Episode-122- The State of the Economy, January 14 2009 — 7 Comments

  1. BOGUS DEBT: deliberately created for such a time as this: folks, usury laws in existence predating Constitution: ignored, by folks wanting more $ from interest;EVERYONE who had a HOME during this time from 70’s on, QUALIFIED for a 4.75 30 year fixed interest loan MINUS bogus addl fees added by banks; this all came out in BANKRUPTCYS folks; all kinds of addl bogus fees; SIGNING an illegal document DOES NOT MAKE IT LEGAL. Our so called lawmakers very many of them lawyers KNEW THIS: so, it is deliberate premeditated harming of citizens; then the credit cards followed suit which as the head of the FDIC stated: it is CRIMINAL & deceptive business practice; which again our “lawmakers” knew & repeatedly did nothing; REASON: they WANTED all this “bogus” debt to “appear” overwhelming; it is ALL STAGED, THEATRICS, & CHARADES; For years Wall St has robbed citizens: see “liars poker”; license to steal; etc; ******IF indeed our country “was so broke” may I inquire as to how it is the USA has so incredibly much $ it is well able to spend literally trillions upon bribing the heads of other countries to “do it our way” cuz we have gotten away with it for years? LOOK at Iceland, Denmark, Sweden, Switzerland, etc etc: & WONDER how it is that ALL THESE NATIONS live longer & live better than in USA? Clue: their “agencies” are not “movie settings” to siphon trillions of $ thru without doing their job; they are “fronts”; the “force for good” was based on Matt Dillon fabricated out of false reports & the “we must protect you” from a non existant boogy man. The “are you qualified” to be a senator etc etc etc: if you are totally corrupt to the core; able to “rehearse” lies so it will appear sincere & reasonable when in reality it is bogus & bunch of lies: then YES. THIS alone qualifies anyone anywhere anytime to get a Gov job & receive hundreds of thousands even millions of $ from “laundered” money: like Hillary investing $1000 in Stock market & next morning lo & behold it had $100,000 return in less than 24 hours! BOOKS: always on “best seller” in NY times: & voila! millions! “appearing to be “legit”; SEE how in Iraq we have a huge Taj Majal embassy for 1500 military personnel & 3000 “servants” civil of course; on 104 acres; THINK they plan on “leaving” any time soon? do a search on yahoo news re corruption & graft in Iraq; after all, set up just like here in USA; & every country the USA has been to: with bribes even; folks at the Gov positions get hundreds of thousands if not millions of $; abuse the people who get nothing & there is never any justice to be found.
    THIS is because each incoming adminstration determines its “set of rules & laws” & the courts call to find out how they want them to rule: as seen on US Fed court of appeals: judge Sonya Sotomeyer in Mahr vs Ashcroft; the “justice” dept is a staged “setting’; it is ALL for PEOPLE PERCEPTION. Military term is perception management: false reports appearing real; how you perceive is thru image (TV & print) newspapers; if you don’t have independent media all you get is lies lies & more lies!

  2. ever heard of the new world order? Nau? might want to check into those: from the USA; our Gov’s agenda is NOT the peoples agenda nor our perception at all; it goes only in to oppress the people; & the reason for the so called “drug war’ which is a veil to hide the TRUTH: again, public perception: in reality since at least the 60’s top drug dealers have paid (bribed) police & given money to them & to hospitals & we have in reality left them alone; of course, with our “non existant” justice dept who the administration tells what to do with each case before them just like the courts: isn’t it amazing that the people have never figured it out before! & actually this was said by a state senator from Oregon at a Town Hall meeting 1/28 & 1/29 directly to a person: haven’t you figured it our yet? this is NOT run by “civilians”; of course not: politicians who are PAID to “do the will” & paid well I might add: of what our administation WANTS them to do; they even Dr Allan Bates said to Peter Buckley: we have amended laws; wrote new ones: & perhaps we need to DELETE some old laws hum? being sure not to implicate the Gov; folks: they even BACK DATE laws to “appear” as they were “on the books” since 2006: like the Colombia Trade Agreement: Bill brought $800,000 for Hillary’s campaign as seen on Round Table George Stephanopholus; wondering how that would play out as she “maintained” she was against it; at a meeting for jobs with justice amongst others I mentioned this: esp since on c span a “political advisor” said in reality the Colombia Trade Agreement was signed in 2006; it was NOT signed nor had it been; on 5/1/08 I protested as the folks in Colombia have been targeted & killed for requesting a decent living wage; many of them; turns out voila just as in Mexico the Criminal Corps the USA set up went in backed with “military” might: under the disguise of drug war; & now THEY own huge tracts of land & all the water rights; just like in nation after nation; 5/1/08 BTW they had not yet finished loading the “bipartisan” agreement that set up the Colombia Trade Agreement; just letting everyone know exactly how the “dictatorship” behind the “mask” of “democracy” in reality works.

  3. IMO, the financial shenanigans is the one that will send us into the crisis we have all been preparing for. Just a quick check of the Baltic trade index will show how much import/export trade has slowed in the last 90 days, mostly because of lack of letters of credit. Shipping rates have fallen by 50%+, but still nothing moving. When credit is issued, usury interest rates prevail.

    Search youtube for Peter Schiff, particularly an interview with RT. The man has been correct since I have been reading since ’06. Another is Gerald Celente… neither has a good outlook for this year.

    Time to check the food storage, start that garden… I do believe hard times are coming.

  4. Where Did you get your info on Dalmer Chrysler selling jeep? Those don’t sound like substantiated claims. I really like your show but I have to call you on this particular issue. Also I agree with you assment as Jeep as a brand, 100% USA.

  5. Oops I looked at your link, duh. But I also saw a lot of posts stating that these claims are false. I guess we will just have to wait and see. I sure hope it doesn’t happen.

  6. @Marcus

    At this point with this many sources it isn’t a rumor, now they might yield to pressure and not do it. If so I will be very happy to be wrong.