Bread Mix
    15. Nuts – cashews, peanuts, almonds, etc.
    16. Crackers
    17. Canned Potatoes
    18. Jarred or Canned Gravies
    19. Boxes of Cereal