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  1. It breaks my heart to see the damage in your garden Jack. I was lucky in Mesquite and just had some high wind and lots of rain. My garden was spared. I was said to see a couple of my tomatoes plants were leaning over, but that is meaningless considering those that lost theirs lives in the storm last night.

  2. FRS/GMRS does NOT provide privacy. It doesn’t transmit as far, but the “privacy codes” are just CTCSS tones. If you tune in with no code (or a HAM radio), you can hear everything being said. Just want to be sure people realize that as it wasn’t clear in the episode.

  3. Because my brain is broken..

    When they talk in this interview about the BOV supplying the five basic needs.. the first thing that popped into my head was:

    Does it have a sprouting jar rack?

    If you figure you’re going to have ‘unlimited’ water (water purification).. why not have a couple of sacks of seeds so you can produce greens on the go?

    I know, odd thought.. just made me think in terms of a ‘mobile homestead’. (Throw in the back chicken coop? Eggs and/or meat.)


    • You know what, that is the first real good reason for seeds in a BOB I have ever heard. I know this is a BOV show but now yep I can see seeds in BOB. Been asked a lot about it and always said, hey so in the week or two you might be living out of that bag how many tomatoes can you grow from seeds? But sprouting, yea, that is a food force multiplier.

    • I just figure the nutrient density per lb has got to be better than any processed food you have in the BOB.. and if you use a plastic jar, packed with other stuff when not in use.. it takes up zero space and doesn’t weigh anything.


      • Awesome idea, I’ll have to roll that around in my brain a little bit and figure out the best way to make that happen. I thinking when we get around to building the ultimate RV, that would be the perfect place for something like that, build in some kind of skylight into the roof with the rack hanging just underneath of it….. When I make it happen I’ll post some pics in the forum.

  4. The comments about the 6.2L diesel being unreliable and a first generation diesel are pure BS. The 6.2L was the 2nd gen diesel (the first being a modified 350 gas motor turned into a diesel, which was an utter pos). The 6.2L can and will be very reliable if proper maintenance is preformed. No you are not going to get the power of a powerstroke or a cummings, but you can get up to 25-30 mpg out of them, not to mention how easy they are to work on. Veggie oil conversions are really easy also.

    • Marc, I agree but opinions on motors are highly personal. My Truck is a F-350 with a Ford Powerstroke motor. That particular motor has a terrible reputation on all the gear head diesel forums. But one must ask why? Well what does that group of people do with a diesel when they get their hand on it? You know what they do, they “chip it” and start jacking around with the electronic controls. It never goes well with that motor.

      Yet if you leave it the hell alone and don’t go jacking around with it, it is powerful and reliable as hell. It is all relative really.

      • Plus the “diesel gear heads” on forums are some of the most know-it-all jerks I have ever interacted with. I eat, sleep and breath cars. I have learned to stay out of diesel forums for my own sanity.

    • Marc, Through all of the HMMWV’s that had rolled through my shop in the USMC almost (keep in mind I said, Almost) all had a life of about 15-20 thousand miles before needing major repairs on the 6.2L. Granted everybody who drove them (including myself) had the view point of “It’s not my car, I don’t have to fix it” and they where most certainly treated that way too. The later model HMMVW’s with the second gen ARE way better. Everybody has their own opinion on this motor or that motor, but to the point of the interview “if someone asks for MY opinion”, that’s what I’ll give them. If you walked into my shop today and asked me to build you a “whatever” and you wanted the 6.2L, the answer would still be “Yes Sir”

      • Exactly my point about the abuse. And yes, the later HMMVW’s had the better block. You can even find the better 6.5L block in later year 1999 gm’s.

  5. Super show! I’m on my fourth Subaru (great car in New England), but I’m thinking of switching to a Toyota Sienna as a travel and BOV. It has the largest interior space for a minivan, which means I can sleep in it, I can get AWD, and it’s truly stealth (I’m even thinking of adding a few soccer mom and my child is an honor student decals). My biggest worry is ground clearance. I would not use this for off road, but, as you mentioned, being able to jump curbs is a must. I have suspension mods and skid plates on my Subie, but have never seen the like for a Sienna, which means custom work. My question: is this doable?

    • Everything is doable for the right $$$ 😉

      I am not sure about Toyota, but I know many car manufactures suspension parts fit across the brand. We have people with VW Golfs putting Tiguan suspensions on their car to raise the ride height. We also have customer putting GTI suspensions in their Tiguans to lower it.

      I wonder if the Tocoma parts would “fit” your Sienna.. It may not be cheap, but it may be cheaper and easier than custom..