Episode-1245- The Veterans Day Show for 11-11-13 — 32 Comments

  1. Kristy Lee Cook (AMerican Idol), came out with the best song ever for veterans, Airborne Ranger Infantry, and every soldier who ever fought should hear this song. It is amazing, and on you tube as well.

    Please consider this song.

    I have listened to it at least 100 times over the past 6 months.

  2. That was a moving show, Jack. I am a veteran of OEF VII (Afghanistan), and have often struggled with making sense of the heroism of the soldiers that I saw, combined with the futility of ever achieving the war’s stated objectives of transforming an entire nation.
    I can’t think of anything that I did over there to tangibly defend freedom back in the US. Ultimately I don’t even know if it made us more secure in the long run. But it is so helpful to hear from someone who understands that, (and doesn’t paint it over with meaningless platitudes) who still says that what we did was meaningful and honorable.

  3. I assume that eventually Ill be able to swallow again. (attempts to clear throat but to no avail) On behalf of my Father, thank you.

  4. Jack, As one veteran to another. THANK YOU! and Blessings. Great Show. Great reasons for doing it. Again, I Thank You.

  5. Jack,

    Thank you for your service to our country. And thank you for all that you do to raise awareness and appreciation for our soldiers. Thank you for this show and your podcasts in general. You are a great American, and a great human being.

    Thank you also to all veterans and first responders for all that you do, or have done for myself and our fellow countrymen. Since I do not know most of you personally, I may not know what you have done, but I sure do appreciate what you have done.

  6. Thank you Jack and thank you for your service. Thank all veterans out their for their sacrifice and be proud of who you are.

  7. To my friends who paid the ultimate price, I will never forget. To those of us who only wake up screaming in the middle of the night, I will never forget. To those of us who are “ok” now, I am happy for you and wish you all peace and happiness. God bless….

  8. Welcome to the 2013 Veterans Day Circle Jerk!
    That guilty look on a veterans face when you say “Thank You!” could be better explained by the mental trauma that young person experience a young age and their inability put that trauma from their military experience to rest. You can tell the damaged ones when they wear military garb, they relive their nightmares over a beer, they were “Rangers” or they are holding a VET sign on your street corner. Please tell me again how they are “protecting my freedoms,” because that b.s. hasn’t held true since WWII, if then. Sorry, Jack, but one of our nations problems IS our military and the related “military-industrial-congressional complex.” I completely understand why you want the support of our military during the coming “downturn,” but I wish you’d find another way that also recognizes the damage our military is doing to our nations children. Thanx, for your work.

  9. You’re right, Jack, I’m “sad” that my once great country has traded its beacon of freedom and diplomatic roots for first strike military aggression in countries that have not attacked us. I may disagree with our elected and unelected “ass-clown” leaders, but I’m “spiteful” towards the ignorant voters who continually put psychopaths in charge of our nation’s business and it’s military. When you give indiscriminate respect to any Vet in front of a male child, that immature mind often imagines their own quick path being their team’s hero. They soon join their team, they go through their boot-camp brainwashing, they are continually hazed through their enlistment and they return as a civilian much different than those who “never went in.” You’ve often said it yourself, “Anyone who never went into the military has no … blah, blah, blah … to criticize us vets.” So, let me return this illogic to you. When you get older and a little drier behind your ears, maybe you’ll understand more about how the world and its military thinking works, because you just “don’t get it,” yet.” Right now, you are a slave to your military experience and it distorts your thinking. Remember, just because someone goes into their country’s military, doesn’t make them “respectable.” Do you get it yet?

  10. Jack, do you think volunteering into the military, then allowing yourself to be trained to kill on command, then spending 4 years at-the-ready to kill another person that you don’t know, has left you the same as if you had spent those same 4 years in a college? Do you get it yet, Son? One possibility is called Stockholm Syndrome, but I’m no expert.

    • First I was trained to not obey any immoral or illegal order. Second don’t call me son, you don’t get to do that just because you rode the rock around the sun a few more times. My father has that right, no other man does.

      Now way to side step a simple question. Either answer it or begone, you said,

      “I’m “sad” that my once great country has traded its beacon of freedom and diplomatic roots for first strike military aggression in countries that have not attacked us. ”

      I simply asked, “@Mykl, when was this nation great in your eyes? Give me a date range.”

      If you won’t answer that, nothing you say here is worth responding to.

  11. Oh ya, the date range! Now, you aren’t gonna list all the bad stuff that happened during any range I give, are you? LOL … So, let’s start with, I never said “nation,” I said “my country.” I don’t think we have a “nation.” Agreed? So, “in my eyes,” the country that I grew up in and the one that now treats me like a milk cow was “great” during what we can call the “Fly Me to the Moon” decade. That meaningful decade was from “The Purple People Eater” in 1958 to the Chicago Democratic Convention in 1968. Naively, I believed, until that time “my country” had reluctantly fought wars where we were defending ourselves. When my friends came back bloody from getting beat-up by Mayor Daley’s Boys, my bubble was popped and that ends of my date range. So, my country was great “in my eyes” until my reality check in August 1968. My draft notice and my enlistment soon followed. My country has probably never been great, but it carried the concept of “America” for all to see. Now, its name should be simply, The United States. It no longer deserves the word “America.” I carry that word inside of me, where ever I am! So, please stop praising trained killers.

    • You chapped out! I am done with this discussion. Rant and rave your ass off. I don’t care but insult anyone here again personally, myself included and I will ban your ass from this site.

  12. (Sorry, I took a phone call from my brother in Bolivia.) … So, you then agree that you were trained to kill and would kill on command, if it was a lawful order? And, you think I need to get your permission to call you “Son.” Not! And, you are attempting to squirm out of this as soon as you can, if I don’t do what you say ASAP. As a educated “Community Planner,” I recognize a budding dictator when I see one. Did you learn that top down style during your military training? As you say, “If you don’t answer [these points], nothing you say is worth responding to.” I pity the people you will abuse in your futuristic community, Punk!

  13. I am sorry, Jack, for calling you a “Punk.” I do not think you are a Punk and I should not have called you that. It’s pulls our discussion of topic, it tweeks the mood and it just isn’t true. I’m sorry. … You’re not a “Punk.” Ok?

    • But you did, I don’t tolerate personal insults. Now, son, I am putting you in a five day timeout. May be when you can stop making disagreements personal we can talk about it again. For now you are acting like a child and acting as if you get to tell me how things are because you are older, which is just without any basis.

      I said what I had to say in the episode, go grind your anti solider axe elsewhere for a while.

      • Just to be clear, Mykl, isn’t banned, he is in a timeout. He has decided to insult me personally, call me son and call me a punk. While he did apologize it is clear that he has only one point to make, soldiers are evil for being soldiers. Well, fine, point made, comments are not removed and Mykl is now on moderated status.

        This means if he makes comments other than beating this dead horse I will approve them. In five days if he can be a good little boy and not insult others I will return his ability to post without moderation.

  14. First of all Mykl, I disagree with almost everything you have said but I respect your right to say it.

    To everyone else, I remember my brother and my friends who lost their lives in service with HM Armed Forces and all our allies and friends in America and the Commonwealth.

    Remember the Royal Military Police in the former Yugoslavia.

    “Exemplo Ducemus”

  15. Hey Jack,

    I always look forward to your Veterans day show. Thank you for your service. I served for 5 years overseas and its the best thing I have ever done. Your a true patriot and I love your show. Keep up the good work!

  16. Dear Mr. RedBeard,
    Are you implying that any person who did NOT serve in our military as NOT a “true patriot”? Do you think that a non-Vet is an inferior citizen to you who has learned to kill on command? I was just wondering how far we fellow Vets can take this secret club idea. I’m sorry to learn that “serving our [killing machine] is the best thing you have ever done.” Sweet dreams!

    • This is another example of childish behavior. Acknowledging the service and/or patriotism of one doesn’t diminish that of the other.

  17. Jack, how about next year you interview a representative from Veterans for Peace for your Veterans Day Show? I haven’t followed that group since the Gulf War days and don’t even know if they are still around. If they aren’t around, how about some other voice for Vets who don’t sit around in a Veterans Day circle jerk each year in November. Some of these Vets are really hurting right now. Or maybe you could go visit the guys at the Palo Alto VA Hospital amputee wing and get a few words from them to pass down to the children who might be thinking of enlisting this next spring, if you can stomach it. Now wouldn’t that be fair to ALL us Vets?

    • You should have opened with that! I am a vet that is antiwar, I believe in non aggression. I am also a realist and don’t blame the men for the system they serve in right now. Right now we have a system that isn’t going away, not having decent men and women join the military will make it far worse not better. No one circle jerked anyone in the show I did. I was very honest and clear that I don’t like many of the places our soliders are sent to today and many things they are asked to do. But you only heard what you wanted to hear, typical of the one dimensional minded individual.

      Instead of suggesting this, you ranted and raved, insulted me, behaved like a spoiled child, etc. So perhaps 5 days from now when you can post again, you can make a positive suggestion in this light.

  18. It is good to hear someone actually mention the Guard once in a while and understand that the Guard soldiers have always given a lot to this country as a whole. I was a member of the NCNG for 8 years and it was far from part time. Thanks for bringing the Guard to folks attention.