Episode-1706- Listener Feedback for 1-11-16 — 7 Comments

  1. For us the way we handle fire ants now is a case by case basis. I have completely given up on managing them. They do what they want, and in general really don’t harm anything.

    However they’ve done dumb stuff like build nests in garden beds ands tuff like that. (Usually only happens in beds that have very little activity). I use the anti-fuego now for those cases. Every other case, I just let “nature” take course and it hasn’t failed me yet.

  2. I used to live in New York. I remember ordering my cigarettes online from the Indian Reservations, until Obama made it illegal to ship cigarettes through the mail. Some people bought cigarettes from “smoking clubs” that shipped through UPS or FedEx.
    New York even sent agents over the border into PA into certain cities famous for cigarette sales to New Yorkers to take pictures of NY state license plates. They then ran the plates, and ran the owners credit cards and bank accounts to find out if they purchased cigarettes in PA, just so they could send them a tax bill for the “import.”
    I live in SC now and am much happier. LOL

  3. I would like to comment about the Joel Skousen remarks that were made by a caller who said that Joel is predicting what he is based on Mormon prophecy, which is not true. As a Mormon convert who has been active in my church for over 30 years I can assure the audience that there is no Mormon “prophecy” predicting a nuclear war or predicting World War III. I am not sure where the caller got his information but what Joel is predicting is NOT based on official church doctrine. I personally believe Mr.Skousen has developed his opinions based on his own personal opinion.

    • There is also no prophecy in the bible predicting the date that Jesus will return or the world will end but how many people have interpreted the bible to say what day it would be?

      This is precisely why I never listen to anyone who stats using prophecy to predict things. Doesn’t matter if you or 10,000 people say there is no prophecy for X, a whole bunch of other people will claim there is.

      Or people pop up in religions and claim to be modern prophets and people in what ever faith believe them,

    • Loon or not, it was a rather entertaining show that helped motivate people to put more effort into their preps.

      So long as it’s made clear that you don’t share their view [and you provide clear logical explanation as to why to better help your audience understand the two perspectives] I don’t see a problem with an occasional loon on the show.

  4. No tax on trees? Not quite. I know of a road in South Carolina that has Pecan trees on both sides. The owners of the property (South Carolina residents for decades) – and I, were discussing taxes, politicians, and their desire to steal. He said he had to report on his (state) tax form how many trees he had. I’m not sure of the purpose of that, but I assume it is to TAX, TAX, AND TAX.