Episode-227- Getting Started With Bowhunting — 8 Comments

  1. Interesting Fact: The banning of crossbows in human vs human warfare was heavily debated by many groups when they were in regular use due to the fact they were far TOO effective.

  2. Jack good show.Your right about broadheads the damage a 4 blade that has a 2 in diameter is unreal.I seen a tv show were they did a test a 2 bladed broadhead with a 1 in diameter vs a 243 with a 100 gr bullet.These both were shot into a deer at 50 feet and the damage was the same.The advantage of a bow it slices instead of having major kinetic energy that blows out the shoulder.A tip on practice put on your hunting clothes the point of impact will change some what.Also do some exercise and get your heart beat going and you will be breathing harder just like BUCK FEVER it just might make the differance between a miss and a hit later on.

  3. Concerning your comment about people not really understanding the damage that bows can do to a body, have you ever read the Dies the Fire series by S.M. Stirling? I highly recommend it. It’s alternate history/science fiction. The One Big Lie (that you can get away with in fiction) is that the laws of physics have changed, and internal combustion, guns, nuclear fission, and even steam power to some extent won’t work any longer. Society is forced to be pre-industrial, which in the case of warfare, definitely includes archery. The author doesn’t flinch when describing the damage that thousands of lofted arrows with broadheads (made out of stainless steel spoons) can do to an army.

    “…so we’ll all drink together
    Drink to the gray goose feather
    And the land where the gray goose flew!”

  4. Jack,

    I haven’t even listened to the show yet, but I am super excited for this one. I’ve been waiting for this particular show and I’m sure I won’t be disappointed.

    Thanks, -Sup3D

  5. I find your topic on crossbow very interesting especially for those countries that don\’t allow guns. There is a few problems that need to be rectify before it become efficient for hunting & defense. For a 50 Lb cross bow we need hold it with our foot to draw the bow-slow & difficult in natural terrain, need to use bolt if we are to carry a lot of spare arrow & also to be ready all the time as the arrow can\’t be retained in its position as we walk. But bolt can\’t have broad head, a fishing spool with string attached to the bolt will solved the problem so when we shoot an animal the string will anable us to pull the animal down or run with it. We need to load the bolt quickly so we can shoot at the target more than once to ensure bringing it down.

  6. Your advice on bow hunting is remarkably similar to what I learned from my dad. I can’t believe that you put all that information into an hour long show.

  7. Canadian Nomad Says:
    June 24th, 2009 at 11:09 am
    Interesting Fact: The banning of crossbows in human vs human warfare was heavily debated by many groups when they were in regular use due to the fact they were far TOO effective.


    The real issue behind that ban was it was “TOO EFFECTIVE” against armored aristocrats and because it didn’t require the level training and physical development of a true English Longbow it put a killing weapon in the hands of an everyman commoner. The ban saw little practical value with the not–too-distant advent of personal firearms.

  8. Good discussion of archery, could tell you really love it! I had a couple of points about crossbows. I own a vertical bow, and have a crossbow that I thought about getting rid of. But then I thought about it I realized that my wife couldn’t use my bow as it’s “sized” to me. But the crossbow? Anyone can use it, so from a survival stand point, that is a huge plus…and of course it is easier to use, to gain reasonable accuracy. Of course, not much of a follow up shot!