Episode-1544- Listener Calls for 3-27-15 — 8 Comments

  1. Jack I am listening to the episode and I think you may have heard the question about pond stocking wrong. I think the caller said he had an 8 acre foot pond not an 8 acre pond. That being said if this is a half acre pond 16 ft deep is the advice the same?

  2. So Jack, on the subject of pond fish, what are your thoughts on large filter fish [who feed predominantly on phytoplankton and zooplankton like Silver Carp?

  3. Jack

    On your answer about starting a fruit tree you mentioned something that sounded to me like “erapan”. Exactly what were you talking about and where could I get more information?


  4. Regarding the quote Jack was searching for from Machiavelli (TSPWiki 1532)… it was a actually a quote I remembered from a Jewish midrash (parable) that summarized what Machiavelli was saying.

    “Those who will be kind when they should be cruel will one day be cruel when they should be kind.”

    It is from Midrash Kohalet Raba 7 and it was from my memory.

    Here is a translation…

    “Whoever acts with compassion when he should be zealous, will eventually be zealous when he should be compassionate.”

    Alex Shrugged

  5. I am Not sure if smallmouth bass could be too much competition for trout in certain places and I might be concerned about that. I also feel that trout is the best quality eating. I used to catch yellow perch and bass but I think the trout is the best by far and is reflected in what you may see at restaurants or stores

  6. For the caller about planting trees in pots. He could simply use air pruning pots, that will stop the roots circling.

  7. On getting ahead with trees before your design is set:
    Trees aren’t the only thing to be preparing! Think about other resources that may be needed/helpful to achieving your plan. For example, get yourself a big ol’ pile of wood chips and inoculate with fungus. Garden giant (Stropharia rugosoannulata) is an excellent choice as it is edible, will handle competition well and thrives in a temperate climate. Then you will have an epic amount of food (or fodder) producing mulch/mushroom compost to use when planting trees.

    Do it! I frigging dare you.