Episode-1090- Listener Calls for 3-15-13 — 26 Comments

  1. Dear Williamston Township,
    We will crush you.

    – the assclown police

    donating now.

  2. Hey Jack,
    I don’t see the contact info for the Township offices. Am I just missing it in the links above?

    • It is in the resources and says

      My Plan for Assisting Sweet Peas Farm and Jessica Hudson and Contact Details for the Township Officials

  3. We all need to be on the lookout for these “fires” of insanity and stomp them out with great force. I’ll be donating.

  4. I checked the Williamstown Township website and the “Zoning Ordinances” tab is “currently unavailable.” What a surprise (sarcasm)… Just donated to hopefully stick it to these gov’t ignoramuses.

    • That’s how to conduct research about a piece of property. I donated and hope Ms. Hudson is able to keep her homestead going, but I also think she bought the wrong land. It’s nearly surrounded by the City of Williamston, so she’ll get annexed some day (which, ironically, would help in this case, typically it would be a liability the other way). A few things for other future homesteaders to keep in mind:

      – There will usually be zoning and general plan regulations that you can read for yourself and verify with the local gov’t. The general plan map (since the zoning is unavailable online) shows Ms. Hudson’s farm in a designation that is several steps removed from rural ag because she’s on the edge of the city. Ag uses will be tougher over time in this sort of area.

      – The only word that is good from a gov’t official is written on letterhead. Make sure to get any answer that your plans depend upon in writing. This even includes things like getting the code enforcement supervisor to clarify that front yard gardens are not considered a nuisance subject to abatement. I’m not saying it ought to be that way, just that it is.

      – Document what you’re doing so that you can prove your vested rights and/or your prescriptive rights. I’m not a lawyer but Ms. Hudson’s blog and other documents demonstrating her farm use will likely be handy in the adjudication.

      I may add more later, but those are huge.

  5. I planted clover in with my strawberries red and white. My strawberries took off as well as the clover. I have had this going for almost 3yrs. The strawberries have about half of my 5 x 25 ft bed now. I also put blueberries in the bed.

    The strawberries will tower over the clover and send runners. The clover dies down in the summer and in the fall the runners of the strawberries seem to root.

    I would cut back some of the clover and plant the strawberries. Bees will be all over that area.

    It seems insane to me to plant blackberries in a bed, lol. If have to cut them back every year here in SW Washington state so I can plant something else. They are definitely an edge crop though, they spring out of the forests.

  6. I just planted my first producing tree in my yard two days ago, it is a Granny Smith apple tree, the guy at the nursery failed to mention that I would need another apple tree to accompany it. So now I need to plant another apple tree? Guess I should have done a little bit more research first, but I just wanted to take action and get it started!

  7. By taking action, you did more than most. We all keep learning. Hell, it’s the best part.

  8. Just donated and emailed them. As someone who loves liberty, and is just WAITING for one of the more uptight neighbors to bitch about the 5 chickens I have on my 1.25 acre lot here in Chester County PA, I had no other option! Thanks for letting us know Jack.

    “The Survival Podcast Community: Scaring the piss out of tyrants everywhere!”


  9. Just wanted to add a quick not about eggshell usage.

    If you have a garden, moderately crush the shells – leave them in fingernail-sized pieces, and spread them over the soil all around your plants to keep slugs out. Slugs have very sensitive bodies and the eggshells are too sharp and hard for them to be comfortable on.

    Obviously you will need a lot of shells for this.

  10. Mounds make sense for some plants, from a small garden my family had when we lived in Africa I can say that Manioc does require mounds because the roots of the plants is what interests you. Now the plan will grow strongly without a mound, but it will require a heck lot of digging to get any roots.

    But since it is a tropical plant I don’t know if it helps anyone in the US, unless there is a plant whose roots you are after akin to Potatoes, maybe people check that out.

  11. Good show Jack
    Just supported the Hudson family – look forward to supporting them through the long and arduous process to the supreme court. I am glad the township has so much excess tax revenue that they can spend on this…….

  12. Today I joined MSB and donated to sweet peas. I want to support a show that brings value to me (TSP) and I want to support liberty and stand up to thugs by standing with sweet peas farm.

  13. Awww shux!

    I was just riding my motorcycle while testing my weedeater, racing an overzealous GreyHound bus driver and thinking….
    I have a question I’d like to ask Jack Spirko…

    But I guess I’ll have to wait to make the call… 🙁

    All kidding aside… Great Job Mr. Spirko… Long time subscriber to all of your fine work. And an active member of the “survival” community…confidently progressing under the guidance of the Survival Podcast…