Episode-145- Calls from the Audience 2-20-09 — 19 Comments

  1. k. hutchison as well as gov. perry and also the foregone bush, are all part of the global elite. hutchison wont do a damn thing about the illegals coming across our border, perry with his b.s. down on the border campaign ad was just for tricks, and every damn one of these have broken the logan act while on state of texas official business(scroogle logan act and read up on it). jsut as the ttc is not dead( just buried behind deception) i doubt seriously the neocon legislature here will allow this secession movement to gather steam. look what they did to ron paul during the primarys, just moked him and our movement. news alert too, northcomm to commit troops to seizing gun seller records and then going door-to-door and seizing privately owned guns in iowa-the fight is on boys….. keep your powder dry and yer P@#cker hard, the nwo is here and they wanna play hardball.

  2. Dude… You said to “scroogle” something, which I sort of remembered was an anonymizing front-end to Google. So I hit “” — P0RN SITE! EEK! EEK! Good thing I’m on my own computer and not an employer’s.

    Tried “” instead… Much better.

    Just thought I’d put out the warning in case someone else tried it at work.

  3. Charile, I think I said google it and you heard scroogle sorry about that. That said scroogle is good (the dot org) for those concerned with privacy when searching.

  4. JACK! Today’s show was awesome! I can’t wait until you retire and have more time to work on the show. You’re getting popular. Can’t wait till the Congress is writing bills to ban you. 🙂 Keep up the good work!

  5. I found out that one state tried to ban junk food from food stamp users..Apparently the USDA is for junk food. My problem with it is.. I don’t mind feeding the hungry. I mind paying his medical bills when he gets sick on junk food.
    If you pay your own way I don’t care what you do.

    I’m glad that I have not settled yet on my land in Pecos and Van Horn, Texas..
    things are going to get tough down there.

  6. Regarding medication storage [from a survival pharmacist]: Heat is critical, but moisture is more so. Make sure meds are stored dry. Most people keep them in the medicine cabinet-in the BATHROOM! The worst place you could pick-high heat and moisture. A tackle box works well; plastic, seal pretty well. Expiration dates are the date guaranteed by the manufacturer that the drugs contained in the bottle will have at least 90% of their stated potency. Many people are freaked out by the expiration date…the drugs don’t turn into to something strange; they simply lose their potency.

  7. I wrote the Speaker, the Lt. Governor and my Rep and Senator, requesting that a state sovereignty resolution be filed. The Speaker sent me the email below on Thursday. I said you wanted to know who introduced the resolution.

    BUT, you need to know that the Dems have introduced a resolution in the House and Senate that basically says Texas will accept all stimulus funds from the feds, no questions asked. I wrote everyone I could, including the Chair and Vice-Chair of the Appropriations Committee, yesterday telling them NOT to pass this resolution. It is in the Appropriations Committee right now. And they reajourn on Monday the 23rd. So we need to flood their emails before Monday!
    HCR 29 authored by Pickett | Pitts | Marquez

    SCR 15 authored by Shapleigh

    Dear Mrs. Moore:

    Thank you for contacting me with your concerns regarding Texas Sovereignty. I appreciate having the benefit of your perspective on the issues that affect the citizens of our great state. On February 17, 2009 Representatives Brandon Creighton, Bryan Hughes, and Leo Burman filed HCR 50 that affirms that the State of Texas claims sovereignty under the Tenth Amendment to the Constitution of the United States. As this legislative session progresses, I will keep your thoughts and concerns in mind as I continue to work with my colleagues to protect the interests of all Texas citizens.

    Again, thank you for contacting my office. If I can ever be helpful to you on this or any other issue, please do not hesitate to contact me.


  8. So do we know from joe straus letter which side he is on?
    who is not signing on to this concept.?

  9. The inclusion of the Joe Straus letter was merely to give the information that a state sovereignty resolution was indeed filed in the Texas House and to give the resolution number for reference and the authors of the resolution so that fellow Texans could write to the authors if they so desired. I really don’t care what side Joe Straus is on and I’m not asking anyone to “sign on” to any “concept”, whatever that means.

  10. @Mark,

    Over time yes in a composting environment worms can accelerate the composting time of chicken and other manures. But Chicken manure is still a “hot” manure and it can not be used with out burning plants and roots until first composted no matter how many worms are in your beds.

    About the only common manure I know of that you can use with out any real composting first is rabbit manure. Though it is also good in a compost pile.

  11. For the caller who asked about dialing on the blackberry, all you have to do is spell out the letters on the phone. That is, as you are dialing, literally type the letters and the phone will automatically convert the letters to the correct numbers.

  12. @Geoff,

    That is really cool I have been on a Blackberry for about 3 years and never knew that.

  13. Mark,
    also worms have a tendency to neutralize the PH
    of a soil. that is why the more that you have the better your soil will become. Worms are the best sign of living soil.
    The most important thing to remember is that you must keep on adding organic matter to your soil
    every hear. within a few year.. it will be all gone. You might be able to find a guy on the internet who did garbage bag gardening. He had a mixture of good stuff which he stuffed into
    garbage bags. but he always included earthworms.
    they work 24 seven.