Episode-1229- Q&A With Jack From the Urban Permaculture Workshop — 25 Comments

  1. It just so happened that I received my first pressure cooker/canner an All-American 30 quart three days ago. I decided on the 30 quart because it had side handles. Built like a tank it should be wonderful.

  2. regarding canning in 1/2 gallon jars. FDA or the agency that controls food info, advises to NOT can in 1/2 gallons. The only exception is fruit juices can be canned in 1/2 gallons. 1/2 gallons are wonderful for storing dry goods: macaroni, flour, etc. They can be vacuum sealed to increase storage life.

    • But… why do they say that? Is it a health issue? The stuff doesn’t get heated all the way through?

      • It’s an issue of making sure the heat reaches the entire mass of food in the jar. They recommend canning up to quart size, but no larger, as it is not assured that the middle of the food mass would reach the proper temperature for the proper amount of time to insure that any botulism spores are killed. Those spores are hardy little bastards.

  3. Regarding the invasion of wild strawberries, likely it isn’t really an invasion. It is more likely that they are volunteers from previous year’s fruit that wasn’t harvested. If they are dramatically smaller the strawberries you have are hybrids that don’t breed true. Try ripping them out and replanting with heirloom seeds.

  4. Hi Jack,
    I want to start off saying I love the show and today’s was loved as well (content wise). That said, please please please, do NOT put out another one of these that has this bad of an audio problem. Having my radio turned up all the way to hear the guests just to have your voice over power the speakers I’m listening on… Ouch!

  5. Sound vanished right after someone said their main problem was with pasture. The precise problem didn’t get specified on air, but with all due respect to permaculture (I have also just finished Lawton’s course) I suspect that for large pasture areas Allan Savory’s Holistic Management might be more pertinent. Greg Judy in the US has a few videos about his operation, including a series of interviews where he is doing a consultation. Quite impressive.

  6. message for survivor prepper, jake?, from M’boro, tn, check out Brink of Freedom group Barrens Plateau Preppers….Woodbury and join us.

    Jack, loved this round table discussion! Hope you do it again tomorrow.

  7. Not sure if the file was changed but I didn’t have any issues witht eh audio, listenng with one ear bud tending the chickeens and grilling in the rain.

    Love this concept. Kinda a back stage pass to the event and now I want to attend one even more.

    • Michigan, I would highly recommend attending any future workshops that Jack hosts. Jack and Dorothy have taken care of us like family, awesome food, hanging out around the campfire with Jack, Dorothy, Josiah, and a bunch of like minded folks over some cold beers… You couldn’t beat it.

  8. Is there any one that is attending the workshop or knows how I can get ahold of the Marine that is retiring? I am doing some strategic planning (Marine) towards my eventual retirement(In 4 years) for my eventual career in permaculture. All I need is for somebody to get him my last name and tell him I am a Gunny in Pendelton that wants to get ahold of him. He will know how to get ahold of me by my last name. I am going to post this again in the follow up post, just to make sure sorry.

    • Matt, one of the guys attending the workshop showed me your comment. I’ll look you up when I return, or feel free to message me, it would be cool to chat!

  9. Jesse, it would be great to get together and chat. let me know the best way to get ahold of you. You can get ahold of me by various means(FB,Email,DCO chat if at work) shoot me an email and I will give all my details Looking forward to getting together with you to pick your brain as you pave the way.

  10. Hey Jack. Have any permaculturists to recommend for the Austin area? Most of the ones I’ve met either have little practical experience or are much too interested in being a hippy and beating a drum and talking about global warming over making food forests.

    • Cal-

      I was at the workshop. I would be happy to speak with you. I live in the Austin area, but I will be going to the Earthworks course in Louisiana this week Oct. 23 to 27th. Send me an email at if you are interested in speaking further.

  11. Hello gentleman from Atlanta thinking about working on the vacant lots: moving to the area as I write this. What you talked about (and especially the responses) is very interesting to me. Just finished Geoff’s online PDC. Ready to get going.