Episode-127- Why You Must Store Food — 4 Comments

  1. Hello Jack

    Maybe I’m not looking closely. You mentioned a Survival new monitoring site you started and I can seem to find the link.


  2. Great show as always. Urban foraging is really going to be a leap for a lot of people. There’s a large mulberry tree near my gym. Occasionally during its season I’ll walk up to it from the parking lot and pick a cup or two of berries. It’s between a hotel and a fast food place. The people going through the drive thur can see me picking the berries and give me a look like I’m some nutter when they drive by. Wonder how long they’d last…

  3. Jack, another great episode. It’s made me think on a topic for another episode, a book review for good, solid and sensible books related to survivalism, gardening and general preparation. I think it’s a good idea incase there is a power outage, people could have a book (of few) to reference.

    Just an idea. Keep the podcasts going! As for the listeners outside the US (in my case, I’m Canadian), it mightn’t be well publicised; but I would be wise and assume that as with the 11 US states that are near bankruptcy, to think of your own local jurisdication as likely being in similar circumstances soon and to prepare asap.

  4. I have just started listening and have two requests, maybe they are too much, but I gotta ask.

    First, if you could put the recipes that you talk about on the show, on the web page, it would be great, I understand that this might be too much work to ask, no sarcasm implied but it would be handy.

    “A cool recipe for a vegetable soup with beans and rice”

    The other think is about the mp3’s directly, if you could populate the ID3 tag date it would be very helpfull, I am listening on a portable player and that being there would be very helpfull. I don’t think that this one should require too much work.

    Either way, thanks for all you are doing for those that choose to listen and prep.