Episode-1505- The Bee Whisperer on Building Income with Bees and More — 24 Comments

  1. Back2Back awesome interviews with Geoff and Michael. Thanks for that Jack. Did I hear Michael mention a possible class in Memphis or did I misunderstand?

  2. I would like to make a fix in the pod Cast>

    it is not NJ or Adom

    I AM SORRY. I get a little worked up on bees>

    Andrew Cote
    Founder of Bees with out Boarders
    started beekeeping when he was 10 years old. He now has more than 200 hives.

  3. The show mentioned raising quail, which I’m very interested in, especially selling pickled eggs. But all the research I’ve read so far says the eggs, if your want to continue raising quail other than selling eggs, must be put in an incubator because the females aren’t broody. If that’s true, how do quail survive in the wild?

    • Well see quail are plenty broody but the commercially bred quail are not, much like many commercially bred chickens.

  4. Jack, you did a specific show on bees and to keep the bees as organic as possible we are to plant clover or other flowering plants. I can not find that episode for spicific size of land that I needed to satisfy the hunger the bees have. Per hive how much land space would I need to feed them and how to rotate the patches of land. Thanks.

    • Perhaps I have misunderstood the question, but bees can forage several miles out from the hive. Of course having a good size garden/clover plot/forest on your land would be great, but bees will “cross the road” to get what they need.

      • Nate you are spot on. Bees will travel about 2 miles in a circle from their hive. There is no such thing as a guaranteed organic bee product unless you have an area larger than two miles under your complete and total control, unlikely.

        The best most could do it go to a highly unpopulated area and keep bees in a natural area. Your honey would then be “all natural” but technically not organic. You see if I go into the woods and wild craft mushrooms and berries the US Government says they CAN’T be called organic because I am not managing the land to “organic standards”. How ever if I have 2000 Mexican laborers working like dogs, pump water in the desert of California to grow carrots that are sprayed with many things but all of it is on the organic list, that is okay to call Organic.

        In other words once again the government proves that it always destroys what it controls.

  5. This was such a great episode. Good tidbits of information about small businesses. Michael and Jack’s enthusiasm about running small home based businesses is really encouraging for me personally. At some point I hope to- scratch that- will stop getting into the mobile metal coffin and work for myself.

  6. Wow that was a great show!!
    Michael your business ideas are great as is your story – I have always wanted to give bees a go you have inspired me in that direction!!

    • I’ve got 2 hives lined up and just placed an order for 6lbs of bees! It’s funny how listening to others words of encouragement can kick us into gear sometimes.

  7. Great show and information! As part of the podcast the name of a financial guy was mentioned, but it was difficult to understand the gentleman’s name.
    Can someone please provide his name? Thank You.

  8. Michael, Jack, a great podcast, I listened twice! It inspired me to look at this topic seriously, I’ve contacted a local bee keeping group here in the UK ( and have signed up for a taster weekend in March, so it is possible that i find a mentor and start my first season this year. Thanks for the inspiration and keep up the good work.