Episode-121- Pandemic Flu and Global Disease Threats — 6 Comments

  1. In regards to bugging out during a pandemic. If you or any member of the family have been in contact with any one person that may have the flu 10 days earlier and you have no signs of the flu you could still come down with it and carry it to a whole new area. In Jack’s example…he would spread it from the Dallas Area to southern Arkansas. So would it be wise to run to your bug out location? Then you also have to think about your physicians. AT home one might call in a prescription for you where if you are out of state they won’t. Just some things that crossed my mind. Did people really sufficate in their own visqueened-duct taped homes?

  2. Jack,

    Great podcast! Love the quarantine room idea.
    This may be a silly question, but I was wondering why Flu season is a winter thing? Thanks

  3. I like the bug-out idea, however wouldn’t you still be at risk once you reentered or made contact with the outside society. I am thinking that in some way some level of exposure is needed to develope an immunity. The example of small pox with the Native Americans comes to mind. Is there any good way to develope an immunity to viruses. Also what stoped the “black plauge” immunity or quarintine?

    Thanks for the show.

  4. A really great episode, Jack. I think pandemic is the most likely survival scenario. It’s the one I’m preparing for.

    You mentioned in an earlier episode that your wife is a nurse. My wife is also in a job where she would be in contact with sick people. The hardest part of prepping is thinking about whether I let her come home after work … How are you handling this?

  5. I recently read ‘Fruitless Fall: The Collapse of the Honey Bee and the Coming Agricultural Crisis’ by Rowan Jacobsen. It goes into very good details about the search for the cause of CCD (colony collapse disorder).

    The current theory is that it’s a multitude of factors causing it. Some are: stress, new ‘helpful’ medications for bees, the build of up these medications in their food supply, the build up of pesticides in the bees food supply, etc.

    If the honey bees fail, then the pollination of food will fall back to natural pollinators (which are suffering their own disaster due to habitat destruction and agricultural spraying, and people…
    Really a scary threat and one that threatens the basics of live… FOOD!

  6. No doubt our “buddies” the Islamic Terrorists are trying to get something like this to spread to we Infidels! They’ll undoubtedly “load it” into many of their Wackos to fly commercial air into the U.S. & other Western Countries! If it happens to kill most or even all of their own folks as well they’ll die happy! Now if that isn’t the frosting on the cake of stupidity I don’t know what is!! I think a wise man recently said, “the only way there will be peace with the terrorists is when they love their own children more than they hate us!” I wonder if that could ever happen?