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    • I think I have a way round it Jack. My girlfriend lives across the border from Massena N.Y, and they have a place called “The ship it shop”. It is specifically for Canadians who need a U.S address. So I will find out if bringing silver across the border is easy

      I want a few for the cool factor….oh and plus it’s silver

      • Brent, I got married in Massena, NY. My wife is from Montreal. What a small world. 🙂

  1. Just ordered my 5!

    Quick note on registering at, the email came from ‘Owner’ at Should be a pretty quick fix in a config file somewhere. Just thought I’d let you know.

  2. Any plans to mint a coin with an “Every Citizen a Sentinel” design? I would love to have some like that.

    • That is the next design Rob alluded to, but of course it all goes down to how much we sell of the first design. I am a bit intimidated by Rob’s numbers and Chris’ results but I expect we will do pretty well.

  3. Here I thought I had a super rare copper D&D round from ordering from SBSS site. Then I come to find out more will be given away. Total bummer. What’s to stop These guys from outright selling them. Why don’t y’all just start reminting silver DD rounds while you’re at it.

  4. I am trying to find AOCS accepting vendors, is there a list or directory? I also have a small store and would gladly accept AOCS or any silver, copper, and gold. I tried the marketplace link on their website, but nothing appeared.

    • I second that, I am a merchant who would like to accept gold and silver. But I would like to know what I can buy with it. Also I would like an easy way to accept it online. I am willing to sell my online products for less in silver, to make the transation worth while

  5. Grumble – what a way to tease a guy on his last day at work before he gits laid off…. So I only bought 5, and their other designs look wonderful.

    With luck on Monday I will be back to work with a new employer. I sold back 160 hours of vacation – so I did have a few extra dollars budgeted for this sort of “stuff”.

    I do think that Every Citizen a Sentinel version would be real interesting.

  6. The 3 amigos together again! I just love it. You guys are my heroes. Just a note for you guys in Texas. If your order is over 1K…no Texas sales tax on bullion. If you use your MSB, you can’t beat this deal on a silver round.

    Hope to see alot more from the 3 amigos!


  7. I would possibly be interested in setting up an automatic recurring purchase like once every two weeks or once a month. Sort of like a TSP retirement plan. Out of sight out of mind you know. Would build up quite a stash that way. Is that something you could set up jack? You could set it up to ship at like 10 ounces to keep shipping down. Just a thought. Who else would be into this?

  8. I’m new to your site, Jack. I see a lot I like. But I’m perplexed by the affinity for the ant. I must be missing some kind of friendly sort of inside joke because I’m a newbie. Could you please explain?

  9. Just bought 10. A great deal with the msb discount.
    Within a couple dimes price wise of a generic silver Buffalo round. Can’t beat that for a cool custom medalian and having one of Chris’ custom copper rounds as a bonus is fantastic. Well done.

  10. Great guests Jack. I watched Chris’ “The Greatest Truth Never Told” series a couple of years ago. He has some excellent philosophies. I was on the hunt for a prepper based message that offered solutions. I watched the series again a couple of months ago to awaken those memories again. It was interesting to reflect on how far I had grown as a person since watching it. Realizing again where I was in the mourning process. I found this site about 8 months ago and began my learning process for solutions. I am now focused on helping others.

    I appreciate the cooperation between folks like Rob, Chris and Jack that share their ideas and their audiences. We need more participation like that to reach even more folks with a positive message.

  11. Boy, I can not wait to hear more about the roth-IRA / Physical possession of precious metals loop hole they were teasing about with a future episode. As a self employed independent contractor this happens to be something I am researching now for my investments for this year but if there is a way to actually have them in a safe in my possession I would feel a lot safer. So for the mean time I will stop my hunt for silver in IRA and stop making my monthly purchases for junk silver because this sounds very promising.

    • I second that. I would love to rollover a Roth IRA into silver I have in my hands. Please Jack get this show going soon……. Oh. I just got 5 ounces…… Semper Fi

  12. Why stamp FIFTY on it? Fifty what? Doesn’t it already have a value of ONE, one silver ounce?

    • Thanks for the link! That answers my question but leaves me with a new question.

      Question: When this “move-up” happens does it create confusion that there are 1oz coins stamped 50 when 50 is now 1/2oz? Will there be coins circulating side by side 1oz & 1/2oz both stamped 50? If a merchant is charging 50 and someone gives them a 1oz 50 will they need to specify that it is the old 50 not the new 50 and therefore they would like change? Like wise if a merchant is charging 100, will some consumers look at their 1oz 50 coins and feel that the price is too high because it would take 2 of their 1oz 50 coins to reach the 100 face value? It seems odd that a coin would be stamped with a particular value when it is already written that at a future point the coins weight will be decoupled from the value stamped on it. The confusion would get greater the more “move” points are passed, up or down. At some point there could be 3, 4 , 5 or more differing weights of coins all stamped with the same face value even though the differing coins don’t all actually have the same value.

      When looking at the “Silver Face Value Formula”, it shows the “move-up” points. At $41.15 it moves from Series “C” to Series “D”. Current Series “C”, face value 50 is 1oz silver. When it moves to Series “D”, face value 50 will be 1/2oz silver and face value 100 will be 1oz silver.

      Am I missing something?

      • No an ounce is an ounce is an ounce unless it is reorganized as something more by a given group. Do you worry that a silver eagle is marked 1 dollar and fear that people will only value it at one dollar? Does the 20 dollars on a 1918 St Gaudens Gold Coin cause confusion? What about the 25 cents on a 1960 90% silver quarter.

        Basically with AOCS Silver you have an ounce everywhere and a private currency within the AOCS network. So back when Rob was selling grass fed beef at the old exchange I bought silver at about 30 an ounce then turned around and spent it back in the network with an effective value of 50. Netted out to getting grass fed steak at an equivalent of 6 bucks USD. We are talking strips and sirloin, you can’t get feedlot abused beef for that price anywhere.

        Yet if I take any AOCS round to any silver dealer they will pay the same for it as any silver round.

        • I don’t worry about those things, however you basically made the point for my original question. Why put 50 on it if that numerical value will soon be totally disregarded as not accurate? If “an ounce is an ounce is an ounce”, and that is how the coin will ultimately be valued, both now and in the future, why not just leave it at “1 oz .999 silver”?

          I’m not trying to be critical, the coins are pressed and are the way they are. They are nice looking coins, I like the art. I guess to me it’s just that the presence of a number stamped there, that is going to be eventually disregarded (probably sooner than later), detracts from the artwork on the coin. I would rather see coins that look good with nice art, as this coin is, but the only numerical stamp being the coins weight and purity.

          Hopefully I’m not coming across as an a**, I’m not trying to be. Just trying to share with you my consumer preference. As you provide more coins in the future, if you put two coins out, one with a numerical stamp and one without, I would choice to purchase the coin without the numerical stamp.

          Just thought of an example to your question, “Does the 20 dollars on a 1918 St Gaudens Gold Coin cause confusion? What about the 25 cents on a 1960 90% silver quarter.”
          If the merchant you are dealing with isn’t aware of the “move-up” there will be confusion. Take that 1960 quarter to almost any store and try and buy something with it for it’s “move-up” value and not its face value. There will be confusion.

  13. Hey Jack, as a result of your prodding & my 13Skills challenge, I’ve started my own “carpentry/handyman” side business and am in the middle of my first job, doing some work for the traditional type financial “adviser” that my daughter works for. I plan to take some of the earnings from that and purchase some “ants”. I think it’ll be a great symbolic gesture – using “the system” to start my own small ‘de-leveraging” of it!
    Another example of the great synchronicity & synergy that our TSP community has. 🙂

  14. Okay, I have been doing some research, and I found the self-directed Roth IRA LLC. This I think is where you can take a self directed IRA, Roth IRA, or 401 (k) and then make your own investments such as land or precious metals. It would be nice if someone could go over the pit falls and the must dos so we don’t FUBAR.

    Semper Fi

    • That is fantastic and cant wait to hear it. You know this show has really clanged my view. I take a percentage of my check each week and make silver purchases but have only stuck to junk silver as I had reserves about commemorative, numismatics and generic silver rounds but this episode has since changed my thinking pattern.

      See my reason was that generic silver rounds were not as liquid because they aren’t recognized as well as usmint coins are so in the event I had to convert some to FRNs for whatever reason I would be stuck, However I can now see that on eBay, craigslist and private trade people are indeed trading and they are just as liquid.

      There is another side to my silver, there is the purchases I make but for tax reasons and investment reasons I have begun to look into silver ira but did not like that they were not in my possession and when I heard it mentions there is a way with a loop hold described in this episode that got my full attention. Again Jack thanks for a job well done and look forward to others ideas and comments.

      • Yes don’t sweat selling silver at all in any form as long as it is pure. Dealers are killing themselves on the buy side. Rob will be on air today again and we touch on why.

  15. This particular podcast finally got me off the fence. I chatted with Mrs. Mule about maybe buying a little silver. I wasn’t sure how it would go. She reminded me that she had been wanting to do this for a few years but I wasn’t receptive when she brought it up back then. (I think at that time I had just started listening to Glenn Beck but didn’t like the precious metals ads because they seemed so fear-based.) So we’re now in; we’ve got TSP medallions on order!

    It was time. And yeah, I’ve got the right woman. 🙂

  16. I’m interested in starting a small business, a small livestock farm where we sell piglet, rabbits, chickens, eggs, and finished pigs. Should we Inc. or even get tax # so I can be tax exempt or not? You three guys talked like we would be better off not to.

    • This is something I’d love to hear more about as well. I’m in the process of incorporating a business and it’s such a hassle, it’d be great to hear more info on how you go about doing business without a legal “business” as it were, that’s an option I was heretofore unfamiliar with.

      • As a business owner, I have never incorporated, however I do have an LLC. I really don’t see much benifit in having one. The only reason I got mine was, I was told it would protect my personal assets from lawsuits. I have later discovered that might not necesarily be true.

        Personally I think I will let mine expire.

        If you want to do business under an asumed name like “Sam’s pizza parlor” or something like that all you need (at least in my area) is a DBA (Doing Business As). Of course all that does is allow you to accept checks written to that name. So if you are going to accept silver than there probably is no need to do that. Personally I like the idea of not having to jump through all these hoops. I also would like to accept silver for payment, so I am excitedly waiting for the AOCS marketplace so I can participate!

  17. Awesome episode, Chris Duane and Rob Gray in one show! My only disappointment was that it didn’t last longer than an hour thirty. Didn’t listen in time to get in on the copper round deal, but just ordered five ounces regardless.

  18. I’d love to support small businesses run by freedom lovers over a government agency. The market readily recognizes and accepts silver Liberty dollars coined at the US mint. Does it just as readily accept the value of one of these other coins?

    • An ounce of silver is an ounce of silver, I don’t understand why this is so hard for many to grasp. Eagles sell a bit at a premium over rounds but you pay the same premium when you but them.

      By the way the Eagles are not “Liberty Dollars”

      • Thanks for your comments. I’m planning a monster-box sized buy and just want to do my due diligence.

  19. What does “FIFTY” stand for? I am recently new to the silver market after listening to your shows.

  20. I just got off the phone with someone at the mint. At this time thay are now prossing orders of coins from Jan. I placed my order in Feb. and was told it would not be filled untill sometime, at the earlyest the end of this month. If you would like to contact them about your orders, call them at (888) 299-4399

  21. Any word on the limited edition 1/10 oz TSP gold coins? Did i miss the contest? I ordered opening week [& got my cool free coppers too!] so i hope i was in the contest…. so maybe i just didn’t win 🙁
    Glad to see MM is back on track – getting up at midnight to oi=rder the new TSP coins tonight!