Episode-131- Making Beer and Mead at Home — 7 Comments

  1. Just downloaded the show to listen to on the airplane. I am an avid homebrewer since 1995 and can’t wait to hear it.

  2. Hey Jack, great show once again! Ya made me smile there at the beginning 🙂

    I can’t wait to listen to the rest of your podcasts, I’m slowing getting there! As for the family/parents podcast, can’t wait for it! It will be a great help!

  3. Loved the show on homebrewing… am a brewer, winemaker and beekeeper:my wife loves the blueberry wine (we live on 4.5 acres mostly wild blueberry field) Another book I can strongly recommend (gets into improvised equipment) is “Brew Ware” by Karl F Lutzen & Mark Stevens. Happy brewing from Maine.

  4. Jack, Lots of great ideals. My husband makes beer & I make the wines; we make 12 gallons @ a time for the winter months. Boy, it’s all gone by Jan. 🙁 Sanitize everything & all comes out tasting just right. Save some for when the s**T hits the fan, we need “comfort” foods. (another great topic.)
    Enjoy, thanks, Syl

  5. Hey if anyone is a homebrewer in the DFW area i would love to come and see your set up and learn from your experience. I am looking into getting started but would like to see from someone who is activly brewing locally. Please email me