Episode-140- Dealing with Venomous Snakes — 8 Comments

  1. Hey jack,
    will this lesson include a “how-to” on identifying the snakes in our governement as
    well as wall street/banking circles? their venom
    properties as well as the “antidote” for surviving
    a snake bite from these “brood of vipers”
    thanks for the shows, enjoying them and appreciate
    your time in bringing these to us.

  2. Jack,

    Can’t wait to hear today’s show. I was bitten by a rattle snake a few years back. After three days of intense pain…the snake died. 😉 Seriously, this is information that everyone should know, not just those who spend time in the woods. I was bitten in my front yard inside the city limits of a town with a population of over a million, so people shouldn’t think it can’t happen to them.

  3. I would encourage everyone to carry a 4″ ACE bandage as part of their snake bite first aid kit and to use it at once after a bite — and not take it off until you are in an Emergency Department that has antivenin on hand. I have seen a number of examples of how critical it is to slow venom absorption with the neurotoxic snakes.
    –ER Doc

  4. Just listened. Good show.

    I’m not sure how solar panels on our roofs would reduce our dependence on foreign oil by that much. My understanding is that we use most oil for gasoline and diesel. How much oil is used for electricity and heating?

    I have a feeling that most Americans including our leaders don’t understand that we have a “liquid fuel” crises brewing. You can’t just stick a windmill or solar panel on a car, jet, boat or train.

    I do agree that the money would be better spent as you suggested though.

    I know you’ve mentioned this before, but maybe do a show on what to do before/during gasoline shortage/rationing.

  5. @Mike

    What you are missing is three fold.

    1. Oil is used for electricity, no where near as much as coal and gas or nuclear but it is used.

    2. The cheaper electricity gets the more electric/hybrid/combo-electric vehicles you will see on the road.

    3. Natural Gas is our primary producer of electricity. If we used a lot less then we could start building cars to run on it. We have enough gas in the US to last us 100 years or more just with known confirmed reserves. Check out the Pickens Plan for more,

  6. Around here killing a snake is seen as inviting a curse upon your house. I think this is because they kill so much vermin that having them around is really useful in keeping the pest population down.