Episode-223- The Core Mission of The Survival Podcast — 12 Comments

  1. Wow Jack. There was serious passion in your show today. Thanks for the reminder of who we are and what we are all about.

    Tip of the Stetson to you.

  2. One of us does not know what preaching is. A very insperational sermon today. I loved it. Keep up the good work.

  3. Jack,
    I am sorry I didnt get to call in but TSP has been a true inspiration for me. Both daily and on the forums

  4. Excellent show today, Sir. Very inspiring! It’s great to hear such a passionate delivery that affirms the core of how I and many other listeners aspire to live our lives.


  5. Jack, thanks for your honesty and your kind heart to want to help others in your special way. Since finding TSP, I have felt much less isolated and alone and I am encouraged to seek out new people on my own “path to freedom.”

  6. Your podcast is very comprehensive. I still hasn’t met anyone yet who are prepared to accept the truth. So it is very encouraging to hear you preach.

  7. WOW! Outstanding show Jack!
    I didn’t get to call in for Friday’s show, but I wanted you to know that listening to you for almost a year now has been truly inspiring. It has undoubtedly motivated me to change the way I live and to have a plan for more changes. Life is indeed too short to waste!

  8. Dadnabit Jack!

    I’m listening to your show, I’m drinking the Kool-aid, and I’m right there with you. Then at 9:10 into the show you fell off the wagon when you stated:

    “I believe that we are supposed to make it [our country] equal for all, advantages for none.”

    This just grates on me. I detest the government taking they fruits of my labor and giving it to others under the guise of ‘equality’. I am NOT equal to others because I have worked hard to make my place in the world. Everything I have, I have made for myself. Nothing was handed to me. It is a bunch of horse-squeeze to take away the advantages I have earned and give them to un-deserving people under the guise of ‘equality’.

    Other than that, the show was right on. I have given the Constitution ‘grants vs. guarantees’ rights speech many times myself.

  9. @Martin,

    Sorry but you don’t get it, please hear the second part, “advantages for none”. How the heck do you get having government take the “fruits of my labor and giving it to others” out of that?

    Advantages for none means everyone has to work for what they get, no one gets a preference hire or a minority grant or different tax rate to create an advantage.

    I think you problem is how you are taking words based on what your bias toward media is rather then how I am actually using them.

  10. Jack,

    The passion came through in the first minute of the podcast. Great to hear it come out so boldly!

    I might suggest that you link to this podcast specifically from the tag-line of the show/site as a way to help people find out what it means to be present in ones life, and being a survivalist really is.