Episode-240- Audience Questions for 7-20-09 — 12 Comments

  1. you put it up as 140 instead of 240
    not a big deal ill just rename the file on my pc

  2. Jack,

    You should check out where show is getting downloaded. People in CA are are waking up that you can not support a large welfare system such as the illegal aliens, child welfare Title IV-d, and VAWA Violence Against Women Act that spends billions to destroy families and increases violence against women with boys growing up in single parent homes.

    I believe you will be come as popular as Alex Jones. Kristy at Truthbrigade is good to. She had to leave San Diego because of police harrassment.

  3. Good show – one additional benefit about community college for the first year or two if you plan on going into a technical/engineering track is that you’ll likely have (1) a much smaller number of students per class so you’ll actually get to talk to the professor and (2) there’s a much higher chance that your professor’s first language will in fact be English. Most engineering programs at large, land-grant, state universities either (1)employ armies of mostly foreign graduate students to teach intro calculus, chemistry, physics, differential equations, etc. or (2) have extremely large class sizes – 150 kids per class not uncommon. You much less likely to encounter these situations at a good technical community college. I have two sons and will encourage them to take exactly this route.


    1) Whether you are facing the sun or not with a major CME is not important. It is the your lattitude. the higher your lattitude the worse it will be. Canada SOL. where you see northern lights most often is where it would be worse.

    2)If memory serves me right, 3-5 days on limited food and water, people will steal, after 2 weeks they will kill. That’s not me, that’s the Army War College.

  5. Great show! You’re right on Jack.

    I teach economics. An interesting thought regarding whether complete independence is desirable:

    No. The division of labor is what allows for people to live above subsistence level. The higher the division of labor, the higher the standard of living. The division of labor is what “civilization” IS. This division of labor implies that we “depend” on each other.

    Part of what we are prepping for is a breakdown (or partial breakdown) in the division of labor, which would require to be able to create those necessities that others currently specialize in. We should greatly desire that the division of labor continue not only to function, but to increase around the world.

    The only real impediments to the division of labor are natural disasters and governments. Most of our survival scenarios fall into either the natural disaster or government category.

    The more people you divide labor among, the better and easier. Even the division of labor among a family of 5 would be far better than having to do everything yourself, at least in terms of standard of living.

    Jack, you made a great point when you said that we wouldn’t only see the bad side of humanity in a SHTF. The reason that people exchange in the first place is that they desire what they are getting more than they desire what they give up.
    Both sides win. The division of labor means that trade continues and trade promotes peace.

  6. Also, I teach at a government high school and I think that even a high school \"education\" is pointless for many jobs. Companies could provide better and more specific training for a fraction of the presently exorbitant cost of government indoctrination, err, education. College is simply unnecessary for most jobs.

  7. Thanks for the info on compost materials. I had been searching the web over the weekend for the do’s and dont’s in a compost heap.

  8. Sorry another point on plastic cards,

    Dr. William Andrus Alcott, in “The Young Man’s Guide” (1836), talks about the dangers of credit. In his example he is referring to store credit/paying on account and the fact that if you pay at the end of the month instead of when you purchase the item you wil spend more than you need to because the transaction/your spending seems less immediate and less real.

    If this problem is overcome by using cash, where does this leave debit cards?

    If anyone is interested, I found the original text hear:

  9. Made my first Tea Party Silver purchase today. First of many as they are really nice and the purchase is easy. Thanks for accepting them as a sponsor.

  10. Jack seriously, you make many comments about the quality of your sound ….today’s was because of the rain….do you get that many complaints. I don’t concentrate on the sound quality, I listen to what you have to say. I am sorry if people complain about something like that when what you are teaching is so important.

  11. Hello Jack, your pod casts are great. The college loan cast was great. I understand if you are young and going to school. Kids are spoiled, they do use the money to live. Over the last few years, more adults are going back to school. I am one, I am attending the schuylkill satellite campus and supporting three kids. Any debt advice?

    ALso, you hit it right on the head, it does not matter where you go, its your experience, ability, and how well you present yourself. I see all these kids transferring to PSU main for almost double the cost. The funny thing is, the degree from the small campus compared to the Main Campus looks the same