Episode-1477- Kenton Zerbin on Permaculture, Crowdfunding and More — 7 Comments

  1. I appreciated the environmental ‘bank account’ concept. Its something I stumbled across while thinking ‘how can I create and store TRUE WEALTH for my children and grandchildren’.. the answer that came to me was ‘clean abundant water, thick rich abundant topsoil, diverse plant and animal species’. Nature itself is the best place to invest.

    Manipulation of the currency, or theft of money, has no effect on your ‘natural bank account’.

    Scarcity, in the modern world, is a creation of man. Ensuring that the survival needs of your community are locally met (within your area of influence), is the best way to ensure that ‘civilization’, with all of its benefits will continue.

    “Lo que separa la civilización de la anarquía son solo siete comidas.” (“Civilization and anarchy are only seven meals apart.”) – Spanish proverb

      • OH I like that but I am not convinced it is 100% true. Do we not at times see population bubbles and crashes even when man doesn’t jack shit up in nature?

        May be that isn’t what you meant though?

        • =)

          You could interpret this a couple of ways..

          ‘market bubble’ = the value of the items in the market become overpriced
          ‘crash’ = prices fall from their overinflated price to below their ‘normal’ price

          And that the market is ‘the natural world’.. the only case for falling value would be a fall in demand (less people). =)

          That seems very unlikely.

          Destruction of value occurs ‘naturally’ in ELEs.. and you could have a localized natural destruction of value (mudslide, fire, etc.). But of course this increases the value of the remaining natural resources, with a market (price) increase.


          I don’t see a temporary population overshoot as a ‘market bubble’ as its more like a single stock being overpriced.. and nature has built in market circuit breakers to take care of it (even if no predator population exists, starvation will correct the problem).

    • Civilization ends when the pampered beneficiaries of the hard work of the now dead have the luxury of ignoring how hard it was — and is — to build shelter from the elements, to erect public buildings from scrub, to grow food and sprout farms from sage.
      Our contemporary criminals are protected from the elemental struggle and so have the indulgence to gnaw away at civilization’s veneer — and we, in our conspiratorial silence about them, likewise forgot that to keep still about the destruction of the work of others is to be complicit in it.
      – Victor Davis Hanson

  2. You’re wrong, Jack! Just kiddin. I don’t know how you do it. Facebook is about as much as I can tolerate.

    Just gonna say that Iceland volcanism is interesting in that it’s one of the only places where land emerges along the like 40-50k miles of mid ocean ridge where sea floor is ultra thin and that stuff can just burp up like nobody’s business.
    The big prehistoric lava fields in Siberia and India were supermassive. Siberia went off for like a million years and thought to perhaps be cause of biggest extinction in geo history. They think those kind of events may be triggered at the antipodes of asteroid collisions though.