Episode-1635- Listener Feedback for 8-31-15 — 33 Comments

  1. For a home tool kit a good multi-bit screw driver is very convenient. The Klein 11 in 1 is my favourite. I’m an electrician by trade and use the 11 in 1 every day, including around the house.

  2. To the guy with the reluctant spouse. I too have a reluctant spouse, dyed in the wool, Baltimore democrat. Some would say, how could you marry her? I didn’t know how bad it was, know your mate. Here is what I said to her when she objected to me carrying to Home Depot, Harris Teeter, the gym, the gas station and almost anywhere I want to go.

    Argument: Why?

    1. Do you believe in smoke detectors, fire extinguishers and doing fire drills?
    Answer: Yes because 5 minutes is a long time to wait when a person you know or love is trapped in a burning building.

    2. Do you believe in Artificial Respiration, CPR, the Heimlich maneuver, first training, etc?
    Answer: Yes, because 5 minutes is a long time to wait when someone you know or love is having a medical emergency.

    End of argument. If she continues to argue with this logic, you need to hold your ground and say that it’s OK for us to disagree, cuz I’m doing this. Then never give her a reason to doubt your judgment. Know your skill level and know the law in your state.

    Next to the guy from Roanoke, VA. Jack nailed it.

    Jim from Northern Virginia
    MSB Member

    • JimM1911A1 –
      If you are interested in connecting, I live in the Commonwealth as well… And I am non-Communist, non-Republican, non-Demorat single female. (We are an extremely rare breed indeed.) would enjoy connecting with you…I.e. Those of like mind, in the NoVa area. When your wife finds her, ahem, uh…. Stones, then she can come “practice” with us one day.

      I am in the MSB… If it is easier for us to connect offline that way, then so much the better.


    • So I’ve adopted the policy of just living the example. Mine (wife) has warmed up to it over the years. It’s no longer a concern for her. But, she did not understand it long ago. Church, work, movie theater…the mall was O.K. Her level of risk tolerance is that I have one. In the back of her mind, it makes her feel safe. (She still hasn’t chosen to carry or get training)

      I know this because there have been times when she has felt uneasy and asked, “Do you have your gun with you?” I just reply, “Always Dear.”

      You can’t change a person…only they can. You can’t change their level of risk tolerance, only they can. Or, a traumatic event….

      I chose to start carrying after my first deployment to Iraq. Came back with a new outlook. Things changed….I just wasn’t as secure (or naive) as I used to be. Traumatic event…

      Jack talks about the more likely disasters that could end up in our lives: power outage for 28 days due to an ice storm, Murrah building bombing, Katrina, losing a job, car totaled, friend being a victim of a violent crime, messy relationship breakup/divorce. (All ones I’ve been through). Each of those have changed me.

      Be you man. If a person isn’t open minded enough to have a constructive debate/conversation about an issue…I’m convinced I’m wasting my breath. I move onto more productive things.

    • On Jack’s recommendations, I started a thread on the forum in the MSB section to gauge the interest in a Northern Virginia meet up.

      Thank you Jack.


    • 15 years ago I worked for a company that went bankrupt leaving me with unreimbursed expenses of $10,000. I was devastated at the financial loss and loss of my job. I was an emotional wreck.

      I went on 2 job interviews and when they asked me to tell them about my previous employer, I would break down in tears. I realized there was no way anybody would hire me in that state of mind, so I took a break and volunteered.

      Jack is right, volunteering is low pressure and gets you out there.

  3. After listening to the segment about independent contractors, it reminded me of an email I received from the CA taxing authority.

    I recently received a business license from the Board of Equalization (BOE) in California to start a small gardening business.

    Then I received an email from BOE a few days ago stating that I had to send them my name & license number verifying that I don’t sell prepaid wireless cards or services because they’re implementing a new surcharge (more taxes).

    Here’s the website where they explain who has to pay the new tax effective January 1, 2016.

    California is going south fast financially. I just read today that CA is rated 44 out of 50 (Illinois has that honor) for fiscal health.

    They’re looking for loose change in everyone’s couches. It’s onerous.

    • Also, if I read the following correctly, looks like any sale or service related to CA has to pay.

      “What rate do I charge my customers for prepaid MTS?

      If you are making sales of prepaid MTS cards/services from your business location, you should generally charge and collect the combined prepaid MTS rate for the city and/or county where your business is located.

      However, even if you do not make the sale at your business location, the sale of prepaid MTS occurs in California and the prepaid MTS surcharge applies when:

      – Your sale includes shipping an item to your customer at a California location, or
      – Your records show that the customer’s address is located in California, or
      – Your customer provides you an address in California during the sales transaction (for example, a billing address), or
      – The mobile telephone number is associated with a location in California.

      For purposes of determining the combined prepaid MTS rate to charge, when you do not sell prepaid MTS to the customer at your business location, but one of the above scenarios applies, you should charge the combined prepaid MTS rate that applies to the above known California location or address of your customer, in the order listed above.

      We will post the combined prepaid MTS rate for each local jurisdiction (city and county) on November 2, 2015.”

  4. While it might be overkill for an apartment dweller, I pretty much don’t drive anywhere without my Craftsman Nextec Right-angle Impact Driver. Sure, a drill CAN do basically everything the driver can do, but the driver can do everything a drill or power screwdriver does, better. I would rate it a luxury for the apartment dweller, useful for the small home owner, and a necessity for the homesteader.

  5. Jack,

    You’ve said something to the effect of “the state enforcement of laws is always at the point of a gun.”
    Well I believe that if we are to resist the degredation of our freedoms we also must show equal resolve “at the point of a gun.” What do you think? You gave the example of New York making it a felony to possess a magazine larger than (I think you said) 10 rounds which is unconstitutional. To which your usual answer is move; to Texas or New Hampshire or wherever. But what happens when you can’t? When is enough enough, and a law abiding citizen is to stand up and say, “I will not conform to your unconstitutional laws force me to at your own peril? “

    • Armed resistance against a State is the LAST option for anyone with a brain. I will leave it at that.

      Specifically a state where is people actually wanted liberty they could have it in ONE ELECTION cycle.

      It is not the duty of a patriot to attempt to liberate a people against their own desire to be enslaved.

  6. First of all I agree that armed force against the state is a LAST resort, but as you’ve said man many times before “the government only exists to grow more government.” And since bigger government only wants to control its people I eventually see armed force being the only option left.

    Secondly, as for the idea that we can fix everything by voting the “right” people into office in one cycle in your own words “BULLSHIT.” All the politicians out there are bought and paid for.

    Lastly I agree with you that it is not the duty of a patriot to attempt to liberate a people against their own desire to be enslaved, but given that enslavement seems inevitable a patriot may begin to question what it is they are fighting for if their fellow mans only desire is the domination of their freedom and will by the powers that be.

    • But why is it bullshit?

      Yes voting the right people into office today is bullshit, it can’t and won’t happen but why?

      Do armed thugs round people up on election day and make them vote for assclown a or b and shoot them if they pull lever c?

      We as a people are fucking idiots that crave the state like an unweaned child craves a tit. There is largely no support for real resistance today and frankly those who are willing to resist are in MANY WAYS WORSE than those in power.

      I have no interest in America as a Christian theocracy.

      • If we leave matters of the state out of the discussion I agree with you. I just don’t know where it leaves me.

        • Well I would love too, but find me 200 people that are truly for an active “revolution” right now and you have two groups in there

          Hard Leftists

          Hard Right Wingers

          You won’t find a ton of Libertarians or Anarchists that is for sure.

          Now of the hard left and right, tell me who is armed?

          The right of course?

          What percentage of those are also hard right religiously?

          Of those how many do you think don’t want to legislate their morality based on faith?

          Seriously answer that for yourself honestly.

          90% of the people who are for “taking the country back” come at this from an evangelical angle and they are more upset about gay marriage and legalized pot then they are about an unjust tax system.

          Tell me I am wrong? I wish I was.

          This is why I am not for revolution but insurrection, individualized insurrection.

          The only thing a successful armed resistance would give us right now is more control and less liberty, we’d just have half the people really happy about it.

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  8. If you live in an apartment, a plunger for the bathroom. You never know when the toilet will back up.

  9. Tool: A strong magnet is the cheapest and handiest stud finder I have. Will find the screws or nails holding the panel to the stud. Use a silver rare earth fridge magnet you probably already have, not the weak black ceramic ones. Most electrical boxes are on studs. Most stud spacing is 16 or 24 OC.

  10. Crime: Our city’s website has an interactive map that shows crime report locations. Each report gives a short description.

  11. I cannot speak to the Ruger Scout rifle but I can speak to the mentioned Mossberg MVP rifle. I was looking for a .308 bolt action and settled on the MVP because it would take both M1A and DPMS magizines. Rifle in hand feels great and action very smooth, until you get it in the field. Once you get a loaded mag in the action was horrible. Never could get 100 yard groups under 1.5″. Had a buddy of mine remount scope and shoot and he had the same results. We changed scope and ring and ended up with the same results. I sold the rifle. Hope this helps if anyone is looking at this rifle and remember this is one man’s experience.

  12. My wife got used to me carrying all the time. She did not like me carrying my weapon at family and church events. I told her that the events may be safe but, what the trip back and forth? I compromised by carrying my J frame instead of my Glock 27.

    If your wife is opposed to you carrying a gun, take her to bad part of town. She will probably ask if you have your gun on you.

    Jack, this episode has been one of your best feedback shows. Keep up the good work.