Episode-132- The 800 Billion Dollar Economic Stimulus Only Stimulates Big Government — 17 Comments

  1. hi jack, i listened to lights out. When will we get more? Also where can i download the book? I have found loads of reviews, but no text? Br steve

  2. Dan, check your email! Unbelievable, no one is going to believe I didn’t rig it for you. Dan Tanner is the first of two winners today.

  3. gary null of has been talking about the same thing regarding our economy.
    worth listening to.
    Jack your doing a great job and service to America.

  4. Just finished listening and, as always, enjoyed the podcast.

    Not to be picky, but wanted to make one correction regarding the SBA vs. energy efficient Federal Fleet vehicles. I probably could have been a little more clear with the “number of page” requirements for each in my post. What I meant by my statement was that 26 pages of the 600+ page H.R. 1 were devoted to administration requirements of the SBA stimulus. In contrast, the energy efficient Federal Fleet vehicle stimulus was given just a single page outlining its details in the text of H.R. 1. Sorry for any confusion!

    By the way, my offer still stands, a million bucks and I will gladly pick up all of the coal I can capture and put it into buckets for the next year! 😉

  5. Great show, Jack. This made me angrier than I’ve been in a long time. Not sure this boat can be turned any longer.

  6. Great show, reminded me of this,, Obama Gives Keynes His First Real-World Test, which is akin to me saying I’m going out to my driveway to give the internal combustion engine its first real-world test.

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  8. I missed the podcast on Friday because my computer keeps “crashing”. It will suddenly just “shut off” and I have a hard time getting it to start up again. I never know when it will happen, but just to be on the safe side, I am going to buy another one in a couple weeks. (I sure missed the podcast! I think I’m addicted :^O)

  9. Good show and commentary. Didn’t agree with all of the perspectives but the having the ability to speak your mind made this Country great.

    BTW, the centralize repository for climatic data is ‘supposedly’ for efficiency wherein companies involved in renewable energies can gleen data without having to reinvent the wheel. One can only hope that the intention mets the practice.


  10. sad to say our Gov is behind going to nation after nation & corrupting them & setting them up the same way this one is; our Gov folks in case you were unaware of this: changes laws, deletes laws, amends laws & back dates laws claiming they went into effect several years ago; this is done at Fed & St level; saw at St level; perhaps you need to go back & delete some old laws taking care of course not to implicate the Govenor; told of FBI agents getting the origianal archives of the internet; when replaced will be backdated; then we have judges who actually call to find out how to “rule” in each instance; & somewhere along the line this was said to be fine by the people; because they are “elected” they have the right to do whatever they want; what a travesty of ??????? everything that is good; so we have shifting sands of laws; myself I like the 2 second law; y’know the one where now Treasurer Tim Greiener audited for taxes; paid 2 years; the PRIOR 2 years statue of limitations had run out; !!!!!!!!! Yep; 2 second law; 2 seconds to write it out for him; & 2 seconds after he gave this excuse it was no longer a law cuz I have SURELY never heard of anyone getting away with statue of limitations on failure to pay taxes!