Episode-1580- Listener Calls and Expert Council Answers 5-22-15 — 41 Comments

  1. Love the new format. The back and forth variety and always getting to hear from the Expert Council members. Rock on!

  2. Jack, just Wanted to say I love the new format of the Friday shows. Also love getting a longer show on Friday as I will listen to it off and on all weekend. Thanks sir.

  3. Mr Steven Harris, do you have anything to add to the LED flashlight debate?

  4. It seems like with the government and corporation working together to create predertimed lives for people at every step of the way, selling an education system that manufactures perfect employees and perfect customers all for the profit with no regard to individual choice, then there might be a need for people to create systems to teach hard skills that one person alone can monetize. Skills you can build a business with and create a life for yourself instead of following the predetermined path the government and corporations give you. Skills that you can still find a job with even without the government corporation stamp of approval and pedigree you obtain by only following their exact system (which we all know doesn’t always quite work out the way they say it will).

    Like, oh, I don’t know, masonry. Which is something I’ve been learning since childhood.

    I just got really excited about life.

  5. Jack, what was the name of that flashlight you mentioned that’s on Amazon for under $50?

  6. Kitchen Renovation- use this as an opportunity to do some DUTCH OVEN cooking. Next to grilling, it’s my favorite. It’s versatile and easy- the original slow cooker. With little preparation you can do anything from a main meal to a dessert. Flip the lid and use it as a grill to do pancakes, eggs and bacon.

  7. @John, Dutch Oven cooking is awesome. I’ve made some incredible meals when camping! I could also do this in my backyard 🙂

  8. I heard the little bit about batteries and Duracell quality mentioned. A few years ago some of the local elementary students did some science research with batteries and flashlights. They used the same flashlights and used all the different brands of batteries available, including Duracell. The children put new batteries in the flashlights and turned them on at the same time and they stayed on until the batteries died. Duracell was the winner! The flashlights with the Duracell batteries stayed on much longer than any other brand. I can’t recall the exact difference in the time for them all, but the Duracell batteries kept the flashlights lit several hours longer than any other battery.

  9. A few thoughts..

    Jack, IMHO, this was one of your best episodes. Bravo.

    Erica Strauss! Awesome! Sort of a ‘worlds collide’ moment for me as her blog is a must-read for us Northwesterners. It was great to hear Paul, too.

    Lake Worth.. maybe the PCBs have something to do with NAS Fort Worth and the Lockheed factory?

    On the education bit, a couple of books that some here might find interesting:

    Shop Class as Soulcraft: An Inquiry into the Value of Work by Matthew Crawford. He has a new book out called The World Beyond Your Head that looks really interesting, too.

    And from Glenn Harlan Reynolds, The Education Apocalypse: How it Happened and How to Survive It.

    • There has been a rumor for a long time that there is a base under that lake and that is the source. LOL

      As for Lockheed that facility is quite a few miles south from the lake.

      • Oooh, the secret underwater base! Training legions of aquamen! And leaching PCBs!

        I thought Lockheed (or some other big military contractor) had a factory right there at NASFW, but you would certainly know better than I..

      • I can only say the way things are now, there is a Lockheed facility but the lake is up on the upper loop 820 and the facility is down by I-30, but 40 years ago, I don’t really know.

        The only thing I know is the state’s stance, “um no one really knows how this happened”. That I just don’t believe.

        Same with Mountain Creek Lake in Grand Prairie.

        • Jack –

          I’m still relatively new to the DFW metroplex, having moved here just over a year ago.

          Where’s the best source to determine water safety & quality of fish? I’m still looking for a regular fishing spot. Certainly don’t want to cook up any PCB-laden fish unknowingly.


    • Agree, great episode. Also, I tried to get Shop Class as Soul Craft into our classroom back when I taught. The author is actually a fellow Virginian—great book.

  10. Hey Jack, loved the episode. Your comments about standardized testing got me looking into whether they are required for the state of Tennessee. We will be homeschooling but was curious anyway because we have a lot of friends in the public school system. Anyway according to the Tennessee Department of Education (who set the graduation requirements per 49-6-6001(a)) the end of course exams are required:

    “Following the implementation of the Tennessee Diploma Project in 2009, high school students must complete 22 credits to graduate. They also will be tested in core subject areas with End of Course exams, part of the Tennessee Comprehensive Assessment Program, or TCAP. Their performance on these exams will factor into their semester grade for the course.”

    Also according to 49-6-6001(b):

    “As a strategy for assessing student readiness to enter and succeed in postsecondary training, every public school student shall take a series of three (3) examinations, one (1) administered at grade eight (8), one (1) administered at grade ten (10), and one (1) at grade eleven (11)….”

    So apparently (as far as I can find) in Tennessee the Standardized tests are required. another reason to homeschool/unschool. Thanks for the great podcast I always enjoy listening.

    • While browsing the Tennessee Code I ran across this tidbit and since I know your stance on the Pledge of Allegiance I decided to share from 49-6-1001:

      (b) In recognition of the civic heritage of the United States of America, all students shall be required to learn the Pledge of Allegiance and to demonstrate such knowledge.

      (c) (1) Each board of education shall require the daily recitation of the Pledge of Allegiance in each classroom in the school system in which a flag is displayed. Each LEA is encouraged to have a flag in each classroom and patriotic, fraternal and other organizations or individuals are encouraged to donate flags to schools to enable them to have the flag of the United States of America present in each classroom. Each board of education shall determine the appropriate time during the school day for the recitation of the Pledge of Allegiance. At the time designated for the recitation of the Pledge of Allegiance, students shall stand and recite the Pledge of Allegiance while facing the flag with their right hands over their hearts or in an appropriate salute if in uniform; provided, however, that no student shall be compelled to recite the Pledge of Allegiance if the student or the student’s parent or legal guardian objects on religious, philosophical or other grounds to the student participating in such exercise. Students who are thus exempt from reciting the pledge of allegiance shall remain quietly standing or sitting at their desks while others recite the Pledge of Allegiance and shall make no display that disrupts or distracts others who are reciting the Pledge of Allegiance. Teachers or other school staff who have religious, philosophical or other grounds for objecting are likewise exempt from leading or participating in the exercise. If a teacher chooses not to lead the Pledge, another suitable person shall be designated either by the teacher or principal to lead the class. Each board of education shall provide appropriate accommodations for students, teachers or other staff who are unable to comply with the procedures described in this subdivision (c)(1) due to disability.

  11. Funny thing.. As you were saying goji berry is not something you sit down with a tub of, and eat.. I was doing just that; sitting with a 2 pound tub of dried goji berries downing them by the hand full… I have been eating them since you turned me onto them and never been bothered by them. I did check the bottom after you cautioned of sprayed products, and darn it, wouldn’t you know, they are from China… Ugg…

    Thanks for the show Jack! Keep it up.

  12. I have to laugh about all the public school garbage. Its taken so seriously. I suppose the mental damage done to students is immeasurable by believing they are a success or failure based on a pretty much meaningless test and 6 week grades. Look, apart from getting a license to work by having a degree there is not a lot of value in school beyond math and reading; really. I have two friends one public schooled one home schooled and never even tried math until 15 years old. Once my home schooled friend decided he liked computers and programming he learned math went on to partner a very profitable spyware company. He can run circles around me and my friend in math and programming; I’m talking cutting edge stuff. My friend who went to public school with me did the colledge-debt-carear thing and 27 years later he still owes money on his education and is pretty good at not being inivative or motivated. He just a good wadge slave, the perfect debt consumer.

    I guess my point is this, if a young person gets a vision and a passion for something they can self learn the skills and do better than any schooling will prepaid you for. Without vision just get in line and follow the rules… School and the 40 hour a week system does help make you productive for something more than taking up space, but mostly it makes you a cow for the care takers to milk and take from. Its so very sad that we don’t just go to amazon and purchase core skills and knowledge for any task we wish to master. A friend for kodack has a masters degree in chemistry and he said he can train any wineo off the street to do his job in under a month. I think most jobs are just like that, even brain surgery and rocket science. With modern tools and knowledge bases there is no excuse for educational venues like collage to even exist. Its about time we as a society stop trying to get an advantage over others by hiding knowledge and licenses. Just look up the definition of license! Since when did the state EVER get the right to say who can have the privileges of different types of work?

  13. Sam in KY. I have no experience with hunting either, but I do have some basic knowledge about general shooting. In addition to Jack’s suggestions, consider:

    1. Continued general firearms education. Beyond the hunters education course, the NRA and NSSF probably offer inexpensive basic classes that are family oriented. The Appleseed Project is an outstanding option to look into. She will probably get her training for free and Dad will get it for very cheap. Both are one-off opportunities.

    2. Look in to local .22lr rifle or pistol competitions. There a wide variety of competitive shooting sports out there, and many should have at least one class that caters to the “run what you brung” shooters. In action pistol competition (USPSA and IDPA), you don’t have to make any long term commitments to shoot a one-off weekend competition. I would assume that a .22 rifle competition would do something similar. Participating in a local match should be pretty inexpensive, too. If nothing else, go observe a match.


  14. Well now that we’re using definitions, maybe we can revisit what “Choke hold” means instead of taking your brother in law’s and NYPD’s definition. Just Sayin’

    Keep up the good work. Love most of your show.

    • When you are bound by a regulation the DEFINITION in the regulation is critical. You and I may not like the results but it doesn’t change the reality.

  15. Our local High School has a new assessment test, I noticed how they implement these sort of things on So & Jr’s so when they become Seniors they just take it, knowing full well if you drop this on Seniors without warning they will revolt…well it turns out this year you can opt out, but next year it will be mandatory to graduate…so what happened?

    of the 340 Juniors only 26 showed up to take the test, a whopping 92.4% opted out… makes me think there is still hope.

  16. That song about everything being bad for you cracked me up. Who is the artist? If you said it, I didn’t catch it.

    Does anyone know?

    Anyway, great show Jack! Keep it up!

  17. Chris from San Jose, Ca.

    I would not recommend eating any of the fish any resvicor in Santa Clara County BESIDES Chesbro Dam. I was on 40 plus search teams for Serria Lamar and the water in many of these reservoirs is just nasty.

    We need to get together some time. I work farmers markets some times. please send me a message in the forum. my user name is “The Morgan Hill Homesteading Project”.

  18. I absolutely loved this episode! It was great hearing Paul Wheaton again—it was Paul who interviewed you and got me onto you in the first place! Now, I listen to you almost every day and Paul only every now and again. Also very excited about Erika from NW Edible—I have so many urban homesteading questions!

    Your comments about education reminded me—you might want to check out the near-future Sci-Fi film Gattaca. It’s absolutely about predetermined ideas for our children’s potential based on tests and such, one man’s fall from grace, and another whose parents refused to accept what the system told them about their son.


  19. I couldn’t agree more with the brainwashing and stress from this ridiculous testing. Both of my children were straight A students. My son is so stressed about taking these national bullshit tests that he can barely sleep. Despite the fact he has straight A’s,he actually has been told that he will not move on to 6th grade if he fails this national standardized test. How can you tell a child that, when he is excelling at the schools grading standard?
    My daughter has frankly given up, and has gone from having all A’s …… to B’s and C’s. She asks “whats the point”. With the system these retards have, its difficult to argue ….
    I only wish I had the ability to home school……

  20. Jack, I’m actually not finding the comfrey oil response in the episode and would like to know it. Thanks!

  21. For cooking during the kitchen remodel, consider the classic Coleman liquid fuel stove:
    This one is dual fuel and can run on Coleman fuel and unleaded gas. I understand that older ones not labeled as duel fuel can also run on unleaded but the generator is likely to clog more quickly.
    Add to this that adapters are available to also run these off of propane tanks and you now have a stove that can run off three readily available fuels…

  22. Thanks for the tip on the Mag-lite. I had thought I already bought enough good-enough flashlight (must have 20 or so by now), and I hadn’t really considered Mag-lite since they so seriously dropped the ball on LED technology and got so far behind. But, I ordered one and… wow! This is by far my brightest. It is 100 yards to my back yard’s tree line, and it lights up the whole yard. (When I do this, half the time I have multiple pairs of deer eyes looking back at me.) And, I like I can get at least 16 hours of run time out of it. I previously bought the Coast HP1 you and Steve Harris recommended, and that’s terrific (and my second brightest now), but just an hour or so of run time.

    So, the Mag-lite is now my go-to flashlight around the house. And, I have one Coast HP1 per car.

    • Now try this.

      Hold it cop style like this,

      Okay get comfortable with that style of grip and think about whacking someone in the head with it, simple over hand smack to the bean.

      Now consider the full weapon, right before the whack, the light hits the eyes, the whack comes about 1/4th of a second later.

      Most people do no know the most effective way to use the maglite as a weapon, that is it right there. Blinded, whack!!!!

      • To be clear you don’t have the light on you turn it on and smack in a single motion. Try it, you will have a new appreciation for that tool.

      • Would that be a forward motion so the lighted end of the flashlight smacks them in the head, with some forward thrust motion as the light is shining on them? Or, more of a swing like a club or baseball bat (so the head hits the side of the flashlight)? This is a good topic… I had never seriously thought about exactly HOW I’d whack someone with a flashlight before.

        • You grasp it up by the collar so you can turn the light on with a finger with out shifting grip, light on, eyes go blind, smack! Over hand or side arm! But like a club not a poke and yea with the handle.

          A real danger you hit the head, you know a guy breaking into your house. If you need to settle someone down the back side of the arm on the bicep/tricep does well, or a good poke in the guts with the end. Do that with a lose arm half power system strike and you will get compliance fast!

          There is likely an entire self defense art one could build around mag lights, not just strikes, but take downs, leverages, etc.

          I saw a version one time that had a built in pepper sprayer! Talk about blinding a perp!

  23. Jack

    I love having the Expert Council questions. Lots of good info.

    I did not hear the answer to the Comfrey Oil/Salve question at 2:17:10. It plays the question and then goes into Paul Wheaton’s update. Did I miss it? I could have dazed out or something. It happens. But I was interested in this response. Thanks.