Episode-148- TSP Rewind – From Pawn to Personal Sovereignty — 6 Comments

  1. Hey Jack, Brent in PEI. Following along with my buddy in the Austin area. They went to 6F (-15c). I see you are even colder at 4F (16c) We have not even had that yet this year. He is in Williamson County and going through rolling blackouts. He sent me a pic of a snow covered Agave, but I guess they are pretty tough. I was reading about the wind generators freezing, which is odd, since we have them up here with no freezing issues, unless they were a non winter rated type, dunno. Anyway all the best and I imagine the duck ponds are frozen solid

  2. Hey Jack; the BBC are showing temperatures in your area are plunging. In Scotland we are just thawing from a week long freeze.
    What measures did you take to prepare; how has your garden been affected? Are your fish okay?
    An AAR would make a great show topic.

    Hope you are all doing well, have a great day!

  3. Texas Libertarians: “Texas is the only state that could realistically secede from the union because we have our own power grid.”
    A little bit of typical winter weather for most of the country: “Yeah about that power grid…”
    Here’s hoping you all get power back soon!

    • And TX didn’t put in so much wind due to Federal Mandates? The grid is not the problem, the generation is the problem.

      • Point taken but this is a little bit like me saying somebody was shot and killed by a gun and you pointing out it was the actually the bullet. While the details are important in order to remedy the issue in the future the larger point remains that Texas has proven itself to not be as energy self-sufficient as many believe. Looks like they are working on learning how to do rolling blackouts from California but during cold spells instead heatwaves.