Episode-1356- Scott Jackson from the N.H. Outdoor Learning Center — 10 Comments

  1. Great Show Jack!
    I have been watching this new show called Kodiak and it’s about master bear guides on Kodiak island and they constantly stress how quiet a 1500 pound bear is and how once they know your after them they will turn around and stalk you and if your not very experienced you’ll end up bear food!
    These guys don’t sit in a stand and hunt they stalk the bear and big black tail deer, I think last nights show was the 3rd or 4th in the series but so far it’s been pretty good.

  2. Awesome interview!!!! I have taken three classes with Scott to date and am going fishing in lake Winnipesaukee, NH this Saturday for my forth class. NHOLC has the best instructors available- They are truly the best of the best in their respective their skill sets and yet, most approachable.

    • The Cold Water Fishing Class was AWESOME!!! This was my first time really fishing and catching anything for the table – a 21” Salmon! Now, I am “hooked” and can’t wait to get back on the water!
      In addition to being an amazing experience, a guided trip on beautiful Lake Winnipesaukee, I learned a ton. The guides are very helpful and easy to talk to, even for a fishing newbie like me. It is amazing how much they know. What impressed me is that the guides encourage their customers to take plentiful notes and learn as much as they can about bait and lure selection, prime fishing spots as well as the use of equipment.
      The classes get a lot of repeat business and it was great to see familiar faces from previous classes. In the fishing class, everyone else were already very skilled in fishing lakes and there to learn advanced knowledge on a guided trip. Yet, I felt totally comfortable. Everyone was very helpful in sharing skills and encouraging a new fisherman.
      I made a number of friends when taking NHOLC classes and they are great people to know. We sometimes meet up to use what we learned in class and share knowledge. I even met two fellow TSP listeners in the class. If you are looking to find like-minded people and build a group or a community, these classes are a great place to look.

  3. Jack you mentioned that we haven’t had American blood spilled on American land except a few times.

    Maybe I misremember but the Japanese bombed Pearl Harbor and invaded North America.

    That is right. There is film footage of a ground war on United States soil in WWII. The Japanese attempted to invade Alaska. What helped save us was the Japanese underestimated the freeze and had their supply lines cut off by ice.

    My former unit the 1-17th In fought the Japanese off of the Aleution Islands.

    I never knew about it till I was stationed in Alaska and then while home on leave happened to catch some history channel stuff showing actual footage.

    Incidentally, the French I do believe are one of the worlds largest weapons manufacturers. Maybe the French aren’t leading the fight from the front loud and clear but look where they deal weapons and notice what happens in those places following their purchasing their weapons. That is countries not part of Europe.

    I am not excusing what any country does, just saying that France is far, far from an innocent country they make themselves out to be. They have not one moral leg to stand upon when they shout their moral condemnations. Vietnam, that was their mess. Lebanon their mess. They along with GB caused a LOT of what is playing out in the middle east today. They purposefully, and our country went along with it, sliced up their former colonies to insure internal unrest, so that they could exploit their resources and assert control remotely.

    • No that was NOTHING akin to real war on our soil like those in Europe endured. It isn’t even worth a real response if you are holding it up as something akin to living in France, Germany, Poland, etc, during WWII. Drop some bombs on ONE DAY run away and never return.

  4. Are there any books documenting the Europe experience in rebuilding post WWII? I know they used the captured German POWs to help rebuild parts of Europe. I saw an article in an old newspaper during the 1940s we found when we were cleaning out my Grandmother’s house after she passed away. The article mentioned the use of POWs to rebuild.