Episode-1369- Fishing from Boats and Hiring Guides — 29 Comments

  1. I haven’t listened to the show yet,but that Bill Dance bloopers are priceless I was laughing so hard, I was crying ..I love the permaculture shows but man I’m loving this fishing series… Can’t wait for my offshore trip

  2. I remember reading that the turning point in the Revolutionary was wasn’t won by any Generals it was the “over the mountain men” (AKA Hillbillies)who got pissed when the red coats sent word to them in modern day Tennessee to come down from the mountains and surrender or they would kill every man woman and child, 900 Scotch Irish came down from the hills with hunting rifles stormed King’s mountain and laid waste to the red coats there, being experienced in mountain fighting (they had learned to fight that way from fighting Indians for 20 years) they lost very few men and took the Britts with ease and pretty much taught the US forces an new way to fight and it was the beginning of the end of the war…I might be wrong

  3. Fun show, though in my neck of the woods I fish for trout from a canoe most of the time. Excellent advice on hiring a guide.

  4. Good stuff! I sure miss my boat… and Toledo Bend. Put me down for the bonus episode. BTW, my favorite Bill Dance blooper is when he is maneuvering with the troll motor and it jumps off its mount. I think it was ONE of the times he fell into the lake. lol.

  5. B.O.A.T. bust out another thousand LOL, that said I love boats but be prepared

  6. Dang! If u grew up with a mother like that socialist-path, you’d probably put the pillow over your own face… Glad you followed that with a nice fishing episode.

  7. What are your thoughts on smaller fishing boats like the Pelican Bass Raider? I am mulling buying one for fishing smaller bodies of water.

  8. Jack, I agree that the fish cooking show would be awesome. If you want to take it to another level, here’s an idea. As many fish have a season, why not team up with Chef Keith? You put out your favorite ways to cook each fish and then Chef Keith could chime in with how to kick it up a notch, possibly with seasonal food that would be available during the same season as the fish. Make sure it comes out after lunch, though. You know how Chef Keith can be…

  9. Hey Jack,

    “Big nasty pointed teeth!” lol good stuff man, lots of good memories. Holy Hand grenade!

  10. Jack,
    I grew-up on Smith Lake in Alabama. 500 miles of shoreline and some great fishing. We would fish on a pontoon boat trawling the shores. Caught a lot of bass. We would also sink Christmas trees by our dock to make crappie beds. I miss living on the lake.
    Looking forward to more fishing shows.
    Keep up the good work!

  11. Yeah about the anchor….. From the time I was 12 until 19 my dad had a pontoon boat and I never once forgot to pull up the anchor. That being said……..This past year two buddies and myself went on a fishing trip for a guys weekend leaving the wives and kids at home. We rented a pontoon boat for the day and we had to return the boat by 8:00pm. Well we waited until the last minute to drive the boat back to the dock. On the way back the boat was running like crap and we could not figure out what was wrong with it and we ended up being 30 mins late returning the boat. The woman that we rented from was upset that we were late and then we heard her yell, “Are you freaking kidding me!” “You guys had the anchor down the whole time!” At least we did not damage the boat and we did not lose the anchor. I’m hard pressed to think of a time that I felt so dumb. lol

    • Well that was not my intention. Abortion I see as a political third rail that could and should be solved that likely never will be. It is so divisive both sides want it to stay that way forever.

      I have seen this issue used in elections for things like “county comptroller” as though it even matters for that job. It sickens me.

      What I would do wouldn’t make either side happy but it would end it. I would commission a group of medical experts with no religious baggage to biologically study fetus development. I would ask them to determine the age at which we can clearly say that this being is truly developed enough to call it a human life. Meaning it is in anyway conscious and self aware.

      I’d then enact a law that at that point that the fetus is now a “person” and protected as such. I would acknowledge that the line may not be perfect but it is the line. Just as a 75 IQ may not be the perfect line of protection for developmentally challenged in court or .08 may not be the perfect line of intoxication in a DUI case but the line is now the line.

      There would need not be a single abortion law changed or passed if this was done, you abort a human you commit murder, done. Also if a criminal harmed a pregnant woman, he’d have two charges against him, etc.

      Everyone would bitch and whine but in time it would end most of the debate because it makes sense and is fitting with our legal system in this nation.

      Firmly no one really believes a baby isn’t a baby a week before it comes to term. We all know that is bullshit. And frankly whether the religious right likes it or not, most people do not believe that a 6 celled egg on its way to be attached to a fallopian tube is a human either. Citing a proverb won’t change this and it doesn’t stand up in a court of law.

      So this is where you turn to true medical specialists that use biology to make a line in the sand that shall not be crossed. You then hold that line. This is a moral law apart from religious beliefs, we call that separation between church and state by the way! Frankly you don’t get to use your bible to make laws that effect my life, any more than I should get to use my spiritual belief in mediation to require you to use it.

      This is actually the only solution to this issue that is consistent with the constitution of the United States of America.

      And you know what even though that line is likely to be right about 7-8 weeks and this would end all late and mid term abortions, 90% of the religious right would scream and yell and cry MURDER and oppose it.

      At the same time shrieking feminist cries of our next possible president “no more coat hangers” would ring out as though two months isn’t enough time to know that you are pregnant and decide what to do about it. And that is why the only LEGAL way to end this problem won’t happen, the two sides are perfectly divided and lives are ruined and children are murdered in the name of “what is right” on both sides.

      This is all so whoever is running for anything from Mayor to Dog Catcher and bash the other party over an issue that they will NEVER have any influence over. And the people stay divided and get to reap what they have sown, the loss of liberty in a false dichotomy.

      The writers of the Simpsons did a great job showing this! “Miniature American Flags for Others”. Sigh!

    • The Libertarian within me says let folks make their own choices. Just because abortion is wrong in my religion does not mean it has to be law. If you made it law based on Christian principles then you are forcing your religion on others via the law and that is not right. If I think about this issue with regards to Permaculture philosophy and work with nature rather than against it, the abortion process should not be considered. (This is not perfect either) Nature has a way of taking care of bad pregnancies, that’s call miscarriages. Let nature take its course and at the end if a child is born then great! For the mother that does not want the child there is adoption and that has its own issues. Adoption has become big business and it’s very expensive for people to adopt. A lot of the costs are not needed and if common sense was used in the adoption process then more kids would have parents and a permanent home. Anyways there is no way both sides could ever be happy.

      • See I actually disagree with that. There is a point where a child not born is still a child even with NO religion at all involved. I think anyone with an IQ over 15 would say a baby a day from birth is a person. I also think most people don’t think a fertilized egg is a person though. That is why I say this is a question for medical professionals.

        • I respect that and I agree with what you’re saying. My wife could not carry due to medical reasons so her sister carried our kids for us. We only had one shot at it because it was so dang expensive. So we had three fertilized eggs and the doctor implanted all three and the cool thing was we got to see every single stage of development. We ended up with two healthy boys that are now 5 years old. When only two of the three embryos took we were not devastated because that was not a child, there was no heart beat yet. So yeah maybe it should be up to science but I can tell you the moment I saw two little heart beats on the monitor they were babies in my heart.

    • I agree Jack, for the most part.

      It also sickens me when politicians use the issue simply to get elected no mater what office they seek.

      I would be perfectly fine with your technique in defining where human life begins. I would however request that included in this panel of scientists there be geneticists who are leaders in the field of epigenetics.

      Here’s why.

      Through the science of epigenetics scientists have discovered that genes make choices based on the inputs they receive. Every part of a human being from toenails to the rhythm of your heart is decided not just in the genetic code but also by an array of switches turning certain instructions or genes on or off.

      That 6 cell egg that you refer to is making decisions at lighting pace based on inputs it receives from the nutrition it receives to the history of it’s family tree. It takes cues from the current health of it’s parents, to the outside stimuli that comes from chemicals in the mothers sustenance.

      This whole orchestra starts at conception and does not end until you breathe your last breath.

      I think it would be very difficult to separate this self awareness, from that which is contained within our brains.

      I mean scientifically speaking how do you put one sort of intelligence higher in value than another? If you did ask that question you would have to admit that without your epigenome you would not have a brain anyway.

      Now that I have made a case for self awareness or conscientiousness in a one day old fertilized egg. I must make a case that it is an individual human life. After all you could argue that there are genes in sperm or an egg that include epigenetics and billions of those die everyday through natural processes.

      While that is true, the egg is 100% the genetics of the woman it came from and the sperm is 100% of the genetics of the man it came from. So the death of these things are merely the death of a part of an individual human life and not the whole individual human life.

      On the other hand as soon as the two blend, you have a new sequence of DNA that includes genes and epigenetics. If you abort that fertilized egg you have ended an individual human life. That is science and it is undeniable. DNA is the evidence that proves that abortion ends the life of an individual human.

      So I have given scientific proof that a fertilized egg is and individual human life, and I have presented a case that suggests that life has the ability to make conscience decisions that supports my assertion that qualifies as self awareness or conscientiousness, and I never once quoted the bible or mentioned God.

      So please stop assuming that we Christian base our entire philosophy on strictly the bible regardless of what science has discovered. Have I not proved in past posts that I have vetted out my beliefs through much research and not just the Bible?

      Jack I think you have a wonderfully tuned gut morality. You have the ability to make good moral decisions on the fly and from the gut. We Christians would say that your spirit is in tune with the Holy Spirit.

      You don’t have to be told that smothering a child with a pillow no mater how “handicapped” they might be is wrong. Everything in your being cries out against that and rightly so. I hope you continue to trust your gut.

      Here is a video of the story of an abortion survivor, this woman is the most courageous person I have ever seen and the video is life changing. All I would ask is that you watch it and listen to your gut.

      • How do I scientifically put one intelligence higher than another? Think about that question and it answers itself.

        Do you put the intelligence of a human above that of a chicken?

        Like I said I would base it on brain consciousness. Why?

        1. Religion has no place in law.

        2. It is medically how we legally define life right now. When the brain is off life is gone, so to me before the brain starts there is no life.

        Again, I don’t think you would get a perfect line but you would get a line, and one 90% of the non fringe would at least accept even if not fully agree on. I realize there are purists on both sides, I have ZERO interest in trying to please either side.

        • I asked the question based on science and you answered it based on morality.

          Of course I place the intelligence of a chicken below the intelligence of a human. But I do that based on my morality. There is no way to do that based on science.

          Let me ask you a moral question. They say a pig has the same level of intelligence as a 3 year old human. Do you value the life of a 3 year old human over the life of a pig?

          As for law, yes keep religion out, but you cannot remove morality. Otherwise killing a 3 year old would be no different than killing a pig.

          This is an issue that deserves a perfect line. I gave you a perfect line based on provable science, not religion.

        • I respect you BUT if you think there is no way to scientifically place the intelligence of a chicken above that of a human, well, I won’t waste another second on this discussion.

        • Well, science can tell you that the human brain is larger than a chickens, it can tell you that a human brain has more capacity.

          Science can even determine that there is a larger amount of intelligence in humans than there are in chickens, but it cannot place one more valuable than another.

          For that you have to make a moral decision, and that is why you cannot separate morality from law.

        • @barngeek you said, “Science can even determine that there is a larger amount of intelligence in humans than there are in chickens, but it cannot place one more valuable than another.”

          While I do think it is a moral thing to not take human life that has nothing to do with the debate, the human life must exist for it to be a human, it must have some level of awareness or consciousness.

          As far as valuing human life over that of other species, do not most species do so?

          Does not a Guerrilla that will kill a monkey and eat it not turn around and kill another Guerrilla?

          Much as humans do lions only kill other lions when in conflict over control.

          You can go through hundreds of species and find generally a species in balance, even one that kills daily doesn’t kill its’ own kind, is that morality too?

          Your contention is basically bull pucky to me, not science that since an egg now fertilized is influenced in development that it is a human. I can show you the same response in a blade of grass or a leaf developing on a tree. All “life” has intrinsic intelligence.

          When you take away religion, you are left with a clear picture of what make a life a human life, it is some level of consciousness.

          Here is the thing, I think it is better that no one terminate a pregnancy unless the life of the mother is actually at stake. It happens but is it rare! That is why the “no more coat hangers” morons changed it to “health” in the late term legislation. So that if a woman is “stressed” a doc can say her “health is at risk”.

          Again I think you should understand likely the chosen line in my solution would not be where I would put it. True medical scientists would likely put it a bit further away then I would want to see it, my best guess is 8-10 weeks. From my research I would say 6 is about the point of development where we truly are biological being, but I am not a medical scientist, and frankly I am influenced by religion so I should NOT be part of the decision.

          You may not know this but deists are well, generally opposed to abortion, just not via legislation in most regards.

          My solution is designed to be consistent with current law. The current solution is NOT consistent with current law, as children are aborted at a stage when anyone with a brain would say that is now a person.

          I oppose early abortion more for what I know it does long term to the emotional and psychological state of the woman that chooses it. I do not personally believe that consciousness exists before the development of the brain so it is not killing a human at that point. It still emotionally harms deeply the woman long term. I have talked to enough people to know this.

        • @Modern Survival You said:

          “While I do think it is a moral thing to not take human life that has nothing to do with the debate, the human life must exist for it to be a human, it must have some level of awareness or consciousness. ”

          Whether it is morally right according to natural law has everything to do with the debate, because that is what our constitution is based on.

          John Locke had some things to say about Self awareness.

          “According to Locke, personal identity (the self) “depends on consciousness, not on substance” nor on the soul. We are the same person to the extent that we are conscious of our past and future thoughts and actions in the same way as we are conscious of our present thoughts and actions.”

          It turns out that scientists have accepted this definition of self awareness and used it to conduct tests on Animals to see if they could be self aware by Locke’s definition.

          Low and behold they found several animals that are self aware.

          Should these animals have equal protection under the law the same as humans?

          If they did this mirror test on animals to see if they were self aware I wondered if they did the test on humans.

          Well sure enough they did.

          Turns out scientifically speaking humans are not self aware until on average the ripe old age of 18 months.

          Can you set your morality aside and draw the line at 18 months?

          I sure can’t.

          You see Jack the Morallity of the issue is central to the debate. You cannot force science to place a moral value on life intelligent or not. Therefore you cannot base your “line” on a scientific test and expect that line to be in a place you are morally comfortable with.

        • You frankly are beating a dead horse here and it IS due to your religion. As I already said this is why I would commission pure scientific analysis as to when what we consider human consciousness in our EXISTING law to begin and protect life from that point forward. Self aware how? Jeeze, believe what you wish as I said, religion has no place here. A fetus not far along has a brain, a heart and can choose to suck its thumb, I call that self aware, self aware that you know hey this is mine, I can put it in my mouth, etc.

          But go ahead and keep pushing for “life begins at conception” which is what you are doing, and we can continue to have this issue raised when we vote for a fing DOG CATCHER for another hundred years. And the religious right gets to be JUST AS GUILTY for the millions of children that could be protected and won’t be by holding their breath, ignoring constitutional law, common sense and simple science. As typical for those on the right nothing is good enough.

          Stop everything after 8-10 weeks and you know what that could have been done a LONG TIME AGO with no “supreme court case” to worry about turning it over if those on the right, went for that and stopped injecting their bible and a few proverbs into this debate. I guess though it is better to be right and have 2nd trimester abortions happening left and right?

  12. Keep the fishing shows coming! I was just at Sanibel Island, Florida and kept thinking how great the fishing shows were.

  13. Just got around to listening to this one. I’ll definitely vote for the 7th episode in the fishing series. Thanks!

  14. I’d love a show on cooking fish! There’s so many topics you could cover: cooking at home, on a camp stove, over a fire, raw (and which fish can be eaten raw) how to tell the fish has cooked long enough without a thermometer… I’d specifically love some advice on how to cook trout while camping and make them less fishy. When I was a kid, my dad just used a little lemon juice and salt and I couldn’t eat it! Haven’t tried again as an adult.
    Also, I loved listening to this episode even though I’ll probably never buy a boat because it was an exercise in critical thinking and an analysis of how to go about making any decision, not just buying a boat.
    Thank you Jack!