Episode-146- More Calls From The Audience 2-23-09 — 6 Comments

  1. on the subject of teaching in Spanish. in south Louisiana some classes are taught in French. the kids get scolded at when they speak English. but the small town, about 5000, vote every year if they want to keep it up. it’s to keep their heritage. plus their kids are bilingual. in my opinion French is needed in our Louisiana heritage. it’s were we came from and it’s still in use today. spanish…..not so much. that in my opinion is illegals not wanting to accept our heritage. Great Show EVERYONE! This is OUR podcast! Thank you Jack.

  2. Hey Jack,

    who sings the song at the beginning of each podcast, and where might I be able to find it?

    I tried searching by title and there seems to be TONS of artists who’ve sung songs with that title.



  3. Hi Jack,
    I just started listening to you in the weeks before last Christmas and I must say I appreciate all you are doing.
    All I really wanted to say was that it was nice to hear mention of little old New Zealand today.