Episode-1275- John Bush of SovereignLiving.TV — 29 Comments

  1. Have you considered getting on as guests Karen Hood and Dave Canterbury? You know who they are. They would be good guests and a valuable contribution to your program.

    • Go to the area at the top of the page were it says search type in those names and every episode will come there is several.

  2. Such a great show Jack. I wish we had more shows like Sovereign Living on TV instead of that crap Doomsday Preppers. Look forward to more episodes.

  3. Suggestion:
    I recommend your program to many people, but they’re newbies and didn’t hear your early shows. I suggest some “back to basics” programs for the grasshoppers who want to become ants. But this time, not from the car yelling at the assclowns 😉

  4. I like there little farm.
    If they would put bees on the farm they would increase food production by 30% threw mass pollination, have honey, wax, and other products to sale.

  5. This was just a great episode. Actually sent it to my parents. Who knows maybe they’ll listen to it. They’ve decided to get all “political” lately, and failing to realize where its going to lead you (nowhere positive).

  6. Great interview, I really like John’s perspective.

    John: you still living around Austin?

  7. There are some sligggght inaccuracies I’m hearing regarding bitcoin. Regarding the election thing, John stated it would be anonymous. In general calling anything in bitcoin anonymous is a tad topsy turvey. It can’t be both completely auditable, traceable, and be anonymous at the same time. The problem with taking any income publicly via bitcoin is precisely because its NOT anonymous. In order to receive bitcoin as a form of payment (say the blog posts) you would have to post the public address for the bitcoin. Ok all is well there, however, its now been established that you have ownership and possession of that address. (It’s one thing if you post it “anonomously” on a forum like reddit, its another when its a blog with your name on it, which you’re likely paying for). The moment those bitcoin leave your hands the trail of where they go, is locked into the network.

    You say it often jack about just doing things and not necessarily being concerned so much with the “what if” (therefore paralyzing you), of which I can appreciate. (What if people find out I’m storing food, etc, etc). But publicly posting the contents of your wallet online, and then allowing people to view where that money goes, in my opinion is begging for trouble.

    Totally different story though if you’re doing a non-profit or something similar like a cause, where you’re wanting that PUBLIC accountability of where the money goes. “Hey I said I would use this money to purchase X,Y, and Z so here is the receipt for that”.

    • Forgot to post this.
      There are some technical inaccuracies particularly on the vulnerability of the network (I don’t think its as vulnerable as he claims) however there are some other more important points in it, particularly at the end regarding building local sustainable communities and solving these over globalism problems with localism. Not, an internet driven global open currency.

    • You should check out other crypto coins that are piggybacking the blockchain of Bitcoin and coming up with new features every day.

      Zerocoin is just one example of how anonymity can be added to transactions.

      I wouldn’t underestimate the long tail of features & industry that will come out of the Bitcoin Network paradigm.

      • Let me add there are also payment gateways for bitcoin. Sure if I say, send bitcoins to _________ someone could go look up what went there and extract that it must have gone to me. No doubt.

        But if I use a secure gateway just like you do for a Credit Card, no one can see jack. I mean they can go into the net and see a sender and a receiver and about a billion others of the same. It is like getting a list of license plates with out the state info, the vehicle they are attached to or having access to the DMV data.

        You are talking about a tech in its infancy, an open source one that has really caught on by the way. The point with bitcoin is if you want to do so a transaction can be 100% anonymous. Not that all transactions are.

        Lastly a person can make as many “wallets” as they choose. It gets to be a deep rabbit hole very fast to my understanding.

  8. BTC can be anonymous or completely public. It’s up to the individual to determine which he prefers at the time. Additionally, public btc can be “reanonomized” via a tumbler which launders btc for a fee.

    • One more thing, any outlet that has pushed

      gold gold gold gold


      silver silver silver silver


      silver and gold, silver and gold, silver and gold

      For as long as it has been online CAN NOT and SHOULD NEVER be seen as a source of honest critique on bitcoin. Such people don’t get their own commodity because they think it is money and therefore do not understand money and therefore can’t comprehend bitcoin.

  9. “they think it is money and therefore do not understand money”

    There’s no shortage of people confused about what money is.

  10. From my understanding, currency is the intermediary between money and the true goods you want.

    So, my understanding is that Gold and Silver is money and that chickens is the currency to get the grain you desire.. as an example.


    • Well that is what they tell people, it is unfortunately BS.

      Money is a collective psychological agreement on a symbol for energy/labor between members of an economy.

      Gold and silver are no more magical then a chicken. They do have things that make them better (they don’t die and are easy to fractionalize) but so is a slip that guarantees chickens or eggs.

      Gold is worthless if you are in a situation where people are starving. Gold bugs never have an answer for that.

      • I haven’t read this entire thread (or listened to the episode yet) but I wanted to add..

        The side of ‘money’ that people seem to ignore most often is that if there are no goods or services to purchase.. its worthless.

        There is an assumption that if people want something a ‘market’ will magically appear to instantly meet that need.

        The fallacy lies in the one factor no market can combat.. the time component of the need.

        If people want pork, and you aren’t holding any ‘in reserve’, you have to birth, raise and slaughter pigs before the need can be met. After you’ve don this, you can have some bacon. But you aren’t getting any tomorrow, or next week, or next month. No matter how much ‘money’ you have.

        This can be even more dramatic with longer processes. If you’ve cut down all of your hardwood trees, how many decades will it take before ‘the market’ can provide hardwoods? If you’ve destroyed your fisheries, how long before they can reliably provide fish again? If you’ve drained your aquifer, how long before it can refill? If you’ve washed all of your topsoil into the ocean, and salted the remaining hard soil, how long before you can grow crops again?

        None of these processes can be hurried by ‘markets’ or ‘more money’.

        I think the mistake comes in because we have been conditioned to believe that money is THE solution to our problems.

        All you need is more money, and everything can be solved. (the ‘War on X’ is always about more MONEY to ‘solve’ a supposed problem).

        All human problems are solved through human effort. There is no reason to give ‘money’ any of the credit.

        Those who have brainwashed us into thinking otherwise.. are the ones running the printing presses.

  11. I look forward to seeing the home-birthing episode that John talked about. I myself suffered at the hospital for my first 2 children and I have the c-sec and epi scars to prove it and neither were necessary. My 3rd child was born at home in 4 hours and no pain. I hope to see some of the stuff I learned talked about so expectant parents can make informed choices for themselves.

  12. Hey Jack, what’s your thoughts on John’s anti fluorinated water beliefs? I’ve been back and forth on this. I cannot tell who is telling the truth on the health concerns of fluorinated water. I’m leaning towards its fear based driven and I would love to hear your perspective on it. Thanks!

    • I stick to facts, there is NO GOOD REASON to put fluoride in water. Drinking fluoride to protect your teeth is like drinking sun screen to protect your lips from sunburn, it MIGHT work but it is a dumb and health damaging way to accomplish a goal.

      Further it is a form of medication by any modern regulatory use of the word medication. Therefore it is medication of the population with out their consent, so even if the health risks are minimal under our constitution it is ILLEGAL and CRIMINAL for our government to do it.

      The health risks are real and documented. Read the back of a tube of tooth paste where it says, “If more than the recommended amount for use is swallowed, call poison control immediately” and ask yourself how the hell it is okay to put that shit in the water.

      Then there is the source of this so called fluoride! Much of it now comes to us via China as industrial waste re-purposed to medicate our teeth, you just can’t make this crap up.

      Let me put it this way, if a company dumped one bag of this crap they add to our drinking water into a steam and was caught it would be a federal crime for the dumping of a toxic substance into the water supply, that is an absolute fact. Period, the end, no one can ever argue that. One bag dumped into a stream will likely send the dumper if caught to FEDERAL PRISON. Again this is fact, not opinion.

      Then they dump tons and tons of it into drinking water. Much is absorbed in our bodies but much we piss out, it goes into the sewer system, the water treatment facilities DO NOT REMOVE IT FROM WASTE, and it then goes into our ground water. Oh joy!

      Even if the health concerns are say 5% of what people who are concerned claim, there is NO JUSTIFICATION at all in modern times for doing this. We are either seriously poisoning our citizens or moderately poisoning them and for little to no gain.

  13. How can I contcat John. Would do bees fir bit coin set up for my companies

  14. Jack wrote

    “Gold is worthless if you are in a situation where people are starving. ”

    Thats probably true, but then, so would bitcoins.

    • Which is the point, money is a collective psychological agreement among members of an economy. Gold isn’t money it is just frequently used as such.

  15. Jack I like how you say we should be apathetic to the Federal government. But how much so. Let’s take guns for instance. When they try to bank guns or go for confiscation registration. Should we remain apathetic? Or does it even matter?

    • @Matt, note I said to be apathetic about the government specifically the politicians and the political theater but not to ignore issues that can be fought successfully. Focus on issues not parties or elections.

  16. Every so often, Jack, you have on a guest that really grabs me with their message. John Bush is just such a guest. He’s articulate, informed, widely read, and offers up a great product with both Sovereign Living and the Center for Natural Living. I thought the first episode of John’s reality TV show was simply awesome and after viewing it I’m so stoked now about try to add a bit more sovereignty to my own life.

    I also have to add that John almost made Bitcoin understandable to me. I still don’t get it yet, so I’m looking forward to that episode when you bring John back to explain it in greater detail. I think he’s articulate enough I may finally grasp it if he’s the one explaining it.


  17. Jack! I’ve been catching up on far to many missed episodes. I almost skipped it thinking it was going to be some Liberty Movement thing. Don’t get me wrong, I am pretty much where I think you are (AnCap/Anarcho-Libertarian/whatever), but have been thoroughly disinterested after investigating and visiting the New Hampshire and the PorcFest event. In fact it’s your Walking to Freedom even that has brought me to western Montana. Now I’m rambling.

    The guy you had on had me feeling decent to hear that there are other anarchists who aren’t douches and constantly browbeating and attacking decent people who just haven’t thought about it enough. Anyway, loved it.