Episode-123- There is No Downside to the Survival Lifestyle — 5 Comments

  1. Walmart jugs, caution long term storage the #2 plastic breaks down.
    Otherwise good show , Organized , logical , practical.


  2. “There is No Downside to the Survival Lifestyle”

    Sorry Jack but you got that title wrong.
    The downside is that once my eyes were opened, and I started to prep, it continues to cause me pain watching my family continue to be sheep. Even worse knowing I have done all I can to help open their eyes, and have them not care one bit. That is the one any only downside.

  3. Good show Jack, I enjoyed it. Your numbers on term life were ultra-conservative though. I bought $750k of term for $99 a month and I have substantial family history that prevents me from getting the best rates. Your show hit our strategy on the head. If we think of something that has no downside, we do it. Apply that rule to all aspects of your life and we and the country would be so much stronger.

  4. Very good topic Jack.
    What has keeped my wife on board so far is the realization that any money I’ve spent on preps we will eventually eat, use or profit from. Not a penny wasted.
    It is “indeed” an insurance policy were the premium goes from one of our pockets to another and without agent’s fees.
    Keep up the good work,

  5. Awesome episode. One additional reason there’s no downside to storing food: if there is no crisis, you can donate any uneaten food to a food bank.