Episode-2015- Listener Calls for 6-1-17 — 11 Comments

  1. This is for the gentleman looking to buy property with water in Idaho. We live in Idaho and have a pond that we constructed on our land. I suggest that you consult with a water rights specialist beyond your realtor when looking at and searching for a location. Water rights are a big deal and you need to be certain that any location you consider has rights attached and the limits that exist.

    As an example our water rights allow us to irrigate from April 15 thru October 15. we consulted with a water right attorney prior to constructing our pond and to firm up our existing rights. they had never been transferred from the original owner. There is a time limit to transfer and secure your rights or they can be sold to someone else. We are able to utilize our pond water from an overflow pipe to supplement our irrigation as it is connected to our geothermal system. My husband is a realtor in Idaho. He would be the first one to tell you it can become complicated very quickly and investing in a proper search is very important.

    If you need help securing a realtor for your search and would like some resources my husband could connect you with a resource within the state to help you. I am guessing you wont be looking directly in our area as we are in the high desert portion of the state. At any rate if you would like some assistance let me know. If not certainly good luck. We love living in this state. It is very pro agriculture and small farm, you will love it here I am sure. BTW..consider looking into the Moscow area or New Meadows. I am thinking those might be a good fit for what you want to accomplish.

    • Just listened to “Statism” by Backwordz. Wow!!! Goosebumps! Hopefully jack could share if not the song at least the lyrics…

      “I’m livid when, the gimmicking wins
      From beginning to end, no gimmick; If I rap it, dude I live it then
      And you can’t do it, so ain’t no need for mimicking
      I’m not innocent. I’m on a mission, so let me finish it
      Matter of time before they summon the army in
      I’m probably on the FBI’s most wanted list/
      I’m probably going to end up hung like an ornament
      I’m on a life mission to abolish all the government”

  2. Song of the day is truly fitting and powerful. As a youngster, I’ll admit I never learned of the song until Disturbed came out with this remix.

    I too love what they’ve done to the remix and it serves as a great reminder to never give up on your path to freedom regardless of what people around you say or don’t say. Eventually, maybe… they will begin to listen and follow suit in their own path to freedom.

  3. Thanks for the input on the food forest!!
    I see your point on implementing a student’s design. Definitely will heed your advice.
    I have lots of people at the city willing to help with this, and the Barry County Conservation District reached out a couple days ago and is willing to lend a hand. There is a thread on the TSP Forum about it also.

    If anyone is in the area, I am free to show them the space. I’m still collecting ideas.

  4. Great podcast and the Song has been fitting for me for sometime. It hurts my soul at times when people just wont listen even when brought up in the most subtle ways they run from it. Could it be that today’s programming of the masses is just that strong?

  5. In Germany it was standard practice to immunize only females for Rubella, since it was the most dangerous for them.
    Of course, German medical tradition is that they aren’t so quick to prescribe medication just as a preventative practice…

  6. Couple more thoughts on raccoon problems. First, if you’re going to use a dog-proof trap (we use one called the Z Trap from our local Rural King), I’d highly recommend that you get some caps for them so mice won’t steal your bait. It’s really annoying to check your traps each day only to find that the bait is gone but no raccoon has been caught.

    I also think Jack is spot on about the creek. We got 8 raccoons off our property by our pond and creek. We also set traps by the chicken coop, but those never got anything.

    Lastly, I want to agree about the stay dog thing. We had no chicken kills from anything other than hawks once we got some electric fence up that kept the stray dogs out. Those dogs were coming onto the property and just killing our birds and leaving them. At least when the coons were killing birds, they were consuming them.

    It’s frustrating, I know. But stick with it. And as a last thought, of the 8 coons we took off our property, only one was in a box trap, and it was little. The rest were taken in the Z Traps and my husband just put a .22 between the eyes and that was it. No suffering — just lights out!

  7. Loved the song of the day today. Disturbed has been around a long time and they’re huge as a metal band, so this acoustic song is even better with the knowledge that the singer can go from screamed vocals and heavy electric guitars to something like this.

  8. Great show, I fully agree with your views on vacinations and immunizations. I too hate blind conformity to government policy, not just on immunizations but an all walks of life. I think we all should take ownership and responsibility for our decisions and future in life and be the architects of our own destiny in a survivalist and sustainable way that does not harm others.

  9. I liked the original version of The Sound of Silence, but really love the Disturbed version. I get goosebumps every time I hear it, partially from the haunting musicality and partially from the lyrics. But I never really broke it down to the level Jack did today, it seems way more profound now. Thank you