Episode-1746- Listener Calls for 3-17-16 — 22 Comments

  1. Just yesterday I was thinking how amazingly prescient your ‘GOP strongman’ prediction turned out to be. Maybe this crazy redneck duck farmer is onto something…

    • Yea it looks that way but I just don’t see Trump winning. He has fanatical fans but over 65% of the nation considers him unfavorable.

      Looking at the numbers the nation leans democrat in presidential elections as it is.

      With Hillary their are a shit ton of women that will go vote under the nonsense of “its time for a woman”. Really even if she is a lying, murderous, traitorous wretch? The answer will astonish you how many will say, yes, with a strait face.

      Next if we are honest when was the national economy last in what most Americans considered “great shape”. Honestly under Billy the Perv it was. There is a slew of voters that see Hillary as a way to “get Bill back” assuming that he will be telling the Hag what to do. Will he? IDK but it doesn’t matter perception is reality.

      The key is could some big bomb drop and derail the Hillary train? My God but what? Benghazi, the email scandal, did nothing. The Clintons have blood on their hands all the way back to Whitewater and non one really seems to care, other than those that always vote Republican anyway.

      The real question is who can better sell the American people on a full government take over of healthcare once elected. That is the big goal in the next four years.

  2. I have used Android phones for quite some time and I have just recently switched to iPhone but I wanted to offer my suggestions for anyone looking for a better way to listen to the show. If you don’t want to use Jack’s app on Android for some reason, one of the better apps that I found was Stitcher. With Stitcher you can build a podcast library of many different shows and have them all in one place. Personally I preferred Jack’s app but this is available if you want it. On iPhone, I have found a really good podcatcher and it’s called Overcast. You can subscribe to several different shows and it has some nifty features such as Smart Speed and Voice Boost. Smart Speed actually takes out pauses and shortens the show slightly but you never notice that it is doing this while listening. I actually like this app better than trying to listen to shows through iTunes. I hope this helps anyone who might be having issues and I can’t wait to see the iPhone app when it’s up and running.

  3. Neither party is going to allow the candidate selected by the primaries to be the nominees. Or it would be Trump vs Sanders.

    • Well that is frankly totally delusional thinking.

      1. Clinton is killing Sanders and not just with super delegates. And Sanders best states are behind him. In a strait delegate race he looses, bad, the end over. How you could even make a case to the contrary, makes no sense.

      2. Trump is not wining the majority of the delegates, the current score is, Trump 673, the rest of the field combined, 741. As candidates drop they hold onto their delegates and can influence them to vote as they desire. One must also ask, of the say 169 delegates pledged to Rubio, how many should by the voters intent go to Trump vs. say Cruz? Think about that, how many Rubio voters want a president Trump? I’ll give you the answer, zero.

      Odds are pretty good Trump will actually win the nomination but the race is not over. If you look at the remaining states you can see with Rubio out, there is a huge chance that Cruz and Trump will both fail to get the required number. Big time!

      This is not the party screwing anyone, this is the way the system is supposed to work. If they are damn close to a tie, and they may be at the end. Say Trump leads by 20, do you really think it would be right to just give him the nomination, to ignore the voters that supported other candidates and give them no voice?

      In the end Rubio and Bush will push for their 173 delegates to go to Cruz.

      Carson is a go for his tiny 8 to trump.

      Kasich is a wild card and he currently has 143 which will mean a LOT in the end and he isn’t dropping, and he will not win another state but he WILL win more delegates, not all the rest of the states are winner take alls.

      The reason I predict Trump to win is I see the likelihood already of Trump-Kasich as the GOP ticket, I predict this deal has already been made. Kasich will take almost no votes away from Trump but he will siphon from Cruz. In states that award split delegates, Kasich’s are put in the Trump “fund” for the convention. In winner take all, Kasich pulling 3-6%, will be likely enough to cause losses Cruz may not have otherwise had.

      Where the heck you get thinking Sanders should be ahead makes no sense to me, I get the super delegate thing in the north east but that is minor compared to the beatings he is taking now. Remove the superdelegates from the Dem side and your score is 1139 to 825 with Killery ahead. Even if you gave Bernie ALL of the super delegates the Hag has, he’d only be ahead by 100ish, and while some of them are from states Bern won, more than half are not. By the numbers Hill Hag is ahead in every way, and within the absolute rules of the system, both candidates claim to support.

  4. Really appreciated tonight’s podcast — esp. re planting org. grocery store produce — and the John Fogerty brought a smile to my face! Thank you for the good you do!

  5. For what it’s worth Jack, if we didn’t have mcmansion bird houses sitting on those quarter acre lots and more reasonably sized homes, once the fertility developed sufficiently natural farming *could* support a family on them [though the particular crops would need to be adjusted, and in climates too cold for two grain crops the landbase would need to be larger.]

    To quote:

    “If 22 bushels (1,300 pounds) of rice and 22 bushels of winter grain are harvested from a quarter acre field, then the field will support five to ten people each investing an average of less than one hour of labour per day.”

    End Quote

    If we mid-ball that estimate to 7 people and cut two off to cover for the land consumed by House and Driveway, we’ve got a quarter acre lot that will provide all the grain necessary for an average 5 member family’s direct use, or a great deal of grain for feeding to poultry for egg and meat [and bones for bone stock] yield. Granted this doesn’t cover a vegetable garden, which might fit well on the roof if the homes were constructed for rooftop gardening.

    Decrease population density to 3/8 acre lots, and suddenly you can easily have a border of fruit and nut shrubs and small trees [or larger trees with the use of dwarfing rootstock, which as discussed yesterday can still result in a natural tree form] surrounding each ‘home field.’

    As a final note, there are certain insects [grasshoppers among them] which favor high carbon feed like straw from spent grain stalks and could be used to acquire an additional protein yield [either for the poultry or for a family who eat insects directly] before the frass is returned to the fields.

    [I do FAR prefer bare minimum 1/2 acre, if not full acre per family, but that’s just not how we do things in populated areas.]

  6. I’ve listened to the podcast back when it was in the 700-800 episode days. When I heard the comment today, addressing getting an App on the phone, I felt compelled to make a comment. Frankly, when people have been writing in saying “Jack has changed”, and have let their memberships expire, I feel telling a caller to shove it in his ass is exactly what they are talking about. I have been a member for years, and have tried several times to become a life member. I have also promoted the podcast, and consequently have had dozens of people sign up for the MSB. The caller is listening to the show, and simply offering a suggestion to make it more user friendly (my opinion anyway). Isn’t the podcast designed to solicit comment and suggestions? Anyway, I love the content of the show, but wanted to offer an outside opinion on why people are saying you changed. I would challenge someone to find a comment made like this on any episodes prior to the 1000 mark. I’m just sayin……….

    • You need an app, you need an app, you need an app! Frankly that is bullshit! Again I bust my ass constantly to produce this show, to always add new content, etc. And I was telling people who were like this off in the 800s, in the 100s even.

      There is a difference between a suggestion and someone speaking from an entitled to what they want stance.

      • I agree completely, it was totally bogus the way he demanded it. That said, I am so glad he did and you put it on the show, because I love the app! Thank you so much for creating it. I had never noticed it before. It is so much nicer listening to the podcast on an app on my tablet than in the browser on my laptop.

  7. I think the caller asking about “fuel” was actually asking about booze. You know, make your own alcohol for….fuel….of course. Yeah, fuel. >.>

  8. agreed sir… but from where I was sitting, it sounded as though it was a plea, not a command. He clearly likes the podcast… just an observation…

    • Listen to my first segment in today’s show, I do acknowledge some of what you are saying.

  9. I want to address ordering from Arbor Day Foundation. Now, my experience with them is from 10 to 20 years ago, so it might not be the same now, but I found that they had decent, not great, quality seedling trees. I would never recommend them for anyone with a small property who is doing intensive work and counting on every tree to be productive. But for mass plantings on five acres for stuff like producing alcohol and providing privacy like the caller is looking to do, their trees have done well enough for me. Of course, that still leaves the question of whether the member discounted price is really that much of a bargain compared with seedling trees at other nurseries, but that is something that can be answered by research on the Internet. Personally, if I do buy acreage in the future, I definitely plan on rejoining and getting their 10 free tree offer.

  10. On the topic of growing crops from grocery purchases: I also grow a ton of stuff especially cover crops from the bulk bin section and spice aisles. Great results so far with crops like buckwheat, fenugreek, flax, millet, amaranth, dried beans, lentils as well as dill seeds, fennel, coriander, caraway, sunflower seeds,… As long as they are whole seeds (hulled is often fine) and not roasted or salted.

    Any fruit seeds like apple, pears, even plums work too.

    And don’t for get any seeds sold for sprouting!

    Cheapest way to get lots of seeds in household quantities.

    • Oh yea, all the dried peppers you can use the seeds too, you can actually order some amazing Asian peppers strait from overseas on Amazon, then grow them. Forgot that.

  11. Regarding the sorting through coins, my grandfather has been doing this for 10 years. He would go to his local bank, order/buy several $100 in halves, sort through them, and return to sell them back.

    About 3 yrs ago the local banks started charging him a “counting” fee to confirm he was returning the exact amount he said he was. At $25 / $100 box of coins, it didnt make any sense to continue.