Episode-173- Do You Hide Who You Are — 6 Comments

  1. From upstate New York , Excellent common sense and ideas. You make a good inspirational advocate. Super newspaper article.

  2. Jack, Couple of issues here about Anonymity. The worst-case scenarios where people who are looking for you because you’re a prepper are, as you say, not that much of a threat. As you indicated, those people, under those conditions aren’t going to be able to get to you.

    I know it’s a harsh thing to say, but the real worry I have is about your neighbors. The ones who happen to also read the Ft. Worth newspaper and who now know that you prepare.

    Imagine a scenario that isn’t bad enough for you to bug out to your Arkansas location. A situation in which you have decided to Bug In. Perhaps a breakdown that affects the delivery of foodstuffs to your local grocery stores. Maybe even a “Lights-Out” scenario.

    How many of your friends, neighbors and. . .if applicable, your Home-Owners Association will now be aware that you have what they need to survive, what they need to keep their children alive.

    What do you do when they hold a meeting in which you are first requested. . .then directed, to share?

    It’s not the gang-banger, the NWO or the spikey-haired mutant I’m worried so much about. It’s what happens to Biff and Buffy Soccerparents who suddenly feel threatened.

    THEY are much more likely to cause unforeseen problems. THEY are the ones who feel entitled to share in your preparations, despite the fact that they had plenty of time to ready themselves.

    Just trade the leather bondage gear and souped-up dune-buggies for Prada and Polo and Land Rover Discoveries. The viciousness and unpredictability are the same.

    I have a saying “Beware the Bunny” in reference to the Monty Python’s Holy Grail and the Killer Bunny of Caer Bannogh.

    Sure, Buffy Soccerparent is all cute, fuzzy and silicon-implanted. . .but when she thinks she’s entitled to your stuff. . .she’ll rip your throat out when you tell her otherwise.

    And, she has probably has everyone else on the HOA on speed dial.

  3. @Professor,

    Yea sure for some! My neighbors have no idea who I even am. There was no address in the Article. I will bet with the exception of one man in our neighborhood the name Spirko would not even raise an eyebrow.

    Further at a neighborhood level disaster no one would have to ask for my help, I would be out there organizing it and offering it.

    I would do all I can to help with in reason and anyone who did not understand the limits would quickly learn them.

    Look you guys can all hide if you want to, I understand why some of you do. But you all really have to think about the pointless nature of the host of a show that is publicly available, discussed on thousands of blogs and forums trying to hide who he is. It simply makes no sense, it can’t be done.

    On the HOA, not on your life buddy! I would never live within one. And neighbor or not, if you try to force your way into my home after being told no, you are going to have the real opportunity to not have anything more to worry about.

  4. Great show Jack! I live in a good area, but work in a bad area. I have prepped for the last 20 years. I am in people’s homes everyday. You can tell alot about people just by looking in their pantry. Most of the time there isn’t even a package of ramen noodles. Most people are living paycheck to paycheck and going by the grocery store on their way home from work to pick up something for dinner. If they can’t see the economic benefit of planning ahead for a week, they aren’t going to see the benefit of planning for something that might not ever happen. I will continue to walk softly and carry a BIG stick.