Episode-232- Listener Call In Questions 7-1-09 — 16 Comments

  1. Re: sheep.

    I’d say there should be another part of the sheep and sheep-dog wolf deal. There should be “grass”.

    The people who are “grass” are those who are not even spouting the talking points (because at least those people take an interest). The “grass” are those people so wrapped up in People Magazine and the deal of Michael Jackson, the trauma caused by the death of Princess Di, and the controversy of American Idol and the gay contestant.

    The grass gets eaten by the sheep, they vote a certain way because the sheep pass on to them a distorted message. The grass also gets pooped on by the sheep, sheep-dogs, and wolves because they are so detached from the way things work, that all others are able to take advantage. The grass even includes those who avoid any encounter with anything that may take them out of their gossip magazine bubble world.

  2. at 48:50 you say that a dog doesn’t really produce any thing, well what about the security, protection, and things of that nature. sure he doesn’t really directly make anything but he can still help you in other ways.

  3. Some dogs are great for security, some are good “working animals”, I stated my dog (specifically my old broken down 12 year old husky “Lakota”) doesn’t produce anything. Sadly he doesn’t produce a thing, don’t worry I still love him.

  4. a good way to brush teeth without a toothbrush is a stick from a tree called miswk or seewak it’s of middle eastern origin, and it higly known for it’s teeth cleansing abililty and how it retards grow of plague and bad breath, you can purchase them online for like 1.25 so stock up, just dont get plain it tastes like pee at first. the mint tastes really good!

  5. Don’t forget that grass also costs a lot to maintain and does not produce anything useful in return…

  6. To the question about dentistry in a SHTF situation, I have downloaded the Hesperian Books book \\\\"Where There Is No Dentist\\\\"; to purchase a copy is or the free download page (though you have to register) at Beyond that, one thing to think on is reducing intake of refined sugars as a way to reduce tooth decay, stop smoking to reduce oral infection potential and gum disease too. To clean your teeth, try baking soda; gargle with salted water (to help heal your throat and help in closing up and partially sterilizing your mouth too). Just some thoughts and ideas.

  7. on the question of \"How do you create a rationing plan if you get to a point where you need your preps?\"
    I think a big part of that is knowing what you eat. You have talked a bit about buying 2 cans of peaches (or whatever) when you need one and stashing hte other in a tote.
    has a free spreadsheet on what you eat. they have it set up so that you can plan out 28 days worth of breakfasts, lunches, dinners, and snacks, and then break that down into the ingredients needed for those meals. Then there is a place that calculates all that into \"oh, you use 6 cans of tomato paste in this month, so you need 18 for a 3-month supply.\" and spits you out a grocery list. If you used this in your food storage planning, you would know what you need to have on hand to feed your family for one (or 3 or 12) months, food that you already eat and food that you already like and know how to prepare. This would also make it easier to calculate what you would have if your \"family\" grew to 6 instead of 4 in a SHTF. you could either start eating less and make the same amount you did with 4 people and eat less, or know that your food will run out in 8 months instead of 1 year.
    another way to plan ahead on that is to keep track of how long stuff lasts in your house, like a bag of sugar or a can of baking powder. I could explain it, but it would be too word-y, so I will just send you here to see a handy chart method for figuring that out.

  8. To the question about dentitry in a SHTF situation, I have downloaded the Hesperian Books book Where There Is No Dentist; to download a free copy (though you have to register), go to or you can buy a copy (if you want to give them some business and support them (I’m not affiliated, just thought to mention)), go to Beyond that, there are a couple of things that one can: reduce your intake of refined sugars as a way to slow/prevent tooth decay; stop smoking to reduce oral infections (or the risk of) and gum disease. To clean your teeth, try baking soda and to help your mouth and throat (to reduce chances of oral infections) gargle with salted water (it helps by partially sterilizing your mouth and open sores therein).
    Just some thoughts and ideas.

  9. I have been in farming and ranching all my life. A few years back, I leased out my land, moved into town. Was going to take it easy, let others worry about all that. That lasted maybe a year. Hum, a small garden in the backyard would be nice, then expanding the garden, and a few chickens would really be useful, etc. I never could see the appeal of maintaining a large lush lawn. They are pretty, but are expensive and frankly wasteful. So then more towards a self sustaining homestead. Some fruit trees would work great, also. I already have 3 big pecan trees here. This fall I plan to plant oats in my garden. Here in Texas, oats are planted in the fall, grow some in winter, then really do their thing in early spring. They are usually harvested about late April to early May depending on the weather. I plan to harvest by hand, Cure them under the carport and feed the oats to the chickens. Use the straw as bedding for chicken nests or mulch, etc. I may even broadcast some oats in the chicken pen. That should give them some green pickins’ over the winter. I will be sure that the oats in their pen are not treated, because the chickens will probably eat some of the seeds.

  10. The way I look at it, \"sheeple\" isn\’t a classification of people, but a description of an attitude or lifestyle. Seeing it this way, anyone can have \"sheeple\" elements in their life to deal with.

  11. Jack:

    Right on with the “sheeple” thing.

    Being decent to people and not generalizing is a good quality, but if you want to survive what we all think is coming you’ll need some discernment. If you keep looking at the hordes of unprepared idiots who fiddled all summer while the ants put up provisions for the winter and think “Gee, each of these people is a special person who might or not be a bad person. I think I’ll sit here and ponder that person’s life …. hey, wait, they’re breaking into my house to steal my food” then you’re not much of a modern survivalist. You’ll just be a semi-well prepared victim. You’ll have more stuff for the sheeple to take from you.

  12. Jack – tell your wife that chickens don\’t smell. we have 6 laying hens on our 1/4 acre lot and I haven\’t noticed any smell.

  13. @Sis, read the latest post on the blog. We will have a show tomorrow, this comment is being made at Starbucks on Central in Hot Springs ;>)

  14. It’s nice to feel “sorry” for the sheeple, but I usually treat them as I did patients during a Mass Casualty Incident or more commonly known as a disaster. (I was a paramedic many years ago) You tag some as dead or going to die and move on to the living that can be salvaged and treated. No time for feeling sorry for them, etc. When I walk through a store (Walmart is a great example)I look at some of these folks and already dismiss them as “dead”. I don’t notice them anymore. They don’t amount to much in life and have no clue or desire to get a clue to how to survive. Most of them can’t succeed in life and will not succeed in what is coming. I can’t waste my time or limited resources, both emotionally and physically, on them. There are others that need help and will accept it and learn from it. Those are the ones I focus on.

    Jack, you have no idea how much you do help people that can and will survive. Don’t worry about the sheeple. They already have destined themselves for slaughter and there is nothing anyone can do about it.

    You have made a difference in my life and now, I am now making a difference in about a dozen lives and that list is growing. You have done good.