Episode-1128- Listener Calls for 5-10-13 — 43 Comments

  1. Loving the new 2 hour format 🙂 My only issue is, the player seems to break a lot more now than it used to. Not sure if that’s a server thing or a chrome thing.

  2. On the march on Washington bit, I listened to Adam’s followup segment on that. Basically the idea is to announce it, then March up to the city limits with the intent of being turned away. If they aren’t, then they would continue, but I really doubt it will make it past city limits.

  3. I would expect they would let them march up to the limit, then as soon as a few stepped across, arrest them for felony possesion of a loaded weapon and then denie them any right to a firearm ever again.

    • If they’re going to do an armed march it needs to be a minimum of 100,000 not 1,000

  4. And yeah… about the mindshare thing… Goodness Jack, I’d love to get all the stuff you offer, but it’s more like wallet share. I did Geoff Lawton’s thing, I took advantage of silver through JM bullion when it was on sale. Will you be doing more of these workshops? I’d like to take one and hang out at the Spirko homestead sometime, but I’d need a hell of a lot more notice to make arrangements. Same with the silver… love to, but I’m tapped out right now.

  5. DC passed a law against open carry, the Supreme Court ruled it unconstitutional.

    So, are they really breaking any laws?

    That’s what Adam intends to challenge.

    • 2 seconds of Google confirmed what I was already 99% certain of. Open carry is NOT legal in DC. Nor are most of the weapons they are talking about carrying.

    • No that is absolutely not the case. Heller vs. DC was about weapons ownership it was never about open carry or any sort of carry.

    • Thanks for the info.

      I say leave the weapons at home, assemble a TWO million man march, and shut down D.C.

      ….and let the revolution begin!

    • A million, or even a thousand, armed men marching on Washington could be viewed as insurrection. Many of them may never leave.

    • Yep that is them, we don’t have those here we have the June Bug ones and they are very similar and behave the same way. In fact they are much less a problem then the Japanese beetles because while their grubs won’t harm most plants the adults will. I have never seen a june bug adult harm any beneficial plant, hell the are so not a problem I have never bothered to learn what they do eat. They are only annoying when you are riding a dirt bike or 4 wheeler, LOL. Marjory Wildcraft eats them, not me man, I’d have to be hungry to make june bug fritters.

      • You are supposed to have two varieties in TX. One is called The Figeater Beetle and the other is called the Green June bug. The problem with those names is that they are both green and they are both commonly called June bugs. All these bugs belong to the flower chafer beetle family and eat the flowers of deciduous trees and shrubs. If the population gets too big they will eat the leaves of trees and have been known to kill them. I don’t know if they generally target one type of tree or if they are generalists. I know that my Japanese beetles have a real preference for my roses, so I usually hang a JB trap. If they make a June bug trap like JB traps (with a pheromone lure and flower scent lure). You could hang that over your chicken run and get free chicken food. Hang it over a pond and get free fish food.

  6. Sawdust idea: Get a machine to make Wood Pellet fuel. Not sure how much it would cost.

  7. The problem with the situation in Boston is martial law was NOT declared. The people were just told to stay in their homes and were forced to submit to searches without probable cause.

  8. I like your knife selection that you carry. I carry almost the same. A S&W swat (the good one not the cheap one) on my belt and a SOG flash2 in my pocket.

  9. Jack I cannot believe that you and Geoff Lawton will be fishing for three days! Awesome. I wonder if Mrs Dorothy could video some of the action ?
    It will be so hot in august what will y’all fish for? Striper? Sand bass? Crappie?

    • Dorothy won’t be going as she isn’t big on the fishing. Striper will be on the docket as will channel cats, likely we will hit up some sandies just for the action it provides.

  10. Jack I still carry that tiny Gerber with the echangable blades that you reviewed several years ago. I carry it everywhere and it is always sharp. For self defense not so much.

  11. Re: grubs; ie… cutworms reference…
    Instead of using the cut up plastic cups to deter cutworms, I stick a nail down part way into the ground up next to my plants’ stalks. The cutworms try to wrap around the stalk to munch away but get a mouthful of iron instead. I keep ’em in my shed and reuse every season (no cut up plastic cups to manufacture). Never had a cut worm problem.

    • Going to have to try that one, what sized nails? If that works it is fricken genius. Going to steal credit for that one, just kidding I will ref you when I mention it.

    • Ah jeez, the nails I’ve been using must be typical framing/decking type nails between 3-4″ long. They’ve been used over and over every year and are so rusted and gnarly it’s hard to tell exactly what nail it used to be. My family has always used this technique to repel cutworms for our tomatoes and peppers as far as I can remember.

  12. Regarding “Martial Law”
    At least from my understanding of the bill of rights and the constitution, the 4th amendment relates to limiting the general (Federal) governments abilities to do this. In fact nearly everything related to the Bill of Rights is limitations on the general government. They are amendments to the constitution of the United States, not the constitutions of the various states. The constitution of the United States establishes a general government and defines the roles it will play (therefore removing them from the states powers, such as the particulars of immigration and establishing regular trade). The bill of rights (ammendments to the constitution) are for the general government, NOT the states.

    The issue of martial law has absolutely nothing to do with the constitution of the United States. The issue of free speech is brought up all the time. Unless its against a state constitution the issue of free speech has nothing to do with the 1st Amendment. Its so clearly labeled as well (congress may not etc etc..)

    • Yea but it doesn’t work that way, additionally you must look at case law and precedent. In other words if the courts allow something once, it is allowed again unless a superior court overturns the prior decision. There are plenty of instances of martial law being declared and the courts going along with it and a few where they went against it. So it is very situational.

      Doesn’t matter that it is technically unconstitutional in my opinion and your opinion, so is Obamacare and so is any law restricting the ownership of arms, but those laws all stand.

    • Let me add that I didn’t follow the Boston Bombing very much either and someone here said this was done and martial law was NOT DECLARED, if so every single person who had their home entered should be suing the state of Mass and the Federal Government.

      • Agreed.

        Technically case precedent has zero legality on the issue. While I completely understand your point, that is what is called legislating from the bench. Those powers were not given to any judicial branch, and yet that’s whats used. I don’t need to look at case precedent to determine the legality of it. While laws have been created (and not nullified due to constitutionality) asserting your very astute observation of the way our government works, that doesn’t make them legal. The underlying legality of all laws passed by the federal government is derived from the constitution (as is regarding the states which generally have very similar legal frameworks). Therefore, case precedent really doesn’t matter, and is really one of the most major driving forces of oppression in this country, particularly by individuals who believe the constitution should be done away with all together. (You know so we can have rule of men, rather than rule of law, which arguably is what we have.)

        Regardless, the more important point is that the 4th amendment is a federal constitutional amendment and does not relate to the states and in this case has nothing to do with the federal government. Martial law was not declared or pretended to be declared by the federal government. Regarding the legality of declaring martial law, falls exclusively on the state constitution, and laws of Mass. and who knows it was probably legal. Here in Louisiana “martial law” was declared after Katrina, but they did it in a manner which most people might consider quite a bit more legal. For example in St Tammany ParishtThey released a signed document by the town council and passed through the appropriate branches of government. In the case of Massachusetts if there was “martial law” it was clearly just hip pocket declared. If that’s legal in Mass, good luck there, because that sure as hell isn’t legal here.

  13. As a Canadian, I’m ok supporting the show for what it is. If a vendor ships to Canada, and it’s reasonable, I order. I’ve ordered from Keith Snow, and we worked out a deal where I ordered a bit more and he met me halfway on the increased shipping. The pasta sauces was worth the premium and the Northern Italian is simply the best.

  14. I’m killing myself, over losing one’s coffee. I’m always losing my coffee, measuring tapes and beer… All at various times…

  15. Sawdust Idea:

    I recently went to a mushroom cultivation workshop. Saw dust can be used in large beds in shady parts of your land. You simply inoculate the beds with your chosen mushroom spawn, some like sawdust more than others. Shiitake do very well on sawdust.

    You can also fill plastic bags with sawdust and inoculate that with your mushroom spawn. You could start a small local mushroom growing business with that many yards of sawdust. I have read that aged sawdust is best to use because it will take up water better than fresh.


  16. Regarding the knife question…

    Anytime somebody puts their finger(s) through a tool being used as a weapon, it is harder, at least initially, to take that tool away from them. It also makes it much easier to break their finger(s), and eventually, to make the “offending hand” far less of a threat to you. Whenever we teach weapon disarms in the Krav classes we teach, we have our students remove their finger from any trigger guard or finger hole before doing the technique– because if they’re representing the bad guy in the training scenario, their finger(s) WILL get broken.

  17. Jack, I would love to register for you design course!!! Please let me know if there is still space available, Thank you!

  18. Good show, though you lost me with the “religion in the military” segment.

    Heck, I can’t make it some weeks at my office job without God’s help, so have to imagine there’s a strong desire/need among those serving.

    • And how does that apply to anything I said how does it apply even 1%. No one is telling anyone in the military they can’t pray, go to church, etc. Do you know they give you a free bible if you want one? You have a right to believe as you see fit, pray, etc but you employer has a right to have you do your dang job when you are “on the clock” and your fellow employees have a right to work without you trying to shove what you believe down their throats.

      This is even more the case in the military. You don’t go handing out bibles on the streets of Iraq in uniform in a fricken combat zone, which has happened. You also don’t keep telling you barracks mate that he is going to go to hell if he doesn’t accept Jesus Christ when he has told you he has had enough and doesn’t want to hear you any longer. These are the types of things that have been going on that have prompted this blow back.

      When your NCO or CO tells you to stop doing something in the military and it isn’t immoral or illegal you fricken do it and if you don’t like that deal you don’t stick up your hand and swear an other to do so in the first place.

      An illegal or immoral order along religious lines would be “Corporal Spirko, you are no longer to go to church or pray”. That would indeed cross a line as would “Corporal Spirko you are no longer to talk to others about religion on your own time” or “When you speak at a public event you are not to say the word God”. This all would be wrong and it is not what is going on. The orders are more like…

      “Corporal Spirko, you are not to try to tell the Muslim people of the nation we are currently invading and fighting for our lives in they are going to hell unless they convert to Christianity, stop handing out bibles in uniform while on patrol in the streets of Baghdad.” Or, “Corporal Spirko, you are annoying Private Smith by constantly talking to him about God, as I understand it he has asked you to stop many times, do so now, is that clear?”

      Those are very different things and the alarmist BS around this issue isn’t helping.

      So tell me do you really think that the stuff I describe should be permitted in the military?

  19. I had to pause the show and laugh my butt off over the “safety nerds” comment. Thanks for that after a long shitty day at work. Haha, “Safety Nerds”, HAHAHAHAHA!!!!! I’ve always felt the same way.

    Also, am I the only one who joined a range (outdoor) and was surprised to find out that you HAVE to wear ear protection? I never even knew what ear protection was growing up in the red neck nortern part of NY. Now I run into people who can’t believe I’ve ever even dared to fire a gun without ear protection. These people don’t know what they are missing. When these people are hunting do they wear ear muff friggin protection? Deer walking righ up behind them and making the “na na na na na naaa” ear and tnogue motion!

  20. For anybody curious about the march on Washington:

    Protest of this nature just isn’t my cup of tea, but this really isn’t what it is being spinned as. The big takeaway is this:

    “There are only two ways this goes down. 1) Obama issues an order to the DC Chief of Police who has pledged to violate the Constitution and we execute our plan with a police escort. 2) We are not allowed to enter the District and will halt the formation well before the line at which point, with the whole world watching, we will declare the federal government illegitimate, and peacefully disperse.”

    IOW, Adam would love to see DC “stand down, but is 99.9999999% certain that they won’t be permitted, so they will yell across the bridge that DC sucks and stuff. Again, not my cup of tea, but I really don’t see a problem with it.

  21. Just wanted to throw this out there for people who are interested. Jack brought up an rx eyeglasses store in the show today. There is another great place you can get your first pair free. I have used it to get 3 free pairs. You just have to put in your rx information and pay shipping super easy.