Episode-1664- More Updates and Planning for Nine Mile Farm — 11 Comments

  1. Jack, Shade cloth on your Aviary short term, Vine crops long term? leaf cover in the summer, then leaf drop for full sun in winter. Quail eat Hardy Kiwi, Muscadine or Maypop?
    Love the show, looking forward to seeing your plans flesh out.

  2. Jack,
    I have had very good luck with rain bird 12v irrigation clocks. The clock runs on aa batteries. If you put your clocks near your valves there is very little wire required. One set of batteries lasts me all summer. Might be worth the consideration for your design. Good luck!

  3. Asking honestly b/c I don’t know. Can you chop and drop with Black Locust? I thought that it was highly rot resistant?

    • You can chop and drop, but the drop isn’t going anywhere while you’re alive… Use the locust as fuel or raw material for craftsmen or fenceposts.

  4. Rotational grazing question: Is four paddocks enough for a grazing animal?

    I’m not nit picking, honest question, no matter the scale don’t you have to segment enough to allow preferred species to recover between rotations? I realize that this gets strange on small acreages, but if not, I assumed you’d end up disadvantaging the preferred plants over the others and slowly converting the pasture to less attractive plants.

    The reason I ask is that this thought process lead me to plan for dozens of paddocks to have a net positive system using grazing in a Silvopasture system I was designing. This same reasoning explains the methodology of chicken tractors as they create hundreds of tiny little paddocks that are allowed to completely recover before the chickens return.

  5. Good show Jack. You made a great point that we need to step back and analyze our decisions and the outcomes of previous plans to see where we are. We can then evaluate and move forward from there. As you said, this applies to more then just plant installations.

    I have come to the same conclusions you have about the need for shade first here in the south. After having multiple fruit trees die despite attempts to baby them until establishment (I’m in E TX), I put in multiple mimosa trees this past spring. Several of them grew 3’+ just over the summer and are already providing some shade. I plan on putting in more mimosas and some locusts this year to shade the area and help with the heat and water retention.

  6. Amongst the thousands of free moments you have (sarcasm), would you post a quick sketch of your quail wagon idea?

    Let us help you with tweaks to make easier before you build it.

  7. Jack,
    Really enjoy your shows, always gives me tons to think about.

    Reading of the poem twice recently reminded me of something Alan Watts said about what would you do if money were no object. Wanted to share it with you in case you had never come across it.
    Thanks for all you do.

  8. Hey Jack, you mentioned buying Black Locust trees for $0.80 each, where did you find that amazing price?