Episode-1878- Listener Feedback for 9-26-16 — 27 Comments

  1. Re: Teaching you family members to shoot.

    If you decide to go .22LR instead of following Jacks Airsoft/ pellet gun suggestion, I’d recommend checking out Project Appleseed. It’s a national volunteer organization with locations all over the country dedicated to preserving rifle marksmanship in American. They teach a two-day class, every month just southwest of FTW (I think that’s where the listener is from).

    Cost for the Fort Worth class is $60 for adults. Children under 18 are $20. LE/MIL, and some others are completely free. It looks like Groupon discounts are available too. The organizers may be able to loan you rifles if you don’t already own them.

    As a hybrid solution, consider running the family through the class, especially if you can arrange loaners, and then apply and practice what you learned with pellet/airsoft guns.

  2. Jack,
    Red Barchetta, Free Will and Subdivisions all originally came out on different LPs. (Moving Pictures, Permanent Waves and Signals, respectivelly). Later, RUSH released “Chronicles” which was a giant best of kind of compilation that had all 3 tunes on it. That’s probably what you were thinking of.

    I love these guys. Excellent sound for 3 dudes.

    • Rush dedicated their album “2112” to the “genius of Ayn Rand”. Rush named their label off of and based 2112 on Rand’s novel “Anthem”. Anthem’s theme ties directly into Alex Shrugged’s history segment for this episode on fear of technology and the light bulb. Anthem takes place in a communist society taken to its logical conclusion-an individual is not allowed to make any decision, not in occupation or even in mating. Life expectancy is reduced to 30 years. The protagonist discovers a light bulb in the ruins of our collapsed civilization and brings it to the community…2112 builds on this theme with the protagonist discovering a guitar…
      I know a few people fleeing or trying to flee the socialism of Europe. I’ve introduced a coworker to Atlas Shrugged and it was like a documentary to him as he has seen some of these things happen first hand. This guy worked very, very hard for the opportunity to move his whole family to the US and he continues to do so. (I’ve introduced him to Office Space, too – he loves it!)
      To those contemplating Walking to Freedom – what’s your excuse?

  3. I read sum where that part of the motive for the educational system restricting children’s natural desire to move for several hours a day in a classroom is to filter to the surface the so called ‘ADD’ children, these are then identified and neutralized from becoming would be political protester by being proscribed (poisoned) with legal drugs at an early age until their natural energy and enthusiasm is stifled and replaced with conformity.

  4. On the subject of teachers wages I think that if America stopped dropping billions of dollars of bombs on other countries and (billions inclusive of associated military costs) then everyone’s wages and pensions could be quadrupled and there would be no teachers or any other workers on strike. It amazes me that although Americans who are probably the world’s most amazing people have the worlds most digraceful government.

    • First that math doesn’t work, at all, even with common core.

      Second why does a person deserve 100K a year to teach the fourth grade?

      • Hi Jack, I don’t know the math but you get my idea, less bombs, less tax for building and dropping bombs, less spending on war propagenda including hollywood, including the Arse Clown Circus could mean more wages for everyone else. I like the idea of home schooling or community schooling as an alternative to government schooling.

        • Cut the budget and cut those employed by and selling to government. Sigh. If I have to explain it is like Harley Davidson.

    • Well, they can pay into their retirement and health care like everyone else has to. Guaranteed if they had to, they wouldn’t vote the way they do (yeah, I know voting = worthless) This constant subsidizing of people’s lives is old.

      I know a guy who worked for Pittsburgh Port Authority, drove a bus for 23 years, they bought him out at full pension at 23 instead of 25, he has been retired for eight years or so, probably another 30 until he kicks (he’s in his 50s). Now that burden is on the tax payer for that time.

      Save for your own retirement.

      As for their base, pay, like any other job you get paid for your results. If you have poor results, you don’t get raises, you don’t get tenure.

      Also, no government employee should have a union. Their job, whether they believe/like it or not is to fulfill a service for the tax payer, not hold us hostage so they can live the good life on my hard earned money.

      Want to automate something, automate the mundane jobs government does.

  5. Funny you talk about successful people with ADD. I have absolutely textbook classic every symptom of ADD, even today in my mid 40s. I have never taken nor will i ever take meds. However, I have ascended to the rank of LT Col in the Army as well as operate a farm in the private sector. I achieve better than average results and often hit a home run. I just have developed coping mechanisms to deal with antsiness. I believe that same character has inspired most all of the great things I have achieved and I wouldn’t trade it for being ‘normal’ according to the system.

    • My eldest son was diagnosed ADHD. I remember when they first put him on Adderall, the nurse told us that he would be taking this for his whole life. We have since changed his meds to Vyvanse. We can always tell when he doesn’t take his pill in the morning – he will be SO hyper in the afternoon. One thing that bothers me about these meds is I’m afraid that the meds have side-affects. He was NEVER that hyper before meds!!! The second thing that bother me is the description about Vyvanse from “Vyvanse (Vivance) is an amphetamine. Exactly how Vyvanse (Vivance) works is not known. It affects certain chemicals in the brain and nerves that contribute to hyperactivity and impulse control and may help improve attention span and behavior.” What does it say about me as a father to make my son take this shit?! I have been trying to find some good info on replacing the meds with diet and exercise. Just physical exercise doesn’t work. I know this because I see how calm he is when he is playing with his legos or video games. Mental exercise is just as important, and I think this exercise varies per person. How can diet play a role. How can I convince my wife to get on-board?

  6. Having been an officer for many years, the section on the female police officer is spot on for about 90% of the time.

  7. My dream is to some day own my very own Harley Davidson. I hope the dont ask me to retro fit a Google auto router into it for me to do Route 66 on it.

  8. You don’t need to find aboriginals to find cultures without ADD. Just cross the Atlantic : Europe does not have the concept of ADD. Not yet anyway. But I’m sure we’ll hear about it eventually, every bad idea originating in the US usually takes about one decade to cross the ocean (GMO crop, roundup, believing it’s butter at breakfast that causes obesity and feeding our children with sugar coated cereals instead, franchise fast-food restaurants, adding sugar to the recipe of bread…)

    • That is very interesting about Europe and ADD. When I trained for my job last year in France, I noticed the food did not affect me the same way. I’m gluten-free and that concept was not well understood.

  9. Jack, your section on ADD should be required listening before ANYONE dopes their kids.

    The analogy of an ADD kid sitting in a tree stand for hours upon hours was spot on. I never thought about it like that.

    My daughter will write stories for hours and not a peep will be heard from her as she’s so enraptured in her own little world, yet her mind will wander off in school and thus she has ADD??? not likely.

    Like you, I’m sure I’d have been diagnosed with ADD when I was a kid as I hated school. Yet, I could sit quietly all day long looking at stock charts, baseball statistics etc. and never tire or get bored.

    Great stuff!

  10. My oldest was diagnosed with ADHD and a a mild disability with written expression by a neuropsychologist when he was in the third grade. He spent a half day of testing with psychologists and had a 6-page evaluation writeup, because I wanted to be quite sure of what was going on with him. The kid is a little socially awkward, he flaps and skips and dances. He is on very light ADHD medication which is a stimulant, like the coffee. He is in middle school and it’s hard. I don’t like giving him the medicine, but I am not sure I am equipped to do homeschooling either.

  11. On duck feeding. I do the same as Jack but I also put down cracked corn and always make sure there is some there. This seems to keep them rolling with some calories available through the tough winter months up here in NH. I am also feeding about 50lbs a day of a layer feed, 16% protein, for about 125 birds total. They usually have a little left the next day. It’s important that they get what they need when they are laying or you can induce an early molt as well.

  12. Regarding ADD, I trained on neurofeedback. It has helped me absorb mind-boggling amounts of information – new job, culture and languages and work as long as 16 hours a day.
    Consider a paleo or ketogenic diet. Try small amounts of “Bulletproof Coffee”. Eliminate allergens and inflamatory foods. Consider supplements, perhaps choline or neurotransmitter supplements . Look for high quality fats, like butter and coconut oil, especially high quality fish oil (beware of rancid oil). Even better if your child enjoys sardines! I do!

    Don’t buy into the lie that children have to fit in and eat children food.

    • Good stuff. Because she had a major heart issue at birth, V-Tach, I’m hesitant to introduce any caffeine. However, I’m thinking of a bit of ginseng to see if that has any result.

      To be honest, after the analogy that Jack made of sitting in a tree stand for hours, I no longer am worried.

      a kid’s mind wanders at school??? Holy crap, that kid MUST be crazy! School after all is such fun filled learning taught by the very best in society! Let’s dope ’em all up the minute their attention wanes! 🙂

  13. regarding the squirrel in foil. Yes it works on chicken. I’ll grill chicken for about 30 minutes (usually leg quarters) then the last 10-15 minutes put in the foil. It really helps break down connective tissue and fat. You can also finish it off in the oven if you need to in foil.

    When I make my now famous bourbon hot wings I grill them then put them in a tin foil pan, with the wing sauce then cover tightly with foil, finish baking at 350 for 30 minutes and they just fall apart.


  14. Rush in my opinion is the greatest trio out there. that said ,I am not enjoying there latest work. .Snakes and arrows was the last one I like. The lyrics helped me through some tough times in the 80;s and I seen them live a half a dozen or so. Excellent musicians and song writing .I prefer to pronounce it Red Bar chetta, as spoken in the song not the French way . I actually had an Opel Gt in red. we all called it ” the barchetta “. keep up the enlightening of Rush by choosing them as the song of the day every once in a while Which hunt is another good one