Episode-205- Survival Podcast Audience Questions 5-22-09 — 3 Comments

  1. Hi Jack,

    I asked a question on yesterday’s show, but then you posted this show an hour later. I don’t know if you look back at old responses, so I will ask again here.

    You keep saying that you might move permanently to your bug-out location. Doesn’t this defeat the added security of having a “backup place” to go?

    And, on another note, are you going to teach your kids to invest in a property at a good distance from your home, which could be mutually beneficial as bug-out options? (you had said before that using relative’s homes as bug-out locations might not be perfect, but your own kids might work, especially if they “understand” things.)

  2. Jack good show i went a little nuts on ammo but not to bad.I got 300 rounds of 38 special some for target practice but 100 of these you haft to have for a ccw class.I go out and shoot 20-50 rounds a month anyway.Were i live there is a endless supply of 357 sig and 41 mag ammo.What is going on with the post office i read in a local paper that they were laying off 25000 employees.