Episode-2202- Libertarianism, Anarchism and Resource Conservation — 7 Comments

  1. Jack White is up,,, Listening to you for 10 years was so EZ,,,,, no more the powers at be are screwing with you in every way,,,, Dude it’s become a really hard work to listen do you…. love ya but Dang it’s all work….. , Back in the beginning i would get your e mail & a link and they could listen I music and go and do other things on the Internet,,,,,, it use to be really easy to listen to you do other things no more ,,,,,,, The Internet is trying to push you one where to the other ,,,,,,, This is what I want…. I would get me mail open up your link in be able to listen to you easily throughout the day turn you on turn me off do Internet searches,,, the only way is to listen to is not touch ,,, Download you and listen to you through Samsung play Google play or some other L format ,,,,, You know it really get to be hard work to listen to you,,,,,, Hey thanks for your email back 8 years ago Thanksgiving Day I really will never forget your email,,,,, Back in the day when we could respond to things and real time,,,,,lol

    • I don’t think a single complete thought was expressed in this comment, it is really hard work to read what you write.

  2. People who are willing to be honest with each other can usually work things out. Though the ecological losses that some associate with giving people more freedoms seem to call for more regulation, I’m not always convinced of those justifications. There have been many events in history that have been depicted as driven by the hopes and aspirations of the general populace where we have now come to realize that other forces were also at work.

    I now assume that dishonesty and secrecy – hallmarks of criminal activity – are behind any non-optimum situation that will not resolve. The handling, then, involves exposing the lies and the secrets.

    The role of government becomes a huge problem when its people begin to side with criminals instead of ordinary folk. Businesses become corrupted in a similar manner. And even individuals can make poor choices if they listen to criminal advice. So I think that’s our big challenge; a lot of little details we spend time talking about would resolve if we could spot the bad data and fill in the missing data.

  3. A bill was introduced in the Montana State legislature proposing that “Any public lands transferred to the State of Montana would remain public” and in Comity every green-wash group opposed this bill!

    On the floor, every Democratic legislator and some six Rino’s voted No!

    The bill failed.

    The reason they opposed this bill was to keep these lands controlled by the feds where they can stop ANYTHING with a postcard and be REIMBURSED LAWYER FEES as opposed to Montana State where they could not do either.

  4. The oldest version of this idea that I’ve seen:

    ‘The secret of change is to focus all of your energy, not on fighting the old, but on building the new.’

    – Socrates

    There are ‘most important’ battles (like education).. but there is also a reality to ‘doing something you love’. What battle matters the most to ME? (ie. gets my blood pumping, keeps me excited)

    You can’t win a battle you don’t believe in. You’ll lose attention or become discouraged and quit.

    IMHO of course

  5. Whaaaaat!? Andrew! I’m loving this, buddy! It’s been a minute since I have listened to TSP, but I’m so glad I saw this. Great episode!