Episode-1791- Expert Council Q&A for 5-20-16 — 6 Comments

  1. I have to add a few more things to Steven Harris’s comments on Alkaline battery leakage.

    1. Freezing batteries doesn’t cause self discharge. It slows self discharge. Sorry Steve, you’re absolutely wrong here.

    2. High energy/capacity batteries (Duracell Quantum, Rayovac Fusion, Energizer Max) tend to have a higher frequency of leaking due to their higher actives content. They also aren’t usually worth the bang for your buck (you pay more per mAh of capacity).

    3. Putting different age/brands of batteries together in a device is a TERRIBLE idea. What happens is when you discharge them, the lowest capacity battery gets “overdischarged” and is more likely to leak.

    4. All the major alkaline brands (Rayovac, Duracell, Energizer) have battery guarantee’s and replace your device or give you a check if damaged by their batteries (provided you didn’t put different aged/brand batteries together). I personally have gotten a check from Rayovac when their batteries damaged my GPS. It was easy, quick, and their customer service people were friendly. They paid to ship my GPS to them and then they sent me a check for the full retail price of the GPS.

    5. Don’t use cheap off brand batteries. The amount you save versus Rayovac batteries is almost negligible and they don’t carry the warranty that Rayovac does. Additionally many of these Chinese made batteries have 50-80% of the capacity of the major brands, especially for high rate devices like cameras or grooming devices.

    6. Accept the fact that if you keep batteries in a device in your hot car (like a flashlight)…there’s a very good chance they will leak.

    If you find a device that stops working, you open it up and find leaking cells, DO NOT try to clean it up!!!! Contact the battery company for a refund for your device. Trying to clean it up may reduce your chance of getting a refund.

  2. Fish bone broth is also a possibility. An Oriental dish is fish heads and rice, the brains contribute healthy fat. The bones contribute flavor and minerals.

  3. into the breach is allso a pre gun powder term. it was when the wall was collapse either buy stone throwers or sapping. it was where the defenders went to make there last stand.
    defeat was death victory was able to life another day. think there is a term
    once more boys into the breach.
    james d

  4. Once more into the breach is Shakespere.

    The “breach” is a gap in a wall or a defense.

    The breach in the song has as much to do with a rifle as a bowling ball.

    The song is about crossing through a point of no return due to specific actions and inactions.

  5. Thank you for the mention Jack! We’re proud that Frontier Tactical is a direct result of your mentorship and business advice. Thanks for putting together a business directory for those of us that may never get a spot in the highly sought after TSP Sponsor Program. Keep up the great work!!