Episode-1060- Moving as a Prepper and The New Homestead — 51 Comments

  1. Love the episode, hits close to home. I moved semi rural this fall, with roughly 3acres and a pond. Luckily I didn’t go as far as you!! I’m excited to hear more about projects and some of the things you implement throughout the property. My wife wasn’t 100% on board but she tells people now that you couldn’t drag her back into town. God Bless and sounds like you are off to a good start.

  2. Thanks for the show Jack… it was a good one. Nice to hear you are loving the new place.

  3. Glad to hear you made it home. Also glad to see a new episode is out. Can’t wait to listen. So, when’s the Region 5 cookout hosted by Jack going to be?

  4. Just moved myself, it’s been a real pain. But, it was so worth it! I’m pretty sure I had it rougher.

  5. Have just very recently discovered your very timely and informative podcast. A quintessential source of great information.
    I smiled when I read about the great time moving is but believe me when I say the hard stuff is now just beginning and that is unpacking.

    Regardless how much effort I put into organizng and labelling everything I so often found that a year later I was still going through boxes lookingh for key items.
    Good luck with your new homestead and many wishes for some great new memories.
    Kind regards,
    Bill Gay

  6. Everything sounds great so far! Glad you can finally settle in. Looking forward to hearing about your poultry when you add them (we have chickens, ducks, turkeys and Japanese quail, plus geese on the way). We have 3+ semi-rural acres SE of where you are (halfway between you and the coast). No rocks here, LOL!

  7. you can use a probing rod, sent you an email with a link to one ready to go from MMC

  8. Good to hear the move went well, wish the best of luck in your new endeavor to perma that Texas Soil! Am looking forward to hear the progress as it comes along!

  9. Oh so very happy for you. So good to hear your voice again. I wish I was closer would love to put my paint clothes on and lend a hand. I love moving in. So new and the possibilities & discoveries. It’s a new adventure each day.

    Of course when you get settled if you think you might want a pasture pig remember I have a little gilt with your name on her. She is a cutie pie.

    Land can be like a christmas tree. You know how they always look smaller out in the woods and lot? Then you get it home and have to cut 3 feet off the top. Or it’s so wide you can hardly walk around it? Land can be the same. All sounds good till you want to fence it all or think you will work it all.

    20 yrs ago when we moved onto our land I went and bought 3 flats of flowers thinking I wanted lots of color now. I planted those flats and you couldn’t even tell. Went and got more $300 later at .39 each plant You would have thought I’d have a full yard. Nope could barley tell all the work I did. Like decorating a elephants ear with a 1/4 carrot diamond earring LOL.

  10. Thanks for the update Jack. Great to know you got through well so far and looking forward to the projects you’ll be sharing with us.

  11. So it’s been 3.5 years since my wife and i moved into our house and we still have a pile of boxes in the the garage… *sigh* good luck unpacking! 🙂

    can’t wait to see the pics

  12. Congrats on the successful move, Jack. Best wishes for many years of happiness for you and your wife in your new home.

  13. Hey jack the family probably was a Mormon sect. They are called Mormon fundamentalists. They still believe in paligamy.

  14. Love the show.
    Wish the podcast app went back further, I’ve already listened to all those. Listen to about 6 a day at my boring job on the assembly line.
    Do you know yet if you will be recording the smaller weekend courses for YouTube? I live in Michigan and wouldn’t be able to get to Texas.

    • First you don’t need the app to listen or download, check out this video the layout of the site is different now but all the features work the same way.

      On video of the shops, there will be some for sure but I don’t think we will be doing like 100% of everything in them on video. That adds a lot of work to something that already requires a lot of work. Likely we will do things like video a lot of the hands on stuff, etc.

  15. from where to where did you move? at least colder to warmer? Drier to wetter? More land?

    I’ve got to move soon, and what should be the priorities?

    • We were at our BOL. It is a bit warmer in winter here, summer is about the same, a bit less rain but over 30 inches a year, a bit less land 3 vs 5 acres but only about 3/4 of an acre was usable for cultivation at the old place here we can utilize 100% of the land.

  16. Sounds like you have done well with this place. Love to come out and hang out next time I fly over to the US
    The prices for property in the US sounds soooo cheap compared to Australia. What I can picture your property is like it would cost close to 1 million dollars here in Australia for a similar middle class area.
    To give you an idea, my property on 1 acre in a rural area with a harsh climate, no services or shops, nearest town with services is 18km away. My house is a small 3 bedroom 1 bathroom fibro sheet house that needs a lot of work. It is valued at around $300,000 AUD

  17. Hey Jack,

    If I’m not being too nosy (or if anyone else wants to toss in their two cents) how did the move with the container go?

    I was curious what ABF was, and it looks like they use the Upack containers. I moved before using the PODS and it worked out great, but damn expensive. Upack looks like the same but cheaper, just wondering if this is an ok place to save, or if I should just spring for the PODS.

    Congrats on landing in Texas. Love having the show back.

    • They bring the container, you pack it they pick it up. They showed up at the times they specified so I can’t complain.

  18. Great to hear your move went well, sorry to hear about the shallow soils. I will be interested to see your videos, and also to see your presentations when you come to NH in a few weeks. I told my mother about your show; she was already into permaculture in a big way but hopefully she can learn some things she didn’t already know from you and your panel.

    On your statements about the previous owners, it sounds like you were describing the FLDS, who did indeed have their new Texas compound raided and some children removed a few years ago. I am LDS by the way so my response is from that point of view. Anyway the Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is a polygamous group that is categorized as an offshoot of my church, so it could have been one guy with two wives (though I believe three wives is what they consider ideal). The LDS church ceased the performance of polygamous marriages in 1890, except for some people who defied the change and others outside the US where polygamy was officially clarified as over in 1904. But the FLDS and other breakaway groups think this change was wrong, considering polygamy a Fundamental doctrine. I can see why someone would call them weird, as they also keep to themselves and often marry young teenage girls to middle-aged men. I can’t claim to be an authority on the FLDS; I’ve never known any practicing FLDS but one of my cousins is married to a man who grew up in their town in Utah or Arizona and was kicked out as a teenager. No doubt they also place great emphasis on personal preparedness but I don’t know any specifics about this.

    Sounds like you have a great place, and great neighbors. Looking forward to the future shows.

  19. In the future, I will go to google maps, find Eagle Mountain, zoom in and try to find Bacon Wrapped Jalapeno’s stuffed with cheese, sitting on a BBQ. Might need CIA for that level of detail…harrumph

  20. Dry Canning

    There’s no need to get more stuff if you have a pressure canner and vacuum sealer or any sort of vacuum pump. I saw the mason jar adapters for the vacuum sealers and got to thinking. I loaded my pressure canner and forced the vacuum hose onto the nipple where the wobbler sits. It was a tight fit, but it fit. I strarted to draw a vacuum but the rubber pressure release safety plug started leaking. I removed it, reversed it to the other side of the lid and reinstalled it. It works great. Just remember to change the pop valve back before canning. We vac seal all kinds of stuff. I keep most glass jars for dry sealing, pasta sause, pickles etc. Some will not reseal, but most do. It’s a free source of glass jars and leaves the mason jars for canning. Dehydrate some of your garden extras, pop them in pasta sauce jar and hand them out to family. No need to chase down the inlaws to get your mason jars back.

  21. By the way, I almost used the upack service a couple of years ago but they didn’t have the service for my area. I wound up going with U-haul’s equivalent, but had to drive my stuff to a larger city to get to the box. On the NH end, it worked out pretty good, the box was stored at a facility about 20 miles from my new place. I liked having a locked container with my stuff in it, but it was a bit expensive. The best part was that my rental included the first month of storage and it gave me some flexibility on when to pick up my stuff on this end.

  22. Hi Jack , Looks like all is well in your move , what you described about your new location is right on and what I will be looking for if we sell ours house, I work in construction, so I have built homes to live in a couple years then sell and continue building a new homes, until the resent resection. My wife and I can relate to the moving blues, very hard on a relationship. On a up note you learn to get rid of what you do not need and keep just what is necessary. Look forward to all your shows and God bless Jack and family. AB

  23. Glad to have you back Jack!
    It sounds like the move went pretty well. As well as a move like that can go.

    We are in a similar boat. We are moving in a about a week to our 3.5 acre place. Much of our preps are boxed up. It is pretty stressful. Plus we started slimming down on our stores. We actually ran out of salsa. 🙁

    The good thing is, my wife fully sees the awesomeness of prepping. If for no other reason than not running out of food.

    Cheers to the new place Jack. Cant wait to see the pics.

  24. Not related but there is the best Mexican restaurant in Ft Worth on Jacksboro hwy in Samson Park, El Paseo. You may want to try it sometime.

    Also, if you want to jump start your soil prep there is Silver Creek materials close to you. They have compost and will deliver it by the truckload.

  25. Just wanted to let you know, if you want to save any healthy oak trees from oak wilt, you will want to trench around the driplines of the trees to cut any root grafts. Oak wilt spreads by root graft.

    If they are infected at all it’s pretty much to late. You could have an arborist come in who does macro-infusion to attempt to save the diseased oaks, but its a gamble and it involves using chemicals.

    • Nope permaculture is a passion but only so much as that preparedness is my biggest passion. Permaculture is one of the many tools we can use to be more prepared.

    • Yep extremely good specifically for White Bass, Catfish and Crappie all of which go great on a plate with some fresh veggies.

  26. Great show Jack. We are closing on a house soon, and wondering what the appraisal will come in at as the sellers have a high asking price and several things need to be done to the property. Course, they have two other offers in line so they’re not likely to cave.