Episode-152- Dealing With Anti Survivalist Stigma — 11 Comments

  1. Can anyone confirm that this is not downloading properly? I’m only getting a 2k file. I seem to recall this happening once before.


  2. @Gator,

    I can assure you the problem is on your end. The file is on the server and available in its’ entire length both directly and on iTunes.

  3. 21 trillion dollars: if $1 is represented by 1 gallon how big a lake would could you fill? Lake Tahoe holds 39 trillion gallons.

    Former GAO Comptroller General David Walker puts the unfunded liability on social security, medicare, and perscription drugs at $53 trillion.
    CBS 60 Minutes interview with David Walker

  4. Um, Gator, you might consider not listening to the podcast at work. Just sayin’.

  5. 21 trillion bucks, in $100 dollar bills, taped end-to-end, would go around the earth 798 times.
    Oh, and that’s also about $64,000 for each man, woman and child in the USA. Of course, if they keep up the inflationary nonsense, a Chevy will probably cost 21 trillion dollars!
    see: The Weimar Republic
    or, Zimbabwe:
    There are numerous others.

  6. @Mark,

    I never said “get out of your 401k”. I said to get your money out of the stock market.

    In your 401k there is a “cash option” of some sort that your can move your money into or contribute to if you get a company match and still want to contribute with out the risk.

    See this is the problem millions of Americans with 401ks that have no clue how they even work. Tune in to today’s show when I publish it later, I will do a brief piece of advice on 401ks.