Episode-1808- Darin Ward and Establishing a Business — 8 Comments

  1. This looks real similar in design principle to your top bar bee hive. In fact, when I saw the photo, and before I read the caption, I thought they were playing on a tol bar bh.

    • Yes, it does. When I saw that bee hive come out on the market, I about had a heart attack. It looks like they copied the design of my grandfather’s desk. Maybe, maybe not. It doesn’t matter really.

    • Thanks. It is neat, but admittedly I’m biased. Let’s see if people think it’s neat enough to put this into production. Stay tuned.

  2. Hi folks. This is Darin Ward. I forgot to mention that my handle in the forum is AG2. Please let me know if you have any questions.

  3. I really enjoyed listening to what Darin went through. Once I ran out of 5 Minutes with Jack episodes I found another podcast called “Perpetual Traffic” by Digital Marketer. I am currently listening through back episodes now but it is all about getting the word using Facebook and other social platforms and finding the right audience. They have focused heavily on FB so far but I heard Darin lament his ad performance so it might be something he and others might find useful.

    • Thanks Rick. I’m glad you liked it. I will have to check out that podcast as time allows. Maybe this week while I mow. I’m caught up on TSP. (Gotta keep my priorities, you know.)

      Yes, I have several complaints about facebook.

      1) Unlike other software, it is not highly intuitive. Most people don’t notice because they have been using it for many years as it evolved. For example, do we click on “home” for the newsfeed? Why isn’t it named “newsfeed”. You wouldn’t see many other software companies do this.
      2) When changes are made, facebook is the last to tell you about it. And their online help sections are not applicable to the latest version.
      3) Their turf, their rules, right? Okay, I get it. But when you run a business, is that how you treat your customers?
      I have several other complaints about facebook, but I’m out of time. One last note:
      In the movie Jurrasic Park, Dr Malcom says “Nature finds a way”. In real life, I say, “A free market finds a way”. Notice how people are flocking to the simpler format of Instagram? IG user base is growing because we love the simplicity. Unfortunately, FB purchased IG, but I still think the free market will find a way.