Episode-181- A Tea Party Observation and Choosing a Home Defense Weapon — 15 Comments

  1. John,

    Every time I listen to your podcast (downloaded in .mp3 format) there’s a quick “skip” at right around 7m20s – like the needle jerking on an old LP. Today it was 7m23s “Then these these tea parties” …

    Technical glitch or a SNAFU on my end? Has anyone else noticed this?

    Still listening, but I wanted to mention this while it was fresh in my mind.

  2. Jack, just listened to the first part of your show, talking about the tea parties. I had mixed feelings too… on one hand, I was amazed to see that many “normal” people gathered around, so close to home (this was in downtown Allen, Tx). One of the speakers noted that it was important for us to be united, at that we needed to focus on the core issues and not get sidetracked by other issues. The next speaker was a lady who started talking about Jesus and morals… on a personal level I agreed with her, but at the same time I did not want to hear that at that point and time, and I’m sure many people were turned off by it too.

    Very interesting to me was that this was a very grassroots effort. Most of the people that came out were not typical activists. People are getting off their asses, starting to wake up, starting to get scared… where will it go???

    Keep up the good work and thanks!

  3. Great show jack I wanted to go to a tea party last night but got off work late, but ours was on the radio so I tuned in and got pissed realy fast.
    It started off with the audiance calling their congress critters. Witch was great but then it jumped in to some Anti-Obama BS. Flowed up by a bunch of cristian conservitive CRAP!!!! I could not for the life of me understand why they would talk about unimportant things and not what they were their to talk about. I live in a state with high property taxes and in the last 4 months state goverment has proposed over 150 new taxes on some rediculious stuff all while spending millions on geting a socer team. Were people talking about that No of course not. Now I am glad that I was at work I am not a cristian but if I wanted to hear about “god” and his ideas about morallity I would go to curch and not a tea party. Any way I could go on but I will not so thank you jack for all the hard work and time from your life that you give us.

    P.S> can we get a spell check for the reply post I do not post as often as I would like Because I hate looking dumb for haveing realy bad spelling

  4. Great show as always Jack.
    I got away from the Republican party because of the nutcase religious people that took it over and as long as they keep trying to cram their religion down people\’s throats I\’ll have to stay away.
    And it\’s a damned shame too.
    I miss the old republicans I grew up with that believed they should keep religion out of politics and in the churches and homes where it belongs.

    love the show Jack,
    be careful driving!


  5. Jack people just dont get it until its to late. I work with this poor soul that worships the ground that OBAMA walks on. She evan went as far to say that all gun owners are a bunch of chickens and cant defend thereselves. I told her is that so what if a 300 pound man was robbing-rapping and was going to kill you if i shot him to save you life that would make me a chicken. I got no reply she just stood there and looked at me like i was stupid.Dont know what to tell these people maybe they will wake up some day and smell the coffie just hope they do it before its too late.

  6. I’m a man of faith…but I’m just as tired of the religious nut jobs as the rest of you. They confuse the message of Jesus (which needs to be heard) with political posturing and confuse political issues with religious posturing. They’re like Grape Nuts…they’re not really grapes…and they’re not really nuts…well, okay, maybe they are nuts, but you get my point.

  7. I am glad that so far at least that people of faith who listen to this show are getting my point. There is nothing wrong with a strong faith or strong belief but the biggest problem with our government is taxing and spending right now. It is by taxation they gain control and power. Most of the ethical concerns people have would not even be an issue if we had a small government and followed the constitution.

    Here is a sample of some of what the preacher/author said…

    1. “A nation that permits sin of sodomy will be punished by God” – From me – Yes that is a quote word for word, so what do we do round up and deport gays? Can’t you just see CNN using that one sound bite to mischaracterize the entire tea party movement?

    2. How about this gem? “The word of God is the greatest document ever created and any nation that does not follow it shall perish”. – From me– Sure sounds like a theocracy vs. a Republic to me!

    3. My favorite (as far as being the worst for the event). “Freedom of Religion does not mean freedom from religion” – From me – I am sorry here for who this might offend but WTF? Of course freedom of religion is freedom from it! How can we have freedom of religion with out the ability to choose which if any to embrace and/or reject. Again I say this is a republic not a theoracy.

    Like I said if this keeps up the tea party movement just had its’ peak on April 15th and will be totally irrelevant by the next election. I don’t want that to happen, I am just saying it will. This is why I said take a democrat with you, take a liberal with you. After going though I hope no one took that advice. This thing needs a course correction and it needs one very soon or the movement will soon be a Republican reform (at best) vs. the nation changing effort is was supposed to be.

  8. Jack:

    You warned that you might offend conservative Christian Republicans with your thoughts on the Tea Parties. I am a conservative Christian (former) Republican and I … totally agree with everything you said.

    I know a thing or two about practical politics (actually changing things instead of platitudes). You are spot on about Tea Parties not becoming seen as “Republican.” Sounds like your Texas Tea Party was just that.

    There is hope, though. My Tea Party in Washington state had only two politicians speak: the Democratic State Auditor and a Republican state Senator. They both talked about the big picture: too much spending, too much taxing, too much debt. Nothing about “vote for us” or “support this bill in the legislature.” I’ve been to Republican rallies before and the Washington state Tea Party did not feel like one. I was actually encouraged.

  9. Heavy, Thanks for the input and it sounds like ya’ll had a good one. That needs to be the model for these things.

    I think most Americans do agree we are spending to much, so if we unite we can change that. If this other stuff keeps getting lumped in, we stay divided. Remember that is what they want up on the hill, we don’t need to go helping them out with that goal.

  10. Guys,
    It aint us spending too much.. Its that guvt and there backwwoods “print a trillion, spend a brazillion” . The avg Joe knows about spending boundaries.

  11. Hey Jack, Great Show! The Tea Parties I know about were nothing like that! The one in Chicago Michael Steele head of the RNC showed up and was DENIED the opportunity to speak! Same with the one I went to in Indiana and the one in Sacramento, CA were my brother lives. These Tea Parties have been as much Anti-Bush as they are Anti-Obama. They’re Anti-Big Government/reckless-spending/ignoring-the-will-of-the-people! No more Government intervention, period. I just read an article about EPA declaring CO2 a “danger to public health”. This is one more Federal Agency that doesn’t have to report to the American People. This is how they get around answering to ‘We The People’ while stilling pushing forward with their agendas. I’ll get off my soap-box now. Thanks again for a great show!

  12. Jack, I’m one of the people in your broader audience, someone who has known things are wrong ever since I was a child (I’m about 20 years older than you). I’ve listened to the last 20 episodes or so. I don’t call myself a survivalist or a prepper, but I have food and basic emergency equipment, no debt, and am increasing the amount of food I grow.

    I had hope when I heard about the tea party movement – my first thought was, “of course, no taxation without representation” which is exactly what’s happening with all these bailouts. However, as the day approached all I saw online was the usual screeching nonsense. I share your disappointment with the co-opting of a movement of Americans against insane bailouts, money printing, etc, by Christians, anti-gays, whoever, regardless of party. I divide people a bit differently than most: instead of left and right, I see sane and insane (nutters, as they’re known where I live). There are sane people on both the right and the left; there are insane people on both the right and the left. We need a movement of the sane.

    I have got a lot of useful ideas from your podcasts, but today’s episode was the first one I cut off. You started your discussion of the ideal weapon for the home, and went into great detail about which gun, going through various types and models. Frankly, my head was spinning, and as an American who lives abroad (in the UK), and who will never own a gun, the subject just wasn’t relevant to me.

    Today, I started listening to the podcast after this one, where you talk about a woman refusing to have guns in her home. You said (please correct me if I misheard) that ultimately there should be discussions about the man being the head of the household. In past podcasts, you have also talked about a more equal relationship between husbands and wives.

    I used to live in southern Indiana. Within a one week period, in three separate incidents, women were murdered by their menfolk. This isn’t unusual. Perhaps you should follow up with a discussion of your beliefs about the (domestic) relationships between men and women. As a woman who grew up in a family plagued by alcoholism, incest, and violence among family members, I’d be very interested in your thoughts.

    Please keep up the good work, especially helping people get out of debt.

  13. I too am in the UK (native) but I’m glad that you covered the issue of choosing a defensive weapon. To be frank it’s one of the reasons, along with other increased freedom, why I would consider moving to America.
    We seem to have a lot of control in the UK, I believe that eBay can no longer sell knives, except cutlery, in the UK.

    Just thought I’d give another view from the UK.

  14. Here, our problem with having guns is the cost.
    we simply can’t afford to buy one plus ammo.
    If we make the decision between buying food and a gun, the need to eat usually wins out. We’ve got a 22 rifle for little things but I guess buying anything much bigger will have to be put off.
    We did get a good hunting bow in a trade with some guy where my husband works.

    also, Carol said this,

    “You said (please correct me if I misheard) that ultimately there should be discussions about the man being the head of the household.”

    I have to say that if the recent spate of deranged men with guns, murdering their entire family because they are in debt is their way of being head of their households, maybe it’s time for some decapitations.