Episode-225- Audience Questions for 6-22-09 — 9 Comments

  1. Jack i like the DBL BARREL.You can get one with a 26-28 in barrel and the over all length will be a lot shorter then a pump with the same barrel length.Also the bad guy will have 2 eyes looking at them instead of 1.

  2. Regarding the shotgun question, Mossberg makes an 18.5\" barrel designed specifically for the Remington 870. I bought one for my Wingmaster last year for about $120 and I keep it on the shotgun when I\’m not hunting.

    It\’s the best of both worlds!

  3. Here are two really good links that discuss a few different points relating to China. They cover social and economic points fairly well.



    I found the econ related post to be one of the better pieces written lately on why the commodities are doing what they are doing and how China is playing a role.

    A few episodes back -Emerging Global Threats- Jack talked about China’s role in our future. The econ piece relates nicely to that paradigm and also explains recent commodity prices.

    Also, several weeks ago, I had read where the uptick in oil prices was due to China filling their strategic reserve. The above article seems to *slightly* support that theory.


  4. Jack,

    I know you are libertarian in both your personal philosophy and world philosophy. I also know you were in the military and I hear you very commonly praise the military and today the peace corp.

    I would be very interested in hearing you do a show or at least spend a few minutes in an episode specifically outlining your opinions on the armed forces, our current and possibly our past entanglements, and how you relate that back to libertarianism. I ask because I frequently get the impression you have different opinions on our armed forces than I typically think of as consistent with your other libertarian views.

  5. Since I use the “Eat what you store – store what you eat” concept, the large tupperware style containers work great for me. I found a great sale on black RoughTote tubs at Wal-Mart and use those to store beans, rice, dry goods, etc. They block all light and have a pretty good seal for temporary storage. They stack well and are portable if necessary.

  6. PCP rifles are a touch better than you presented. I have a Benjamin Marauder that (while still expensive relative to a 10/22) is cheap for a bolter PCP, and virtually SILENT. After a thorough barrel de-gunking and zeroing, geez-squirrels and marmots haven’t stood a chance.
    You get 40-ish shots and all you hear through it all is a gentle “ping” from the lock. Silence is a TREMENDOUS survival advantage. In my opinion, silence alone is worth every bit of the extra cost and weight of the air unit versus a .22 powder burner.
    For crying out loud FX makes semi-auto rifles with baffled barrels that’ll put a mag of pellets downrange RIGHT NOW! Of course, you’ll part with MANY more FRN’s for the priviledge……but…..

    Oh, what I could’ve done with one of these newer air units back in my city days.

    Isn’t Air Force from your neck of the woods, Jack?

    Bottom line: I think you do a disservice to your listeners to marginalize PCP’s. Powder burners are great, but a .22 Discovery, Talon, etc will pop pests and FEED YOUR FAMILY with no significant sound signature….and will do it to 70 yards with no difficulty.

  7. @James,

    Sorry bud but you are doing a disservice to yourself by being so married to your ideas as to view any negative as saying the guns are worthless and have no advantages.

    What I said is they have a place but they can’t replace a 22, and, they can’t. They don’t have the range, sorry, that is what it is. I can shoot easily past 100 with any solid 22, 40ish is a real stretch for a PCP specifically with say 15 mph winds. Sure high end ones can really push that but again do it in the wind.

    They are a great tool, I own one, want another but the question was how do they compare as a hunting tool to a 22 LR, that is what I answered and the answer is they fall far short of the total capabilities of a 75 dollar used rifle.

    That does not detract from their many positive qualities.

  8. Jack

    In your comments about bugging out to the third world (right on the mark IMHO, even though I came this close to buying some land in Costa Rica before finding my place here in the mountains) you made a laudatory remark about Peace Corps folks. You must have run across a different breed of Peace Corps cat than have I. I\’ve known a couple dozen, and in EVERY CASE they are kumbaya collectivists, committed to globalalist sovietization and unwavering in their faith in central planning even though they saw first hand the results of it. I don\’t know if they were crazy going in, but they are sure crazy now.