Episode-1047- The Christmas Special For 2012 — 11 Comments

  1. For me, well I am spending Christmas alone and there are no presents under the tree either. Yeah it kinda sucks, but as I look around and see what I truly have, I see others with way way less. Although Santa didn’t visit me again this year I feel blessed I have food in the fridge and fresh water for my tap which is a lot more than some people in this world have.
    Marry Christmas to all and have a great new year and be appreciative of what we take for granted.

    • I feel your pain.
      Welcome to the hermit club 😉
      We’re better off without them anyway; humans are nothing but trouble.

  2. Hope u had a great christmas and i wish u a happy new year. i have a friend who needs glasses and cant afford the 500 pair from the doctor. i remember u talking about a website that sells them cheap like 20 a pair or something. Wats the name of it? Thanx

    • I believe it was Zenni optical that Jack mentioned.

      I just ordered a pair from them and I’ll know in a couple weeks how they work out.
      Cost me about $50 because I got the high index due to my prescription

  3. All The Revolution are belong to US! 😉

    I have achieved a milestone; I’ve been working on for 30 years, persuading my family that gifting (for Christmas and birthdays) is for kids and adults should not gift each other.

    The “true meaning of Christmas” has been upheld by me and I have dealt a death blow to consumerism, making the world a better place.