Episode-199- Methods of Rain Water Harvesting — 12 Comments

  1. Jack good show its amazing how much more life inside plants will have after 3-4 days of giving them a drink of mother natures rain water.

  2. Jack a ideal for a show or topic you often talk about CONCEALED CARRY . I would like to hear you talk a little about LUBY,S CAFE and what SUZZANA HUPP did about this. I think because of her standing up on her feet TEXAS and a lot of other states changed the laws in favor of the people.If you watch the right video she also puts JOHN BRADY in his place.

  3. Jack,
    id be very cautions about accidentally creating a wetland on your property. In many states if you do that and someone finds out then government people can come in and designate your land as a wetland zone. If that happens then you cant touch the land and it becomes protected and you get fined if you use it improperly.

  4. Don’t forget to check what system of water rights are implemented in your state.

    There are “riparian” rights and “use” rights and these vary state to state.

  5. Jack, I’m sure I’m missing the obvious about the water that’s under deep mulch. Is this harvestable for uses other than sustaining what’s planted in the mulch? If so, how? thanks.

  6. Great show. A couple comments related to rain barrels – you can’t have enough capacity. I hooked up 2 75 gallon barrels used for our raised bed garden area. 150 gallons sounds like a lot, but we can use that up in two waterings during a dry spell in the summer. Also, make sure you elevate them sufficiently to get adequate head pressure if you plan on running any length of house.

    Thanks for the great show – the swale idea is very intriguing.

  7. I had intended to put in a rain catch to water my vegetable garden. However after looking at some of the sites suggested, I see that there may be issues with rain runoff from roofs. Does anyone have any thoughts on this.

  8. @96Charlie,

    Nope it is for the plants, you never extract it. It is still “harvesting” though because you are trapping such a massive amount of water.

  9. @Biltong,

    Personally I wouldn’t worry with a standard house, I think most of the concern is like the commerical buildings coated in tar, etc. I and many others use roof water all the time with no issues.