Episode-1553- Individual TEOTWAWKI and a Life of Freedom — 21 Comments

  1. This show was spot on! Yay Jack! Yay Jill!
    Jill is an example of a Phoenix. Such a positive and inspiring show! Kudos to Jack and Jill! Helping us all up ‘the hill’!!

  2. This was such a lovely interview. It encourages and inspires. here’s to hope and living life!

  3. I heard a lot or words but it didn’t make sense. She seemed to speak in generalities and vagueries…I have not idea what to take away from her story or what she actually did/does. I have no idea what she was trying to say.

    • I think you have cognitive problems then and this is a personal problem.

    • I certainly understand what you mean dan. I think though, from my own personal experiences, that the generalities and vagaries are, in reality, what you SHOULD be using to guide your OWN actions. The desire to look for specifics and concretes, is really a fools game. Often times I find myself listening to call in shows hearing “what if” questions and then thinking “just do it, experience it, and talk about it”.

      I have found myself becoming much much more comfortable with vagueness in life.

    • Totally agree dan . . . but then again, we probably both have cognitive problems.

      @Mike: I get your point but I will say that when I hear anyone admit their mistakes or challenges, it really does help; even if I’m not doing exactly what the other person is doing. The corollaries often carry over from completely different subjects.

    • Dan,
      here are a few of the concrete tips I heard:
      *Get rid of fear and start doing something.
      *One way to eat and have shelter for free is to wwoof
      *Make your home truly mobil by keeping it simple. Tiny houses might be hard to move.
      * Road safety if you have a large vehicle/home.
      * People in rural areas are more open to have one stay on their land and often need help
      *Reach out to strangers. Ask.
      and there were many more concrete tips on living the way she does.

    • Hi Dan and in your comments you are right in that it may have seemed vague but it was just an hour interview and while I am sorry it wasn’t helpful – variety is the spice of life! Jack does a great job bringing all kinds of info to all kinds of people. I am just one:) Have a great day! Jill

  4. I think this might be one of the best TSP episodes I’ve heard. Damn. There’s so much, so so much ass kicking survival mindset get shit done philosophy in varying degrees of subtly here. Love it love it love it.

    Also awesome timing, as I happen to be right now in the process of getting money together to get a little camper and do EXACTLY what she did. Synchronicity anybody?

    I think a key to being able to live like that and be really happy is to be able to be proud of it. Right now I’m living the non-mobile version of it, my sleeping quarters is a little loft above my family’s business’s workshop. Because it’s not my place at all I can’t do a whole lot to make it how I want to and bring anybody over so I’m pretty miserable. But am I sitting around bitching about it? Nooope, I’m enacting a plan to get what I actually want. I thought this low key flexible alternative/outside of the mainstream lifestyle is what I wanted, but it turns out that it’s missing a few key elements ala my values, mostly indepence and freedom. I can’t be happy living around people who try telling me how to live my life (my family) and truly believe they have the authority and right to tell me how to live and get violently pissed when I question that belief of theirs. I also can’t be happy in communal collective shared living arrangements. This past year of my life has been a huge learning journey for me.

    • All I can say is go for it and thank goodness we have the freedom to leave home and go out to find the life that is meant just for us. Good Luck in your journey!


  5. Really enjoyed the show. Could tell Jill has a therapist (social worker) background when she was questioning Jack. Nice to hear their interaction on life views.

  6. I really enjoyed this podcast. It is really nice to hear her speak the way that she does because there are very few women in my life right now who have this level of comfort about themselves and life in general.

  7. This was by far one of the best interviews I have heard on TSP. Certainly one I will use to introduce others to this Pod. She has obviously thought a lot about the process and her survival philosophy. The idea of doing what makes you happy rather than living in fear is a truly powerful one, but is so hard for individuals to conceptualize.

  8. I thought her message was very clear, our country is suffering the effects of the nanny state( no motivation and no ambition) cause there is always a safety net to fall back on. Not only has it made our society lazy, but also less dependent on each other, which is very sad. I work in health care and I see first hand how dependent and the feelings of entitlement patients and families get. They feel no regret in spending $100,000 to a millioin dollars for care that won’t even make then strong enough to live without the assistance of others and in many cases not even well enough to leave the care of hospital or extended care facility.

    Great interview and can’t wait to listen to her podcasts.

  9. I just finished this episode. I found the part advice about doing something even though you don’t feel like it to hit the mark. “I don’t feel like it” is something I personally experience too much. More action! Thank you.

  10. Great show!

    I had been focused on how to live a simple life and it wasn’t happening. And what I hear here is to live a life that is satisfying and purposeful. Like a Duh moment. I know this! Why am I attempting to be something I’m not.

    Great show! thanks

    MSB member