Episode-117- Diverse Options for Survival Container Gardening — 8 Comments

  1. Really enjoy your podcasts. There is a ton of insightful information hear that I can use. I’ve also been inspired to start my own garden. You’ve mentioned posting links/pics of your new beds in Hot Springs. Where can I find those pics and pics of your current beds? Thanks again.


  2. Very interesting. I got interupted several times and will listen to it again.
    Have you done a youtube.?
    your allowed 10 minutes. use microsoft movie maker and use some of your pictures..

    I had solid clay and now with the leaves
    things grow very nicely.
    I know from a previous garden that in order to have a thriving population of worms you need lots of organic stuff in the dirt.

    There was a guy on the internet who farmed in garbage bags.. bags he made himself heat sealing them.
    be well.

  3. Jack,

    Great show! Burpee bought Cooks, that is why you will see some of the same seeds in both of them.

  4. Great show. I’m a new listener and am attempting to catch up, I’ve just gotten to this show so far.

    But on topic. We started gardening this past summer. We don’t have much space, and the dirt we have it solid clay with some huge rocks thrown in. So containers is what we do.

    We grew the standards, but I wanted something different, so I did watermelon. There are many small varieties out there, I chose Cream of Saskatchewan and Golden Midget. I made up some Earthbox type containers out of those huge plastic tubs that people use for drinks at parties. They grew pretty well, and I got some watermelons. I’ll probably try a different variety at some point since these weren’t as sweet as I expected.