Episode-1748- Listener Feedback for 3-21-15 — 17 Comments

  1. You are mostly right about patents, Jack. One can protect an idea from being patented by publishing the idea and plans online or in another way that is publicly accessible, this is called prior art. That will only protect that idea from becoming patented by someone else, improving it in a substantive way will allow for patenting that one part (but only for that one change, everyone else can continue to use the original plans that have been in the public space). The patent office should search for this prior art before giving the patent, but even if they miss it, if you have documentation that your plans were online before the patent was filed you can easily squash any lawsuits.

    *I am not an attorney but I am very familiar with the field and have gotten a few provisional patents.

  2. Re: Best gun for a 12-year-old.

    I have a 12 ga. 870 that I bought back in the late 70’s. Fit and finish is nice, I keep it pretty pristine as far as cleaning and functioning is usually reliable….until it started jamming with some of the cheaper shotshells. This seems to be a fairly common problem, judging from some research I’ve done.

    Years ago, I bought my 11 year old son a Mossberg 20ga. Bantam pump. The action was pretty stiff, but he did use it with success on an NJ youth hunt for pheasants. Seeing his difficulty, I took the thing apart, degreased it and did a job on the action bars with some emery paper. I also smeared some valve-grinding compound into the interior receiver grooves, reassembled the whole thing, and cycled it for a while. Then I gave everything a good cleaning and lube job.

    The action is now like butter, and with the adult-sized stock (ordered through their discount program) and the shorter youth barrel, it is a gun everyone likes to shoot.

    I owned a 20 gauge 870 Remington Express and have also shot someone else’s. They have the fit and finish of an AK-47 and feel heavy in the hand.

    Just my opinion (obviously.)

    Also, thanks for the show! Been listening for years….and that’s saying something for a moderately desultory person like me.

  3. One of my favorite Ted Talks is Nathan Seidle’s, “How Open Hardware will Take Over the World.” I highly recommend it to anyone interested in this topic. Especially with regard to patents. Nathan has built a highly successful business, employing many people, all based around open source hardware.

  4. I have not yet seen the workbench video you referenced, but it sounds like a roubo bench. Many variations have been created. Google image search roubo bench or roubo-style workbench. It’s on my winter project list for next year. Nearly limitless workshop utility. Can be made for almost any budget whether buying high end end vises or building your own with large wooden screws. Really cool stuff.

  5. I much prefer the “Check it, Whitey” app.
    You can use the camera to scan everyone at the table and it will divide the bill up based on skin pigment. All the more reason for white folk to get a tan, it lowers your bill!

    /sarc 😀

  6. Wranglerstar who has been on the show has a series of videos on a similar bench build.

    • Wranglerstar’s bench is built following Paul Seller’s design I watched booth of their video series. Very instructional on how to build a bench with hand tools only without actually having a bench yet. Then I set out to build my own, but based on the Roubo design.

      A photo posted by Claude Flener (@cjflener) on Jan 31, 2016 at 2:05pm PST

      Most guys on youtube that show how to build benches have fully equipped shops with big machines to do the planing and jointing. So does the Samurai Carpenter. Wranglerstar and Paul Sellers show how to do without. It’s not so easy, but it can be done. And don’t get me wrong, the Samurai bench is an awesome piece of work, but people should know that they don’t need a fully equipped shop to build a bench.
      I’m putting this here to encourage anyone to have a go, even if you don’t know what you’re doing and all you have is some hand tools from your grandfather or the second-had shop. This was my first major woodworking project, and I had never cut a dovetail before. Now I know how to do it. Building skills happens by doing stuff. So have a go!

  7. Youth model firearms are generally smaller and lighter while firing the same cartridge as the full size. When you make a firearm smaller and lighter you increase the felt recoil. One way around this is to add some weight back to it. You can take off the butt plate or shoulder pad and there will be a long hollow tube to allow for the bolt that attaches the stock to the receiver. Put some lead shot in a bag and stuff it in that hollow area. This will add some weight back to the gun and reduce some of the recoil. It will throw the balance of the gun off but if it makes the gun enjoyable to shoot then it is worth it.

  8. Trump probably still has skeletons in his closet but the house is AC isn’t one of them. Trump never bought that house. Mrs. Coking lived in it a long time. It sold in 2014 for $583,000 by Carl Icahn. I would not have known this had I not heard Stephan Molyneux talk about it.

    Not trying to nitpick. Its just a false story that keeps getting repeated.

  9. Great show today Jack… I don’t see many comments on the sponsors being acknowledged in the middle of the show….soooo I’m writing to say it was a nice change. I also think your sponsors will get a lot more attention as new (and old) people to the show won’t fast forward through the first 10 minutes.

  10. Also, try the 20 gauge Escort pump for a youth. I got my boy a black one, and my daughter a pink camo one. They are relatively cheap (around $300), and they have run flawlessly. The shotgun’s stock is short, and has a good recoil pad on it. Both kids really enjoy it..

  11. Does anyone have the link to Jack’s best episode on how to get started saving food you actually would want to eat? I want to send it to a friend who has buckets of beans and rice and commented recently that he does not look forward to having to live on them…

  12. Jack, you made a good argument with regards to women’s wages. You also touched on race a bit and mentioned that Asians tend to be more hardworking. I wonder if you would try to answer this .. It seems that there are few or no black liberatarians. I saw some websites about Asian Libertarians. but I am skeptical that Asian liberatarians really exist. I also had the strong impression that there are virtually no Asian conspiracy theorist, I believe that I heard that from an Asian. Any thoughts ? Is that accurate ?

  13. Jack,

    I think Trump could be authoritarian which is why I wouldn’t vote for him, but I do no think that many of the people who would vote for him are doing so because they want an authoritarian. Trump has some appeal because he has come out against free trade deals, Obama care, political correctness and so on and perhaps he is less of an enthusiast for war with Syria or Russia but I can’t say that I have followed his every speech or statement as much as what I have heard from others say about him

    The analysis that says Hillary would win seems to be based on polls. My mother however believes that many democrats would stay home and not vote for Hillary and others think some Bernie supporters might vote for Trump. Does a poll take into consideration people’s enthusiasm to go out and vote ?
    I can’t understand enthusiasm for Hillary but I am sure it exists so I am uncertain