Episode-1022- Listener Calls for 11-16-12 — 135 Comments

  1. Jack,
    I was literally standing up and applauding after your response to the person from Florida regarding All of us here in the New York/ New Jersey area.
    P.S. Congrats and best of luck with the new homestead.
    John R
    Long Island, NY

    • I was thinking the opposite. I don’t have any sympathy for those who did not evac if they were told to. I don’t think the guy was saying he would not help if they needed it and neither am I. Jack is over-reacting more than just a bit. What is the difference between Jack saying he would not help the guy vs the guy saying he had no sympathy? None.
      We don’t have to like everything someone says or the way they say it. But along the lines of helping or even caring about others, a rant is not the answer.

      • Just in case Jack wants to try and ream me too, let me make a final point. There are different levels of sympathy and that may be the missing link that is not communicated very well. Jack may be expecting people to convey these things more clearly than they thought they needed to in such a short time frame. After all, it is Jacks show. Vent away.

        • @Mike you also said, ” There are different levels of sympathy”

          Well you are correct sir but the caller said multiple times (three to be clear), “I have no sympathy” you either agree and are also in need of a an ear enema to clear the shit from your brain or you know that I am right and just don’t like the way I said it.

          Again the statement THREE TIMES was “no sympathy” not once, not twice but three times, not little, not only so much, it was NONE was in TOTAL as in FOR ALL, if you agree, go away, find a new home, if you don’t agree then really HEAR what the bastard said.

      • @Mike you asked,

        “What is the difference between Jack saying he would not help the guy vs the guy saying he had no sympathy?”

        Great question if you didn’t have your head up your ass the great answer was what I said in conclusion, that was, “in spite of the fact that you are an asshole you know what I would still help you though you don’t deserve it”.

        That is in fact the BIG DAMN difference so your personal answer of “none” is complete 100% total bullshit and damn it you know that is true.

        In the totality his statement was screw those people they were not prepared and we “should not help them” my response was you are a fing dick and you don’t deserve any help if that shit or worse happens to you BUT in the end I would still help you though you don’t deserve it.

        If you look at that and ask what is the difference and say “none” you are either full of shit and know you are or you only hear what you expected to hear. So which one is it?

        • When that season arrives, the grasshopper finds itself dying of hunger and begs the ant for food. To its reply when asked that it had sung all summer, it is rebuked for its idleness and advised to dance during the winter.

        • He who takes a fable to heart and learns from it is a wise man. He who takes a fable as literal and uses it as an excuse to treat his fellow man with disdain is a fool.

          Both creatures in the story are insects and while we can learn from their actions we should not blindly follow either example, we have more brains then either one, at least we are supposed to. This absurdity you spout about telling people to dance to stay warm is the exact reason I let my anger get out of control. Wake up dudeinphoenix, if that is where you live when the shit hits the fan for you trust me you will need others.

        • Ouch :^) Good way to get people to look at what they say out loud. I understand your passion and really do appreciate you holding such a strong opinion that allows each of us to compare ours to that very easily. Your show is doing what you planned. Make people think. BTW, been called worse and slapped in the head. I don’t mind as long as the intent is good.

          On another topic. I liked the response on the foreclosed homes and why the banks hold onto them. It makes more sense to me now, why my sisters short sale was such a nightmare.

  2. On your workshop, and the limits that you need to place on participation. Can/would you consider hiring someone to video document the entire 10 day process and make that available to those who can’t attend for whatever reason?

    I imagine that the number of people wanting to see the process and hear the explanations will be overwhelming.

    • Likely I will but one thought I have had is to allow Lawton to have full rights to that video work, he can produce it far better then I can, has distribution in place and we all KNOW he needs stuff for the temperate climate region. Basically if he deals on the day rate a bit this is a concession I might make, if not I’ll will indeed produce a video product from it.

      • Jack,

        Are you going to be hosting workshops on your own? We have many questions and would like instruction on the permaculture plans for our own property, but we don’t think that the workshop with Mr. Lawton is the right venue for this. We’d like to attend one with you that wasn’t detracting from the time sensitive nature of having Mr. Lawton fly all the way in from Australia. Thank you!

  3. Jack,
    I was speaking with someone within BOA and was told that the FED currently was only buying new MBS, not existing ones. Not sure how true this is or if it is across the board at other banks, or if it would change in the future. So if the FED is avoiding the more toxic assets, then maybe QE3 doesn’t have much teeth with regard to monetary policy. It could have been more of a pre-election ploy to boost the market and prop up housing. And it could explain why Uncle Ben is now complaining about the tight lending standards. Is there any evidence that the FED is buying older, existing MBS?

  4. Business tax in the end is passed on to the consumer.

    So the banks got the people to put up the materials and the labor to build the houses. They created the funny money to finance. They foreclose on the property which means they now have a tangible asset for nothing. Property can be sold, rented, exchanged, or leveraged. Great business model.

  5. Of course no one wants to see another human being suffer, but I can see the point the guy in Florida was trying to make. Most of these people affected by the storm in New York/New Jersey are big Government Obama loving socialist/communists. Many were dumpster diving after just a couple of days, and others were fighting and killing each other over gasoline. Then there is complaining that the government is not spending my tax money fast enough to help them. The caller in Florida, and I am frustrated by the lack of personal responsibilty people seem to take for their own lives and property. I would be happy to help those that lost everything, but for those too stupid to have a little extra food, water, and things put away for an emergency, whose homes are still in tact, I have very little pity.

    • @jim, this is why both you and the caller are totally full of shit, well several of the many reasons why.

      1. NO most of them are not big government Obama lovers and communists the way you make it out to be. NJ and NY both went to Obama in spades but MILLIONS up there voted the other way. Not to mention many well meaning Americans who are certianly not communists voted for Obama because they are dumb enough to believe in the false dichotomy, JUST LIKE YOU DO. They just picked the other side. Oh and worrying about who a person voted for in a situation like this is total complete bullshit! Please pull your head out of your ass. This is NOT about the election and if Romney were president nothing would be different anyway.

      2. The media shows you the lowest common denominator and you are ignorant enough to believe it. Many hard working good people are doing all they can right now to get back on their feet. Walk a mile in their shoes before being a dick to them why don’t you. Yep some dumpster dived wouldn’t you to feed your children if it was your only choice. Tell me you would never have to make that choice and I will call you a liar to your face, you don’t man you just don’t know.

      You and this asshole that called in are so dim you are now willing to blame the deficit on victims of a hurricane. Get your head out of your ass and don’t buy into this class warfare bullshit.

      Further the dick that called in didn’t make the points you did, he stated, “I don’t have one bit of sympathy” and “these people don’t deserve our help”, such statements are despicable beyond words.

      Oh and Jim you and likely tons of members in this audience were at one time, in your own words, “too stupid to have a little extra food, water, and things put away for an emergency”. Likely at some point you woke up to reality. May be even this show is what did it for you? May be like me you come from a prepper background, is so get this man, not everyone is so fortunate. Most behavior is learned from parents. So have a chip on your shoulder, have no sympathy and fortunately despite how fing pissed off that makes me thank God men like me would not do the same to you if you were in need, some day you may very well be.

      It is easy to say how stupid others are when you are hundreds or thousands of miles away and warm and well fed. Do some self examination brother and stop believing what the damn TV tells you. Yea really go stand in front of a mirror and read these words to yourself and tell me how you feel about yourself after you do.

  6. I guess I’ll pipe in and give my 2 cents. I lived through Hurricane Ike and realized how “stupid” I was. Totally unprepared, and I’m educated and have the means to avoid being caught with my britches down, so I can identify with people that have just lived through that experience. I was fortunate to have family and neighbors that could look after my kids, lent me gas and helped me during that crisis. And I can testify that my noodle was my best asset. The elderly, poor, and homeless are totally helpless in this situation. They have no means to prepare for this, so do you have sympathy for them? We as preppers need to be prepared to assist others no matter what. Yes, way too many rely on the government for hand outs, but in a crisis…screw the government! Make people understand that the government will NOT be there for you, but WE (your neighbors) will!

    • @Rex and I doubt anyone who has been in your situation will be pissed at me for calling an asshole an asshole (like those below) or that they will say anyone hit by Sandy “got what they deserved”, such people again need to realize it could be them and say it in front of a mirror.

      I can say this, I can say every word I said on today’s show in front of my mirror with no regret, can those of you that in any way defend the douche bag that said and I quote, “I have now sympathy” do the same, if you can you need the help of a good psychiatric professional.

  7. I am fluent in Russian and learning Brazilian Portuguese already.
    The reason is simple and have nothing to do with prepping. I am an avid soccer fan and plan to visit next two World cups, if I have that chance. 🙂
    Good point about op-sec, Jack, never thought of it. There is one problem though – most of the Eastern Europeans can understand Russian, even if they cannot speak it. The same goes in smaller scale for some middle eastern former Soviet states – Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan. So just in case the group can learn two languages to use in certain situations – maybe even make their own 🙂

  8. Jack,

    Not sure what was more vile caller 2 or your response to the caller. Hate to say it, but after listening to every one of your shows I’ve begun losing interest in your podcast. The content is great but your delivery is sometimes unacceptable to me.

    Still, thanks for 1000 plus great shows.

    • @Jose, if ANYTHING I said today shocked you then there in NO WAY on God’s green earth that you even listed to 20% of what I had to say in the 1,000 episodes I have done. Let me be abundantly clear, I do not weep for one second for the people that “loose interest” because I continue to do what I have always done. Either continue to learn and value the community or be well and may God bless you on your next journey.

      Any man that says and I do quote “I have NO sympathy” in regard to those hit by a natural disaster the size of sandy is on his best day a douche bag, if me saying that tuns you off again God speed good sir may the wind be at your back and your travels be productive.

      • I’ve listened to your show since episode 3. Don’t assume things that are not, and I’m not shocked in any way by your response. And if I may, a good leader, as you have called yourself, takes criticism well, at least the ones I’ve worked with do.

        You don’t owe me anything for spending 1000 hours listening to what you have said. On the contrary, I thank you for you have been a great mentor in many areas. As a matter of fact in 2010 I bought some silver motivated by your shows and immediately set aside 2 oz for you. You now have 4 in my safe, one for each year you’ve been on the air. I will send them to you one day when I go to the bank.

        You have something real good going. Don’t let emotion get the best of you. I bet you lost caller 2 when you could have very easily guided him in the right direction, and made something positive out of something negative.

        Best regards

  9. I too was deeply disturbed by the question from the NY/NJ called. I was equally disturbed by the vile and hate that Jack expressed toward a misguided listener. It might have been in Jack’s best interest to just ignore the call and not put it on the “air”. Maybe that way everyone’s blood pressure would have remained “normal”.

    • @Skip again I say the only way you could have been surprised by my response was to have your head deeply inserted in your ass for the last 1000 plus episodes I have done.

    • I agree Skip. The guy said in the beginning: “When you are told to get out, you get the hell out” That is clearly whom he was talking about. Yes, he didn’t articulate the rest of his statement clearly, and it did sound rather harsh and cold hearted. But that is no reason to turn around and trash a guy and call him names. It should have not been played; period.

      I think this one pushed me over the edge too. I don’t care if I this earns me a ‘FU’ response from Jack for posting this; but I’m done. It just seems that he can call people names, trash their opinions and always be ‘in the right’. And all this from a guy who can’t get his thens and thans straight and mis-pronounces at least a dozen words a week.

      Jack, ban my ass, but you’re not always right – and in this case – dude you were wrong.

      • @Melodee,

        First you are not banned you are just in disagreement with me.

        I don’t know perhaps if you people could read all my mail, if you read all the comments here and at facebook and if you knew how pervasive this “screw them they should have been prepared” or “they should have left when they were told” attitude is you would understand and perhaps even share my anger.

        The reality is simple, again it is easy to write people off who are cold, hungry, thirsty, hurt and have lost everything they owned while you are far away, warm, well fed, housed, healthy and surrounded by others.

        You want to know why this really pisses me off? You people have been listening to me this long and not only come to this conclusion but are shocked by my response to it? Really? You think I will ban you for disagreement? Really? Have you actually be listening to anything I have been saying? Seriously!

        Here is why, WHEN not if but WHEN the real shit hits the fan nationally, if people have this attitude of “screw those who were not prepared”, we are all screwed beyond words.

        Sorry but when I hear “screw those who were not prepared” I feel like an algebra teacher who just found out many of his students still don’t know MDAS after an entire year of study.

        • @Jack

          My criticism toward you is not directed at your opinions for those that do not feel sympathy for those hurt in this or any disaster.

          You work with a lot of people. You present yourself as their friend; someone they can easily and freely talk to. When a friend says something stupid to your face; do you turn around and say “you stupid idiot, you need to be slapped”? No, you educate your friend, kindly.

          The reason it affected me so personally is because for a fleeting moment, I felt the same way. I just didn’t take that moment to call you and leave my rather poorly formed media-fed opinion on record for you to replay to the audience.

          You said you get a lot of emails from ‘idiots’ like this guy. I’m sure you do. But to single out one, to make an example of one, to verbally beat the crap out of one; is tantamount to bullying.

          Unfortunately, you’ve been doing this more and more. I listened to and supported you because you were a hero. You raised your voice for those being bullied by the authorities. You served in the military. You are helping to form the TSP-DRT. But, yesterday – you were a common everyday bully.

          In the past you’ve handled situations like this more fairly and constructively. You’ve said “for those of you that have written me and said _____ Here is where I say you are wrong” I feel that would have been a better, more productive rant.

          I know this is your show; you’re entitled to your opinion. But I’m not going to condone bullying of anyone – idiot or not.

        • Melodee,

          First you stated that if a friend said this I would not respond with “you stupid idiot, you need to be slapped”

          Please note where BiggerPicture stated,

          “I believe Jack’s response was a true reflection of his authentic self.”

          Please understand bigger picture was correct and YES if you were my friend face to face and you told me this stupid nonsense about screw them I would tell you that your are being a stupid idiot and need a slap in the face. Likely without quite the anger I showed on the air but yes I would say it. I would tell you to either pull you head out of your ass or no longer to call yourself my friend. I would also mean it, I do not want friends with so little compassion.

          Now we all (certainly myself included) say stupid shit from time to time. This guy though freely chose to call in and make the “no sympathy” statement three times, I did not single him out, he did it for himself. It was one of the most heartless statements made by a member of this community EVER. If such views exist I want all of you to know how much I despise those views.

          Though I will say this, those of you upset not so much about what I said but how I said it do have a point. I will do my best to explain this better on Monday, I will also do my best to try to do so in the future. That said I will say this again, something I have said so many times it hurts my head to say it yet again.

          TSP is NOT some sort of scripted edutainment production. I don’t use a script and I don’t pretend to feel something for effect, I don’t choose words based on how they will be received. When you hear me on TSP I am the guy I am at all times, good, bad, flawed, etc. This means I will screw up at times and you will hear it and you will either get over it or you won’t. You will always know where I stand and like me or hate me I will never be plastic for even a micro second and that means some will absolutely hate me for it. When I go to far, I will and have always apologized, however, I won’t promise that it will never happen again, because I am always my true authentic self, either that is respected or it isn’t.

          You also hit on something important and it is likely the source of many who agree the guy was a jerk but still are upset, you said

          “The reason it affected me so personally is because for a fleeting moment, I felt the same way.”

          That indeed is why many are pissed, my rant made them look at themselves, my view that is, while I could have done better, it is still a good thing if anyone head that and got pissed because it revealed that within them. If this is in your heart, find it, get rid of it, destroy it or in time it might very well harm you in ways you cannot imagine. That fact that you as one person had that internal dialog makes even what I did wrong worth it to me.

          Again tune in Monday and I will try to make this right, at least as right as I feel it needs to be made, because I do stand by my statement that people who think this way need an ear enema.

        • Jack relax, please.
          1 – Do you only want people to leave positive comments about your show or something?!
          2- Some of us listing to shows in order of publication and comment in that order.

          The FL dudes comments were a bit insensitive but your reaction was what got listeners up in arms. You could have reacted better and we have all read your comments and listen to you next podcast on it now but please stop telling people what to do.

          Most reactions for either side have been well constructed and thought up and were constructive in nature with an exception here and there. I doubt anyone really can agree with what the dude said 100% the way you have portrayed it however your anger was uncalled for and that is what is concerning.

          The Lawton info is cooler than cool though! Too bad it got drowned out. Hopefully when he actually comes out with the video in 2013 you can bring it up again and it will get more comments.

          Oh, DRT for Disaster Response Teams in some circles also means Dead Right There. For a marketing guy it you may have picked another acronym? Constructive criticism so don’t take it too hard.

      • I agree with Melodee. The response was another in a slow slide away from humility. I don’t think Melodee expected to be banned, but just expected a tongue lashing – anyone who tries to be a member of Jack’s “community” and disagrees often receives such (despite the repeated assertions that constructive disagreement and dialogue are fostered here).

        I agree with Jack’s position that helping should be our first instinct, rather than turning our back on those in need. There was just too much hate and venom in his response. Which I guess is fine, but the then you read the comments on the blog, and you find more hate and venom (from Jack). I suppose that is one way to treat those you don’t agree with. Melodee and others appear to believe that there is a better way – I tend to agree.

      • Got to agree with Melodee, I just can’t get my reply behind her’s (?).

        I have to agree that Jack has been trashing and beating listeners and posters up wayyyy to much. Too much uncontrolled anger, name calling and the threat of violence. BTW, not a good idea should you God forbid ever get into an actual fight with this history or verbal and physical threats against others… Hint.

        To me it shows a lack of respect and professionality on Jack’s part. In the past Jack has told subject matter experts with more knowledge than Jack that “… I don’t care what you say…”. Not good. Even way back when in the Jetta the anger if he got cut off by someone was over the top.

        Jack seems to be trying to more and more use anger etc. and make us think it his “passion”. Last time someone yelled at me whether it was deserved or not it did NOT make want to listen or learn. Name me a good teacher or leader who used that to educate which is what Jack claims to be right?!

        Breath, count to 10 before you open your mouth.

        • Listen to today’s show 11-19 and either get over it or don’t. I don’t say that to be a jerk I just can’t put any more energy into saying what I have already said.

  10. As a longtime listener, I appreciate your stance on communities helping those in need. Many people do lack the means to prepare much for disasters like hurricanes, blizzards, wildfires, etc.; however, there is a significant element within American society with no desire to EVER attempt to take any personal responsibility regardless of their circumstances and regardless of past personal experiences. They will NEVER change. For folk in that category that I personally know I simply sigh and shake my head. I wouldn’t say I have no sympathy, but I have very little use for these “users”. Unfortunately these “users” are the very folk who scream the loudest and (figuratively) flop around like fish on a bank after any upset. These are indeed the ones who make “good copy” for the clowns in the media. These are also the folk who obscure the many hundreds who are truly doing the best they can in soul-trying circumstances. Determining who “deserves” help is not within my purview. I simply refuse to enable users to continue their poor choices at my expense.

    • And as those who are stronger and say we don’t need big brother to fix our lives it is our intrinsic responsibility to help those people regardless of how/why they fell.

    • @Linda Johnson your stance is simply one of a decent caring human being. It is basically I might end up helping a person that may not deserve but it is my responsibility to help who I can, when I can, as I can and trust that God will sort it out in the end. THANK YOU FOR THAT! I salute you for your service and your decency to your fellow man. Those of you backing the caller need to take a pause and learn from Linda.

      Again Linda thank you for your sense of decency and service to your fellow man.

  11. Wow….. I live right off a major river in South Jersey. Luckily the highest tidal storm surge did not enter my property as part of it is flood zone. With that…..
    I find your reaction to the Fla. caller a bit overboard and drama like.. I despise drama…. You chose to become a “public” entity and offer your knowledge to anyone willing to listen and with that comes a responsibility to “maintain some kind of *&^%ing control” …. Telling a listener you’d slap him… Cmon.
    Instead of internet drama bitch slapping this caller, why didnt you use your talent of “speak” and explain what was wrong with his ideology..???? Your reaction shows a failure. (with a large touch of psycho drama)

    Now, with many natural disasters, there are always those that just cant escape the coming damage. There are those that choose to ignore the coming damage and those that will actually use it to their advantage…. Living here all my life, this was the first time I ever left my home in fear of Mother Nature. Right now, there are many still with out electric and much of that has to do with an outdated infastructure… It also has to do with a term you used in your rant..
    “Density of population” Let me tell you something…. There is a part of those areas effected I would not accept in my home no matter how hard they begged. Not because I dont care but because I know their “nature”… I’ve dealt with it all my life. Understand, you nor anyone else can save everyone… Man must eventually be left with his individual skills.

    So, if you or anyone else wants to help….. Start digging thru the internet and find some local NJ area websites that you can send some cash or diapers or canned food,…. maybe a truck load of *&^%*&%^ chain saws, axes or safety gear. I mention local NJ sites because sending money to the Red Cross would most likely not be felt by those needing. If one can, look up some local NJ Radio Station websites where one can donate and feel better that their donation (even a dollar) might stay local and reach those in need vs going to the feds…

    In the end, the area is starting to see a flow and any outside “gung ho” bs is not needed… (Especially DRAMA)
    Jack, save that drama based energy for what may one day effect your local community “OR” use it to “TEACH” those you find offensive and want to slap… Unless…. you are above it and can save the entire &^%&ing world? If you can, then I’ll submit to a slap in your office.. (after that, all bets are off…)

    All drama aside…. In my opinion, ya kinda “Jumped the Shark” today..
    Not because of the drama based “passion” in your words but because of the lack of control …….. Stay wise while spreading the wisdom or just STFU…

    : )

    • See my other comments to you and go screw off. In fact how about getting off your ass from behind the key board and helping some people in your own community since you seem to be doing okay.

      Again I don’t know why you think you deserve special treatment for being MSB, none is promised right?

      This comment wasn’t deleted or held back dumbass, you ranted with many trigger words, this set off something called Akismet which filters comment spam. On this blog to the tune of about 1000 or so comments a day. Such comments go into spam prison and once in a while I go in and take a look.

      Just so you know though you are not entitled to nor do you have a right to anything when it comes to comments here. Please read section four

    • Holy smokes Jack
      “…See my other comments to you and go screw off. …”???!!!!
      “…This comment wasn’t deleted or held back dumbass,…” ???!!!

      Are you under more stress than normal that you respond to anyone like this?

  12. This episode was interesting to say the least.
    On a side note,I would give my eye teeth to go fishing with Geoff, I hope it works out for someone and I hope you have a blast!

  13. “It is basically I might end up helping a person that may not deserve but it is my responsibility to help who I can, when I can, as I can and trust that God will sort it out in the end.”

    I’ve spent 100 bucks on this mentality for the past 2 yrs….? %&*^% me!!!!!

    Good info for the most part, but I didnt sign on to pay for “personal opinions”

    #*%^*- ing libs in disguise!

    Whats next, a rant on abortion?


    • Hey the entire show is “one man’s opinion” and if you don’t like it as it has been from day one there are other ways to spend your time. You also have never been asked to pay for my opinion and no you will never hear a rant on abortion on TSP.

    • Oh and your other bullshit comment was deleted because it ended up in the spam filter. I am sorry you seem to think that you are to be specially treated because you have supported the show in the past. I have attempted to refund your fee as you seem to feel you are screwed for supporting someone that feel we should help who we can, when we can and let God sort it out. Well, I can fix that for you, just tell me your real name or your email address in the MSB and you can have every dime back.

      I do not understand how anyone who has listened to me express the same views, the same way is now shocked but fine if so you were not paying attention for two years, you didn’t comprehend that I am about community, you didn’t know I got mad and vented at assholes, etc. Fine you were only listening 80% of the time for two years and missed all that, fine, give me your MSB username or real name or MSB email and I will fix this for you right now.

      Just to be clear though being an MSB member doesn’t give anyone the right to violate either forum or blog TOS, further there is no way I would even know who to grant such non existent special privilege to anyway.

    • Well I got your email bitching about your blog comment which I responded to. I tried as promised to refund you and convert your account to lifetime for free BUT neither your email or your name in your email are listed in the MSB.

      Sometimes people use different names in different places, just tell me how to find you in paypal and the MSB and I will fix your issue so you can return to no feeling you need to kick yourself or whatever.

  14. I was excited when you started talking about your new piece of land and the workshop with you and Paul Wheaton ‘ But then got depressed when I found out there is basically no chance I will get to attend Because of price . I am the overflow thats not wanted 🙁

    • Well first is isn’t Paul Wheaton it is Geoff Lawton. Secondly you are not “not wanted”, I explained the reason for the cost.

    • It’s expensive but it is Lawton coming to town!
      Same here though price makes it hard to justify right now as well as schedule but there will be many who would or can go. May be Jeff can come again to someone else’s properly on the forum if this first visit is a success. I did not realize it was doable to have Lawton come though. I will certainly keep that in mind should I get that piece of forever land that I have been looking for… Options!

      We should get Jack in TX to host him, some one in the NW host Lawton, someone in the NE host Lawton, someone in the frozen North host him. Can you imagine how much useful data we can all share after these visits??

  15. Regarding houses the banks own ; my daughter lives in Fla and in her neighborhood at least 1 in 15 houses are empty.You couldnt give them away..they have been looted! The fixtures stolen,doors, windows,pipes even tiles from the floor.It has lowered her property value beyound belief. Its dangerous and the banks dont even try to sell them or fix them etc.I dont understand how letting them set empty is better then selling them at a fairprice or letting some company or agency rent them to people.

  16. Wow, reading all comments of this episode makes me happy 🙂 Boy, Jack is on it today 🙂

    I kind a have to choose the side of Jack on this. Although their are shedloads of unprepared people that need help at this moment, that probably should have been more prepared and should have listened to the evacuation calls, chances are we all might have been in that situation as well once.

    I don’t know about you all, but i’ve been preparing for a couple of years now. Had something major happened before that, I would have been just as helpless as all those dumpster divers. And yes, I might have even been at my home after the call to evacuate, probably will still stay at home if such a call would come now.

    Makes me wonder by the way, how preppers are supposed to form a new kind of community after a big SHTF with such a egocentric mentality. Your not gonna survive all alone in the woods, and if you do, your not gonna be happy anyway. So, if you can, without putting yourself at risk, goa and help someone else. I would.

    I did love Jacks rant, but i doubt this will inspire more people to call in. I do hope Jack will compose himself again for next week, it prolly would have been better to call this dude an asshole with a calmer tone of voice, because he sure as heck is one.

  17. I believe the caller from Florida was being his true and authentic self.
    I believe Jack’s response was a true reflection of his authentic self.

    I find it humorous how similar they both are… both are comfortable telling others what they should do and feel.

    They should have gotten out… they should have prepared ahead of time… or you will not get assistance.
    He should open his mind and apologize or be banished from the SPC.

    I would like to thank both Jack and the Florida caller for motivating me. I just donated $100 to two NJ food banks… and

    Go your own way, the others will follow…

    • Interesting take! Can’t say you don’t have me with that in a certain way. I really do try not to tell others what to think but I also do have what I refer to as a morality threshold. This is nothing given to me by a faith or a religious text, as a deist I am not bound by such things. Though as a human being I do feel we are here to help our fellow man. I do talk about community ALL THE TIME and when someone makes statements like the caller did, it may not be right for me to tell him how to think, but that isn’t really what I did.

      TSP is my vision, it is my creation, what I do have a right to say is if you think that way, fine, go ahead but don’t fool yourself YOU ARE NOT PART OF WHAT I AM DOING. Now you are dead on with this statement,

      “I believe Jack’s response was a true reflection of his authentic self.”

      THANK YOU! You know what guys this is the only promise I have really made to you guys since day one, to always do so, good or bad, no editing, no so called “drama” which is done for the sake of entertainment. I would have told this man the same thing to his face.

      The difference would be he could clarify, meet me half way, etc. Sometimes I do need to remember that. Still the man said THREE times, “no sympathy” that is what truly set me off and again, how the F are we going to get through a real shit hit the fan if this is the attitude the most prepared among us have?

      I will clarify this and try to make it right on Monday,


  18. Put me down as someone else who thinks your response wrong. It wasn’t what you said but how you said it. You can tell me to go away if I don’t like it too. I’m not. There is far too much of value to your show. I don’t like the vitriole though. You say you think of us as friends. I would and am telling g a friend ” say what you want to say, but don’t say it with such hatefulness.”

    My opinion for what it’s worth.

    • Opinion heard and accepted as your opinion.

      Question though, what in the hell makes you think I would tell you to go away for that opinion?

      • You’re not the most sympathetic guy with people who disagree with you. You have said several times if people don’t like what they hear go somewhere else. I like tons of what you say. Listening to your show has mademy life a lot better. But I really didnt like the way your comment was made.

        • @Steve listen a bit more carefully I would say 99% of the time I say that it is due to something like this.

          1. If you don’t stop _______ I won’t listen any more.

          2. Do not say curse words it offends me and I won’t listen to you unless you stop.

          3. I don’t come here to hear about politics if you keep pushing your political views I won’t listen any more.

          What would you expect me to say to such people?

          Now the 1% where I do what I did in this episode (which I have now admitted I could have done better and promised a follow up to on Monday) is about a moral boundry. If someone says “lets kill all the _____” or “screw those less fortunate”, I will likely tell them to go elsewhere, JUST LIKE I TOLD THE SCUM to at that white supremacist scum forum who were becoming fans early on.

          Now the caller doesn’t go into that group but I am making a point, there are certain moral boundaries that I want set for TSP. SOME DEGREE of sympathy for your fellow man is one of them. Frankly part of why I feel so angry about how many people are saying shit like this is I feel I HAVE FAILED as a teacher. Anyone listening to TSP for any length of time that feels this way is to a degree a person I personally have failed.

          Contrary to what you state I take criticism pretty well, not agreeing with you doesn’t mean I didn’t hear you. Failure though, I don’t do so well with.

        • I want to leave the conversation by repeating I have learned a lot from tsp and appreciate the job you do.

          Best wishes to all the tsp community and am looking forward to thousnds of more show.


  19. I am interested in attending when you have your workshop with Geoff. I have the financial means to make the trip and absorb the expense. Perhaps afterwards people that are interested in learning what Jeff had to offer could team up with folks that attended. This would be advantageous if there were people coming from all over the U.S. In effect, this could also be a way to spread community and meet fellow TSP folks. Maybe as we get closer to the date there could be a forum post to bring people that went, together with people that wanted to go.

    • Email me and I will put you on a reserved list for first crack.

      My hope is I can run a LOT of lower cost workshops say 500 a head, still small headcounts after Geoff has done the main frame earth works. There will be no way I can afford the entire design (plantings) from day one. People coming in after the main workshop will still get the Lawton design, it will just be me teaching it. If others come and can develop their own properties and run programs that would be great too.

      Many people can afford the fee but not the time and travel required and they also want something more tailored to their climate. If some can travel, learn, do and run their own AWESOME, I will even list anyone who attends this as a resource for such things.

      I know some will find the cost too high but we are talking about the guy who is in my view anyway the best in the world at this. I have to pay for that, I have to pay to get him to Texas from Australia, I have to pay for the equipment and on the earthworks I have to go big fast so I have to do more faster to make use of Geoff while he is here. Work I would budget out over 3 year now will happen in 5 days. Nice problem to have but if we are to make the best use of a master there is a cost.

      On follow up smaller scale shops we are thinking 300-500 based on what we are doing. Dorothy is already designing a really great guest room and a “bunk room”. The bunk room will house about 6 beds but think of it sort of sub marine style. Really nice with a curtain for some privacy. So in a 10 person workshop, 6 would have access to a bunk, one person or a couple might have access to the guest room (though that would be given to a guest instructor if we have one), we have an exercise room that will have a futon for either one more or a married couple. Others can camp, bunk in the garage or get a hotel, lots in the area.

      I don’t think any other permaculture workshop anywhere does anything like this, I have always ended up in a tent at them or having to get off site housing.

      We think this is going to be very cool and really help people understand design on smaller more affordable properties. For many 80 acres just ain’t going to happen ever, but 2-10 can be a reality for just about anyone willing to work for it. Our goal is to teach people to make land 3x as big as it is on paper, 1 acre feeling like 3, 3 like 12, 5 like 15, etc. And it can be done, Geoff is the master and has done it many times.

      I could likely get the design 90% right on my own, that 10% though is the X-factor and Geoff has it, my goal is to use this to bring it to America and empower as many people as possible to replicate and teach it. I will do anything I can to help others make that happen.

  20. Jack,

    I thought the response to the Floridian was the correct response because its Jack’s response. The people that are upset about the way it was delivered need to put their big boy pants on. This is the reason why I listen to the show. FOR the emotion. If Jack would have just read off a line for line response like a robot, I would have been upset. Jack and I have disagreed about a lot of things but NEVER and I mean NEVER will I or anyone else should be upset because Jack put emotion into what he was saying. I applaud Jack for not being a coward and dumbing down his response to the caller. Actually, I’m upset with audience being upset. Good show Jack. Don’t change a thing.

  21. I have to say your behavior regarding the unsympathetic Floridian was boorish, immature, and distasteful. I do have to agree with you, however, in that no one who has listened to you for more than a week should be surprised – you are frequently arrogant and foul mouthed. You seem to see that as a badge of honor, many see it as an indication of an arrested development.

    You’ve got some good information to convey, however, you fail to realize that unlike you, a person of little patience with those with whom you disagree, people who have listened to you regularly unilaterally choose to overlook your shortcomings. You do have a few, as do we all. When you have a moment, and have calmed down, look at the responses and count those who have agreed with you and those who have not. The numbers are not in your favor.

    It has always been my experience that a good businessman does not go out of his way to alienate his clients, who are, in fact, the liveblood of his enterprise. Just a friendly suggestion – consider storing your ego in your desk drawer more frequently – the bully-boy persona wears thin, quickly.

      • I am working very hard to change that and the business itself does have a survival plan if I ever bite the dust early. The show can’t go on obviously but the business can. The discounts would stay in place, the forum would remain, etc. This site would stay around. Some day I really need to build this into a network but for now that is what can be done. didn’t go away when my good friend Ron Hood pasted away, I would hope that TSP would live on as well. However the MSB discounts are very sustainable and the way you approach a perspective discounter is documented so that Dorothy could keep it going for a long time even without me. I also carry enough insurance on myself that Dorothy could be her needs and the business needs for quite a time as well as she got some help on the technical end.

  22. Dear Jack Spirko,
    After listening to the show, where a caller says he doesn’t feel bad for the people in NY, I believe that you took what this gentleman said out of context, since he never said he wouldn’t help, just that he does not feel bad. Let me elaborate… The caller stated that he lives in Florida, and when a hurricane is coming he makes sure he is prepared. He feels that since the New Yorkers had a weeks notice, they should have prepared themselves more. Isn’t this what your show is about?
    You made yourself look like an A$$ CLOWN (in your own words), by calling a listener an a$$hole because he does not share your opinion. The caller was polite and cordial, while you sounded like Hitler incarnate. In one podcast you tell people to prepare, and in another podcast you flame listeners for not “feeling bad” for people who watched TV instead of preparing for the coming storm. Am I supose to feed everyone who is hungry? Shelter everyone who is without a home? Where do you draw the line? How is that different than the social welfare system our government has in place now? What did you do to help the people in New York? Did you donate money for a nice tax write off?
    I used to respect you for what you teach, but after hearing you lose it on your podcast I thought about my dad saying I better do as he says or I will get spanked. You are not my daddy and you do not have the right to tell others what to feel or think.
    You told the gentleman that you hope he never needs help because he won’t get it from you. Most people who feel the way the caller does would say “I don’t EXPECT your help”. When is it time for people to take on some responsibility for themselves? Stop relying on others to help you, if they do then great, but you are NOT entitled to get help. I was also hit by Hurricane Sandy, and was without power for a while, not able to travel to the grocery store, I have 2 small children that I need to take care of. I did not expect anyone to feel sorry for me nor did I expect anyone to help me. I believe there comes a time were we stand on our own 2 feet or fall down.
    I was originally upset at what you said to the caller, but it was worth it to see your true colors. I will never listen to another episode, as you suggested. I will not listen to anyone who thinks they are more rightous than everyone else, telling people to think and feel like them.

    • No I didn’t take him out of context, but you took me out of context leaving out the part where I said “but you know what, I still would help you” among other things. Oh and be so arrogant as to say you won’t ever need help, I do hope you end up being right for your sake but the universe tends to kick people with your attitude squarely in the ass.

      The man said three times “I have NO sympathy” as in none, zero, zilch, nadda.

      He also called in IN RESPONSE TO my show on the DRT and stated that we should not be helping these people period there was no reason to. I didn’t take that out of context in anyway.

      So don’t listen again, go ahead somehow we will survive without you here. You know what I think, I think you also feel this way, so I will make this challenge to you, go to the mirror and say, screw those people, I don’t care about them. After that if you feel you are still right, go find a psycho therapist and get the part of your soul that is damaged healed.

      As I said to others I could have said it better then I did, I may have been over the top in my response and I will do what I can to clear that up on Monday but your comment strikes me as though you are the exact type of person that needed to hear it the way I said it. Go do some DEEP self examination dude, you sound like you need it. While I may have made a mistake everything happens for a reason, people that are so arrogant as to believe they can always make it on their own are the why of this one.

    • That guy is funny but he is a dumbass at the same time. The marketing he is talking about is corporate marketing and if there was no marketing for his act he would be dead broke and that entire theater would be empty and he would be talking to no one.

    • Oh wow and that guy has been dead since 1994, liver cancer killed him. Sad really the guy had talent.

  23. First I want to say that I think all the people giving Jack shit about this dick head (yes that is what he is) from Florida should read ALL of the comments including Jack’s responses to them before opening their pie holes to pile on here. Jack was a bit over the top, but in my view just a tiny bit, not for what he said but for the level of anger in which he allowed himself to enter. But HELLO FOLKS, this is the same Jack most of us love and to you haters, why are you still here?

    Next for the love of all things, Jack has said I think about 12 times in this comment storm “I will make this right on Monday” so how about giving the guy that built this entire thing by shear will a fricken chance to do so before acting like a bunch of hurt children. The problem here is some of you want to make Jack your hero, he doesn’t want to be anyone’s hero, he is a teacher and an honest man. Respect that honestly even when you do not agree with it.

    The other thing I have seen Jack say many times here is this

    “Those of you who are most upset likely see yourself in the comments of this man”

    Or something to that effect and DAMN IT, Jack is 100% correct. Take his challenge folks, go stand in front of a mirror and say shit like screw them they should have been prepared. Jack is right if you can do that and don’t feel like a piece of shit after you do, well, something in your heart and/or soul is DEEPLY damaged.

    • @MichaelP,

      Actually I came here and was pissed at Jack but I read your comment before commenting and well, you are correct. I was pissed mostly because I have said many times during this period, those people should have gotten out and stuff like, they should have been prepared.

      Now I am sitting here and thinking about my call for episode 1000 and thinking about the huge list of stuff my family and I have done in the past year. Today I am pretty prepared but I could still be on the wrong end of something. But thinking of what we have done since we found TSP I have to admit if I was in this thing a year or so ago I would have been 100% screwed.

      Jack is a good man, he works his ass off for us and I do consider him my hero, but that can be a problem as you point out. I do think you are correct as well in saying he doesn’t want to be a hero, just a teacher.

      Thanks to your comment I also see he did say he had more to say to “make it right” on Monday, I don’t doubt him.

      And you know what while I came here to bitch you out Jack, now I want to say thank to you and to Michael. I have acted like a dick in the past few weeks watching the news, I have said “they should have left” and I have lost touch with how much pain those folks are in. I realize that now, please try to be less hostile in the future but thanks for being true to yourself and honest with all of us and making us be honest with ourselves.

    • I’m the one who used the ‘hero’ word; so I’m assuming you are referencing my comment. Which, by the way, was made early on in this discourse.

      Definition of Hero: a man of distinguished courage or ability, admired for his brave deeds and noble qualities.

      You don’t think Jack wants to be recognized for these qualities? I think he does. But is he someone I look for to rescue me? Am I some kind of star-struck admirer; hurt that my object of affection disappointed me? Not. And I repeat; Not.

      I just find it kind of ironic that some of you that feel anger at Mr. Florida are the same people that are stocked up with guns and ammo – going through training and drills to KILL people , if the situation dictates. Where will be your love and compassion then? If the crap hits the fan – who do you think is going to be ‘your enemy’? People who are prepared, or the minions that are not? i.e. those people that Mr. Florida was referring to.

      Define Hypocrite: a person who feigns some desirable or publicly approved attitude, especially one whose private life, opinions, or statements belie his or her public statements.

      Yes, I did feel like Mr Florida for a fleeting moment as I mentioned. Why? Perhaps it was because I’ve heard derogatory words such as “Sheeple” used on this show. Perhaps it was because the media used this occasion to exploit those less fortunate. It is human nature to have a bad thought now and again. As I said, I just didn’t make the stupid mistake to call Jack at that low point in my thinking.

      I’m going to listen to Jack on Monday; I’ll be eager to hear what he has to say.

      • @Melodee, there is nothing and I mean nothing inconsistent with having a means of defense and being willing to help people. We need to help who we can, as we can, when we can, no we can’t help all and our families much come first, then our neighborhood, etc. That doesn’t mean we should turn our backs on others when they are hurting and we can help.

        Come steal from me and I will shoot your ass, but if you need help and I can I will. There is NOTHING inconsistent there.

        • That may be true Jack – but I guess we wont know that until we are all tested in that regard.

          Let’s look at a scenario: A woman, with 3 starving children under age 4. You catch her stealing your eggs. Really Jack? You’re going to shoot her? No, you are not. But make that a young male; dressed in gang colors – now what are you going to do?

          When the crap hits the fan; where will we draw the line on when we can, as we can, and who we can? Are you wrong to draw the line before I do? Who can answer that but ourselves?

          I feel it is better to help our neighbors. For my inspiration, I look to the various death marches that have occurred under various circumstances – the only people that made it as a group were the ones that shared everything to the smallest morsel of food.

          We all just need to agree to disagree on this one. It is a matter of conscious – and everyone had a different standard for conscious.

      • Melodee, no my comment had nothing to do with you specifically. It is clear that Jack is treated with hero status by many and I don’t think he likes it, I base this on the fact that I have shaken the man’s hand and looked him in the eye.

        When I did the first thing I said to him was “I want you to know you changed my life”, he rolled his eyes and I could tell it was genuine not some act and said, “no man YOU changed YOUR life and he was emphatic with the you and the your, hence my use of all caps.

        I’d bet my bottom dollar that nothing scares Jack more then being someone’s hero.

        • @Michael

          I can believe that. I like Jack, I just disagree with how he handled this caller. And while, when I first responded, I was kinda pissed; I’ve come to appreciate the dialog unfolding. I think it really says something for us as people. And I think it has made us think more that his rant did 🙂

          He may not want to be a hero, but as you yourself say – he tends to earn that title by some of the things he does. I can still remember painting my house and being moved to tears as I listened to him talk about Jan Cline. I stopped my work that moment and made a donation. That night I joined the TSP.

          Thanks for responding…

    • @Tom you are correct it doesn’t mean if you need help those who can help shouldn’t do so. It also doesn’t mean you are not a dick if you can help and choose not to. Further it doesn’t mean you are not a heartless bastard if you can look at your fellow man suffering and say screw them.

      What people are entitled to or obligated to isn’t the issue, it is what is the decent and moral thing to do.

  24. I know you’re not stupid enough to think that everyone in the Jersey area needs help equally and the same amount. Because that would be socialist. So really this is a disagreement on who should be helped and how much. There are plenty of people in that area who did nothing to prepare for the coming storm and nothing to mitigate the situation after they do not all deserve the same amount of help. Someone who sat on their ass and watched TV until their house blew away does not deserve my help. I can say that because it is my money or supplies that is being given away so I get to make that decision of who is worthy.
    Just because people don’t share your opinion does not make them an asshole but it does make you an intolerant prick

    • @John

      The caller said again NO SYMPATHY and it was in DIRECT response to my forming of the DRT. As for who can be helped, when shit like this happens you help who you can, as you can and do what you can to help people get back to par, what ever that may be. I am not an intolerant prick but I am intolerant of assholes who think they are never going to need help and can say F you to their fellow man when they are in need.

    • I’m not saying F my fellow man, I am saying I can’t afford to help everyone. What happened to “I don’t agree with what you are saying but I’ll defend your right to say it”?

      • I never said to help everyone, I said help someone, I said specifically help who you can as you can. The caller said, “I have no sympathy for any of them”.

        Oh and I might tell you that you are an ass if you say shit like that but I will still defend your right to say it. Having a right to say something is one thing, it doesn’t mean you have a right to say it and not have someone call you a dick for doing it.

        Seriously, when the hell did you hear me to say “help everyone” when?

        Again I think you are a guy that may need to take some time in front of the mirror.

      • So where do you draw the line for helping people? When should I stop helping? When the world has no more hungry people? You either learn to take care of yourself or you don’t make it. It’s called natural selection. If someone happens to help, thats wonderful but don’t ever bank on that.

    • Guy in Florida: I don’t want to help
      Jack Spirko: You are an asshole, and if you don’t think like me then you are wrong.

      Pretty much sounds like an intolerant prick to me.

      • @John, I didn’t say he was wrong for not wanting to help, I said he was wrong for feeling again, “no sympathy for any of them”, if you think that is okay you do have serious problems.

      • It’s hard to feel bad for someone you don’t know and this is not because I hate mankind it is because I love my family and I will feel for them before I feel for anyone else. You make this evident in your own words when you say “what if it was your family and your parents in New York”. This means that you acknowledge that you would feel for your family before anyone else. I’ve got news for you — somewhere somehow people are going to die… thousands of them… all over the world. Should I morn them the way I would morn a death in my own family? I would be swinging from a chandelier if that were the case. Think of all the starving children in Africa… they need help…. they have flies on their face…. how many have you adopted?

      • Regardless of whether I agree or disagree with this sentiment – this response was funny as heck.

  25. Jack,

    Thanks for the show. I have to say, it DID make me take a hard look at some of my own thoughts. I grew up pretty poor as a kid, and it shaped me in a lot of good ways, but looking back, I see that it also shaped me in some ways that I am not too fond of. We didn’t really get that hand up when we were down, and had to do it our self. Did it lead to me being a pretty self reliant guy? Sure. But it also manifested itself with a certain amount of ‘screw em if they wont prepare’ mentality as well. That caller, and your response to him, made me realize that I would have LOVED to have gotten that hand up as a child, and that instead of manifesting it as a childish ‘screw em, no one helped me, so why should I help them?’ mentality, I should do for others what I would have liked to have had done for me. Bravo, sir. I needed to take that second look at myself.

    • Thanks for having the courage for looking deeply inward man. Helping people up is a great thing to do. There is a different between helping people up and helping them to stay where they are. I want to help them up not empower them to not do anything for themselves.

      Many libertarians say, “we don’t need the government” which I agree with but if you want to take that stance then you have to step up and do what is necessary when others fall or you are totally incongruent.

      If you do that you are also playing strait into all the socialist types that say libertarians and conservatives are heartless bastards who only say that private charity can do the job but are just greedy and never want to actually help their fellow man.

  26. That’s right, let’s help everyone!!! Handouts for all! Later join me so we can hold hands and sing “we are the world”.

    • @John,

      What a pile of bullshit as though we can’t do for everyone is an excuse for we shouldn’t do for anyone ever. The answer to your question is each of us is to determine what we can, as we can and when we can.

      About the only answer I have an issue with to that question is the arrogant pricks who say, no one and never. Is that you, is that who you really are? IF so can you say that shit in front of the mirror and feel good about yourself? If so you need some serious help.

  27. Quick story for reference purposes. Sister in law has an asshole boyfriend who constantly does things to screw her over. He leaves her on the side of the road and she calls me asking for cab money. My choices are – help her by giving $20 or leave her on the side of the road. I’ll give her the $20 bucks AS I TELL HER “I don’t feel bad for you”.
    I don’t feel bad for people in New York either. Just because I don’t feel bad for the people in New York doesn’t mean I hate them. What I do hate is people telling other people what to do and how to live. Kind of like what you are doing Jack. If someone doesn’t want to feel bad for someone else or help them what business is that of yours ?
    You can run around and be a philanthropist if you wish, but just because other people don’t does not make them assholes. The fact that you think it does makes you an asshole. Stop telling people what to think and what to do!!!!!!!

    • If you can look at thousands of people suffering and say you don’t give a shit, it makes you a douche bag, now follow your own advice and shut up and accept my opinion and don’t tell me how to think. Doesn’t work when you are on the other end now does it?

      • But no Dave in your world you shouldn’t be able to tell me I am an asshole for my opinion. Ring, ring, please hold, Mr. Pot the Kettle is calling for you on line one.

  28. So, it’s a day later. I still believe I am dissappointed in hearing what I take was an “over reaction” by someone I have taken a position of following/listening to/learning from for, the past 2 yrs. Understand, here in Jersey we are quick to “over react and demean” at the drop of the hat…… I think I was “surprised” at the level of the hosts reaction because the message of this community “In my mind” was and should be above that. I never had a problem with Jack calling some politician an “A** clown” but again, this reaction I felt was overboard. The caller was not disrespectful, in my opinion, but as truthfull as he could be while readily admitting an influence by the “Mainstream media’s” portrayal of what happened here.

    Meanwhile, the Gov. of the state has already publicly stated that homeowners in some of the hardest hit areas might see a rise in their property taxes…. Now…Thats something that needs a “dramatic response” asap!

    In the end, people base opinions upon what they see, hear and experience.
    I would like to think that if Mr. Florida saw the report on the senior citizen complex where 80+ yr old people had to walk up and down 10+ flights of stairs just to get fresh water he might just “feel something”…
    I know I did. Sympathy is but an emotion and easily posed- dismissed verbally… How a person reacts when confronted in a situation is another..

    Jack, IMO you handled this the wrong way…. No matter how small this community might be compared to other mainstream crap, the responsibility is the same…… (maybe even more on your part?) You have the option of topics on the “Listener calls” platform and now maybe you have found the “limit” of what to approach and what not…? (or at the least, how to/not to)…

    It’s your house….

    : )

  29. Well, I agree Jack was too intense on this one. I think he was too harsh on the caller and I think it was because he used the caller to vent on all the people basically saying the same thing. I don’t think his view is flawed only his delivery. I am also willing to over look that as I have gained tons from the man who 95% of the time is brilliant in his delivery.

    I have also read though most of these comments and have two things to point out.

    To those still bitching about Jack’s rant the man has said you are right and promised to follow up on it on Monday. Respect that please, how many people in broadcasting big or small are willing to do that? When is the last time if ever you saw anyone do it? I have seen it once before, it was Jack that did it that time too.

    Next, I get why Jack is so mad! Those of you who are not upset with Jack about how it said it but more for what he said and defending the position of the caller do need as Jack put it an ear enema! Damn have you listened to nothing this man has said to us in 4 plus years now?

    Jack you said in one of your comments,

    “I feel I HAVE FAILED as a teacher. Anyone listening to TSP for any length of time that feels this way is to a degree a person I personally have failed. ”

    No! No sir you have not failed them, in my view they have failed all of us. Sometimes teachers are to blame, but not always, sometimes a student’s failure is his or her own. I would say that is indeed the case here.

  30. Well I don’t get how anyone is defending the caller. I get how some might be upset with Jack for getting so PO’d but not me, I was honest to God cheering. Of course I am listening to this after it took us the best part of the first week after Sandy to get to my brothers place. Our house was literally destroyed while we were inside it.

    We had pretty good preps and we didn’t starve as much was salvaged but much was also lost. We had no power even with a generator because the home was so badly damaged it wasn’t safe to stay in. We helped others with what we had and they helped us. We ended up taking what we had to a less damaged home and holed up with some neighbors until we could get out of the area.

    I wasn’t told to leave and stayed put like some dumbass, no we were not in a mandatory evac zone. There were not as many mandatory evacuation zones as the TV has led some of you to believe. The advice was to stay in our homes just as Jack stated. We did listen, in retrospect it would have been better not to listen, but you learn as you go.

    I don’t want your sympathy guys but as someone who has been through this and did his best for his family and really doubted myself at times during it. Well, if you have no sympathy for anyone up here there are only two words that come to mind – heartless bastard.

  31. Jack,

    I think it is important to differentiate “empathy” and “sympathy” for everyone. I know you understand the difference, but not one comment by the audience has stressed this. Empathy means that one can understand the feelings of others and their situation and imagine those feelings in themselves. Sympathy is simply having feelings for that person or their situation. These terms are not interchangeable.

    The lack of sympathy for the recent hurricane victims is startling. However, the lack of empathy (which is the next step after one has sympathy) is all-in-all wretched and dangerous. We, as human beings, must learn to empathize with our fellow humans. This not only affects our outlook on disaster victims, but on our society as a whole. If we cannot have basic human empathy and compassion for suffering in the event of a natural disaster, how can we expect to correct the sharp turn towards socialism and the police state? If we cannot “walk a mile in someone’s shoes,” how can we ever construct a network of mutual aid if/when government support systems fall?

    I see the lack of empathy as a disturbing trend within the prepper community. How can one be a prepper if one cannot empathize with her/his fellow human? You have stressed in so many episodes that being a prepper is about being a community. Not just local communities, but a human community. Why do so many people not understand this?

    While I do not get as animated as you when I am upset, I completely understand your response. I also agree with your sentiment. Human beings must have empathy for all other humans. That doesn’t mean we agree with them politically. It just means we come to a greater understanding of ourselves, our neighbors, our community and our species. If we fail at this, we fail as a species.

  32. Jack,

    Do yourself a favor and close the comments of this episode. This is bordering on abuse by the audience. You have made your position and motives abundantly clear and have promised to explain further on Monday. If people can’t understand or respect that, they are entitled and beyond reach.

    • @Jose, don’t worry about me brother I am a big boy with pretty thick skin. I have gone out of my way to tell asses they are asses but listen to everyone else’s concerns. I’ll leave it open for those who want to discuss other parts of the episode or even those that want to bitch. It is sad that people don’t get things like akismet filters and get all out of their minds because they think I won’t let their comments through.

      The real bitching if you look is only coming from two people, the rest are just voicing their concern, concern I needed to hear. I find this very useful. One thing I can say Monday is those who really are heartless may be more upset but we are all going to take a good look at the root of all the anger on all sides, FEAR. We will do that together and my hope is much good will come from it.

      Just so everyone knows the only comments denied intentionally this year have been clearly spam or THE COWARD who hides his identity and wants to make every episode about global warming. Anyone else if it ever happened can chalk it up to filtering, if you need further explanation of how/why that occurs just google “akismet.

  33. First of all, drama is drama, but in the end analysis, Jack is right with helping those who need help. Please remember there are many who are not aware of situations or things we are. We are the revolution, we are the light in the darkness, we SET THE EXAMPLE for others to see. That is why I fully agree and will support Jack’s initiative on the disaster response team. We are the teachers, it is time we act like it. An honorable man holds himself and his standards to a higher level, perhaps that is where the disagreements come from. May the Lord bless us all, and may compassion fill those who have empty hearts. Thank you Jack for all that you do.

  34. “Brent in PEI”
    Wow, took a while to read through this thread!

    If, for a moment, Mr. Florida, were shown two houses next to each other prior to the storm, but did not meet the owners. One owner, fully prepared, food, water, generator, flashlights; the other, not one iota of prepardness. Storm comes in, wipes both houses to the ground, all you see is foundation. Mr. Florida is now flown back and he meets the two owners standing on their foundations. And we tell him which one was prepared. Is he going to help the guy who *was* prepared, but all his preps are floating along in the Gulf stream to England??.
    *Just* because he *was* prepared??

    Short answer, both individuals need help. No discrimination…

  35. Jack,

    With regards to the caller from Florida, I agree with your response 100%. I’ve seen too much disaster in my life and too much pain, struggle, and…ignorance.

  36. So shoot me but I thought that Jack’s response was appropriate. It’s a good thing that the guy is a prepper and that he’s (apparently) prepared for whatever may come his way, but to say that you don’t empathize or otherwise care about the plight of those in the affected areas is just wrong. While the caller didn’t say this, we can infer that he would most likely not lend a hand to this similarly situated in his area because as the caller stated they are “fools”.

    What is telling is that given the callers misguided world view and conclusions Jack said that he would in the end probably end up helping him in a similar circumstance. I have long believed that the best leaders are those that first lead by example. Jack stated that he would ultimately help the caller if he were in need and thus exhibited (and thereby led) by the empathy that the caller apparently lacks.

    Don’t be too hard on Jack with his response. Hard times call for hard attitudes and sometimes we need to be reminded that there will always be others out there that need our help and we should be willing to lend a hand regardless of the circumstances that may have led to that need. That’s what makes us human and separates us from the other animals on the global savannah of self interest. Keep up the great work Jack.

    Finally, to those that want to excoriate Jack for his response, keep in mind that the world can be a dangerous place full of violence and selfishness.

  37. “He who takes a fable to heart and learns from it is a wise man. He who takes a fable as literal and uses it as an excuse to treat his fellow man with disdain is a fool.”

    Well said, Jack.

  38. Okay. It’s late and I’m tired, so I don’t know if this is going to come out right.

    However, I see a big difference between the “unsympathetic” caller and Jack. The caller expressed no sympathy for those who were deeply hurt because they didn’t or couldn’t leave. Jack royally reamed this guy, but it was out of sympathy for unprepared people who were deeply suffering.

    I’m not perfect, but I do view myself as a Christian. (The more closely I see the perfection of Christ, the more humbled I am by the flaws I have.) Jack reminds me of the Roman Centurians He interacted with. The Centurians were like Indantry Gunnery Sergeants, pretty rough around the edges, occasionally foul-mouthed, and hard bitten … but they said what they meant, and meant what they said. Occasionally foul-mouthed, but not mealy-mouthed. You knew where you stood with these men, and if they told you they were going to do something, they did it.

    Jesus had more respect for these men, and sailors, and harlots, etc than He did for the mealy-mouthed, conniving, hypocritical religious leaders of His day who put more burdens on the people than they could bear. While He loves them all (hypocrites, like myself) He was more patient with the honest but rough man who prayed “Forgive me Lord, a sinner” had empathy for the suffering than for the pompous religious leader who looked down on the struggling masses and prayed “I thank you God that I am not like them.”

    Jack reminds me of the Centurian who might cuss you out to your face, but would still run through wall to pull you and your children out of your burning house.

    I figure, Christ is the One who kept the soldiers’ hearts beating while they drove nails through His flesh to pin Him to a cross and He still could pray for them “Forgive them, for they know not what they do”, then at the *very least* I can help storm victims regardless if they acted foolishly or not. How many times have I walked straight into something because I was stupid, and He still helped me.

    OTOH, while Jesus accepted rough fishermen, Centurians, and even hypocritical, pomous religious leaders (me) just as they were, He didn’t leave them there … 😉 While it must always be honest, are better and worse way to communicate.

  39. Thanks for a great show. Loved it all. You mentioned that you were going to put links to videos on Quantitative Easing in the show notes. I’d love to see the vids. Thanks. Wish I could come out and see you and Geoff, but too rich for my blood.

  40. Thanks jack for being who you are! I wouldn’t have responded the way you did to the Florida guy, but I agree with you. We should have sympathy for people who are experiencing hardship. that kind of attitude sensationalizes the prepper movement. It makes all of us look cold and inhuman. We cannot act that way and hope others around will be open to change.

    Jack I don’t expect you to change, but from the perspective of a new listener the rant against the Florida guy might turn away less calloused persons. People that you want to reach, and can make a difference in their lives. They could be looking for reason in this world of craziness. Many people do their best to avoid getting yelled at. So those rants may drive the new listeners away. Perhaps there should be some sort of warning before a rant ?

    Jack I know you get a lot of negative comments and emails so I am thankful you are yourself inspite of it. I don’t always agree with you, but you are always consistent. Keep doing what you are doing!

  41. Wow this is crazy. Are you kidding me? Very interesting. Wonder what the response would be if the caller had said the SAME thing in a different way? SAME MESSAGE different words & LOUD voice tones? Such as ” I don’t feel sympathy for those fat lazy dumb asses. They were told to get out. They didn’t so tuff F in shit. If they are to stupid and lazy to prep like I do then they deserve what they get. To bad the storm didn’t take more of those lazy obama loven self entitlement sons of bitches out. They are all just looken for a free hand out and I don’t feel any sympathy for them at all. NO FRIGEN WAY would I give them shit. ”

    I don’t think Jack would have even played the call if it had been spoken like that. The message is still the same. I heard that loud and clear.

    No this guy was soft spoken and used the words “forgive me” . Sorry you can say “oh man I just took a F in shit” or ” oh I just made a poopy” either way it still stinks.

    This guy also had to know if he has listened to the show at all what was going to happen. Seriously do you think for one second Jack is going to sit quietly by and not point out flaws in thinking or non thinking patterns? UM when has he ever done that? He ALWAYS points them out duh that’s a huge part of the show. Then he explains WHY. Then he asks you to THINK. Then he asks you to come to your own conclusions. But KNOW WHY you THINK WHAT you think. He also says every day “THIS IS ONE MANS OPINION”

    I suspect this guy knew what was coming. I think this was his way of asking for help. Why do I think this way? Or just a plain old attitude adjustment. Or just a few seconds of fame.

    I can’t imagine the amount of times Jack get emails calls and such similar to this one. Shoot just read the forums and you will see many times ;I’d just shoot em; I warned them so now they are on their own. It runs a muck out there. It would drive me crazy. How sad it is and quiet frankly scary. Really people that’s how you want to be? Maybe just maybe that is part of what started the entitlement attitude in the first place.

    No I believe you help people when where and how you can. Those that are suffering in a crisis should not be subjected to judgment or questioning. Seriously you go to help with a pot of hot soup but before you can pass it out you ask…. Did you prepare for this? How many hours a week do you work? How did you vote? What religion are you? What’s your sexual orientation? Do you believe in the 2nd amendment? What food allergies do you have? What have you done to help yourself first? blah blah blah …. So very sorry to ask you all these questions PLEASE FORGIVE ME but I needed to make sure you are worthy of my soup and wont sue me.

    Oh good grief give me a frigen break.

    NO Jack does not ever need to sensor what he says or how he says it out of FEAR of losing a few bucks. The day he does that is the day he sells his soul for money and prostitutes himself for cash. Those that are word sensitive turn up the filter on your brain and ears. Focus more on the message it’s self. That’s YOUR responsibility. He has enough integrity honor and courage to self correct and admit when he is wrong or mistaken. I have heard him do it several times. Never does he need to do it out of fear threats or ultimatums. Like he says if you don’t like it then maybe this show is not for you.

  42. the best nugget of the show is a chance to do a Permaculture design with Geoff and Jack!! A once in a lifetime opportunity? I believe so and very excited!!

    • I will most defiantly second that!! I can’t even begin to think it would be less than $4-5000. At that price it still would be a bargain. That is unless you just plant potatoes the whole time. lol Oh to watch and learn from the master and not have to fly clear around the world to do it. WOW. Plus get to see the beginnings of Jacks new place. It’s like being part of very important history. To be able to talk & walk with them learn from them and not just sit and listen to a lecture. Just does not get any better than that. Well yeah it can if there is fishing involved!

  43. I didn’t care for the way you responded to the guy from Fla. either. I think what really pissed me off is when you said if he was in your office you would/might (whatever) slap him. Regardless of what he said I think you need to apologize to him for that statement.

    • @Gump, I apologized today to the audience I don’t think the guy derserves much of an apology directly. I also DID NOT say I would slap him, I said I would have to use all of my self control not to, those are TWO VERY DIFFERENT THINGS.

  44. Jack,

    I avoided commenting on the litany of rhetoric about “Mr. Florida”. It’s apparent to me that there is a knowledge gap within our community that hasn’t been addressed. You and I are both prior service. We have both been to areas of the world that define “unprepared”, “disaster area”, “abject poverty”, and “seemingly hopeless”. However, many community members really don’t have first hand experience with this. It’s seems to be a case of “you don’t know what you don’t know”. To base your reactions/response on what YOU THINK you know about the people involved in a disaster is short-sighted and naive. For that reason (among others), I’m firmly rooted in agreeing with Jack’s response to the heartless and flippant statements of the caller.

    As to your reaction to the caller, I’d say it was perfectly indelicate and applaud you for your candor. You see, being former military, I understand the need to paint the picture as real as possible to others. I actually respect honesty and blunt dialogue (unlike others who just say they do until it happens). I have two relevant quotes for you.

    “Profanity and obscenity entitle people who don’t want unpleasant information to close their ears and eyes to you.”
    -Kurt Vonnegut

    “When angry count four; when very angry, swear.”
    -Mark Twain (Samuel Clemens)

    I firmly believe that while obscenity is never excusable, the use of profanity must be employed to precisely admonish the opprobrious (I like to use my big boy words once in a while).

    I’d go as far as to offer that Jack is a modern day example of John Wayne.

    Is Jack Spirko perfect? By no means. But I dare you to find me someone that is. I take my heroes just like I take my friends — the good with the bad. Nobody’s perfect. And what Jack does well, he does very, very well.

    Jack is a shining example of a true American patriot in my book. Saddle up and fix their wagons Jack. I salute your integrity and hope others can recognize the depth of your sincerity, compassion and stubbornness for who you are; the America we believe in.

  45. A bit of bad timing…

    While I have been an avid TSP listener since the ‘In the car’ days, my wife has only rarely listened over the years. I got her to listen to an episode of TSP with me while we were out & about on Saturday. Unfortunately I chose the latest episode without screening it first.

    The rant did not go over well. She asked me point blank how that rant “Helped me live a better life if times get tough or even if they don’t” (hey, she paid attention to the intro!). I admit, I didn’t have much of an answer. She then asked me to shut off the podcast while she told me everything that was wrong about that caller & response. It wasn’t fun.

    Now don’t get me wrong… I love a good “Jack Rant”, especially when it targets big food, big government, or the resident ass-clown in office. Targeting a listener though seems a bit much, even if they are misguided.

    Anyway, for me, the timing of this rant could not have been worse. It may be a while before I convince my wife to try some TSP again.

    • @Marty, tell her not to make the same mistake I did and write someone off for one statement and try listening to my follow up in 1023.

  46. In regards to Jack’s response to the last question of the day, whether or not to move–the caller from California.
    Recently watched Joel Salatin giving his presentation and Q&A from the students at UCBerkley. Great hour and a half spent, Joel giving his usual speech, but very near the end, the last question actually, Joel put forth this axiom:
    “Tomorrow’s opportunity is predicated on today’s inertia move.”
    2×4 upside the head moment to me and I’ve been dwelling on the thought, and just wanted to encourage the California caller and Jack with it!

  47. The guy complaining he has no sympathy for ny/nj area folks in need now – didn’t he listen to the episode where Jack read emails from some of us? How we helped those who hadn’t/couldn’t prep rare, how we used it as a teaching lesson. I was able to show people just why I prep. The people in manhattan who went without power for 5 days were not told to leave. People in brooklyn & manhattan told to leave 99% did. People who lost their homes- many left, but can’t stay where they were for months while they build a new home….

  48. For the people who did not like Jack’s response:

    How would you feel if Jack read a prepared statement in a controlled and polite voice to the caller? For the long-time listeners, you would pretty much know immediately that it was not authentic. It would be a watered-down version of Jack. It would be phoney. Is that what you want? For me, Jack’s niche in the self-reliance community is his authenticity, quality of information, and range of topics. Once you compromise on authenticity, you take away from YOUR OWN authenticity because you put wanting to pampered with white gloves as a priority over authentic living and reality.


  49. My Holy Scriptures explain two things to me. First that you best serve God by serving others. Second, if you with hold help from others because you say to yourself “This person brought this upon themselves” you are going against what God wants you to do.

    Years ago, back in the last century, (the 80’s) I got dragged to a community kitchen with the youth of the Church. As I was serving I would look at each person and say to my self “this guy is healthy, he should get a job. This lady look like she uses drugs, she should stop.” etc. It must have shown because the director of the kitchen pulled me from the line and put me on pots and pans.

    Afterwords she sat me down in her office and talked to me. In short she showed me how to see people: They may have made bad choices. They may have done something to deserve what happened to them. But right now, when you are in front of them, they need help. What kind of human refuses to help another? They need help, they are drowning, they are hungry, they are hurt, right now. Right now you can help. Don’t look at them and judge how they got there, look at them and judge how you can help.

  50. sheesh, some people are really upset at Jack over the FLA guy. Not so much at his response but how it was delivered. C’mom people, toughen up. Jack is just a normal person like everyone else and we all get pissed from time to time. I’ve been hearing him get pissed for years and kinda like it.
    Maybe a new personal prep should be thicker skin. People are so sensitive these days.

  51. Episode 1022! How did you not make this an episode about the 22 rifle. With the number 1022 this would have been a perfect time to do another episode featuring the Ruger 10-22. LOL

  52. I appreciate your stand Jack, on being real, being who you are all the time, and the belief that that is what you must always or nearly always be. I’m sure being a public figure and enjoying the incredible growth of your dream that is the Survival Podcast is a lot of hard work but it is not thankless, and it has it’s rewards. It’s funny, normally I don’t give a shit about a public figure destroying his own golden goose but I, mistakenly I’m sure, feel the empathy for you and the other members of the audience enough to pipe up just this once. Opinions are like ass-holes you know…
    Since I’m am a paying member mine ought to count for about 18.3 cents.
    You do us all and yourself a huge disservice when events like the rant-responses you dish out in the mainly one sided format of a podcast actually make it to “air”. For all the good you do, you do very much destruction. Your audience is made up of people from all backgrounds and we all have not been listening to you for every show. Your verbal smack down of someone who is taking the time to participate in your show is not professional and you become the ass clown that you also like to label others as. Instead of handling the situation with some style and making a teachable moment profitable for everyone involved, you take the opportunity to be a small god and exhibit your righteous indignation over the four years you have been on this ride because we all don’t get it yet. Let me help you out here…we are not wasting your time… so how about practicing a bit of what you preach. How about doing a show on conflict resolution and I suggest that if you want to keep the success going that you are currently enjoying, you should take a moment to dial your rage back when someone who made an oversimplified statement that was thoughtless tramps all over your ego.
    I have been becoming more and more disenfranchised over the last year by many of your egotistical statements and actions. I’m not a follower, jack. I’m a learner and a teacher of the things I’ve learned. You will always have minions who look up to you and will pay for your product. Dynamic people always do, just look at out government. But, people like me are getting turned off buy your increasing hypocrisy and we are about done putting up with it so that we can learn at your feet. I’m definitely searching for a alternate place to send newcomers to the preparedness lifestyle as a better place to get started…you have become a detriment to their transitions just like a preacher in a church that thinks he is god.
    It’s too bad but it is predictable…pride comes before the fall.

    Mike Danapas

    • All I can say (which if you read the other comments here I have already done about 20 times) is say I am sorry and I handled this one wrong. Listen to 1023 for a follow up and get over it or don’t.

  53. Jack,

    Love the show more than I can say, and was particularly moved by how you handled the now legendary Florida Guy. When I first subscribed to TSP a few months ago, I thought you were going to be an amusingly paranoid right-wing nutjob, stockpiling ammo for the day the lib’ruls fled post-nuclear New York and came to try to steal your canned goods. The compassion you showed for the victims of Sandy was the perfect reminder of how completely this show has upended my expectations, and why it’s come to mean so much to me. It’s not a show about how to cut yourself off from society; if anything, it’s about how better to plug yourself in, and I was never prouder to be a listener that during your majestic reaming of Florida Guy.

    When you’re wrong, however, you’re wrong, and your throwaway comment about the state of voting in America struck me as not just wrong, but irresponsible. It’s right and proper to be skeptical of government’s ability to solve our problems, and anyone who thinks our system is immune to corruption and skullduggery isn’t paying attention. But in your otherwise very persuasive discussion of GMO foods today you stated, as if were a well-known fact, that elections in America are now routinely rigged. They aren’t, is the fact of the matter, and that’s a charge that shouldn’t lightly be tossed around, especially not when talking to an audience as uniquely well armed as yours is. Spend five minutes looking into the issue and you’ll find that the GMO-labeling bill in California was defeated not by ballot-stuffing or vote-rigging, but by an $40 million avalanche of deceptive advertising in the run-up to election day that steadily drove down support for the bill, a drop-off in support that was reflected in all the polling. That’s not good–don’t get me wrong. But it’s a far cry from someone actually tampering with the vote totals, which is what you seemed to be alleging. Like much about America, our voting-system isn’t perfect, but it gets the job done.

    Keep up the superb work,


    • @Bruno, could that mass of money have swayed the vote? Perhaps but I personally feel election fraud is rampant in the US to the point where we should never believe that our voice at the polls is really heard. To wit I submit

      Please take time to really dig into this. Note I am not saying it is Republicans or Democrats as usual I am saying it is all of them. Really dig into this and you will find it ain’t as cut and dry as you might believe. If you take a day or two and dig into the mountains of evidence and examples at the above link your opinion MAY change.

      Why do I doubt the Prop 37 results? Facts, history and examples of this type of thing going on all the time.

    • Jack, I will indeed look into it, and I’m not saying shenanigans never happen. What I’m saying is that in this instance, all the evidence points to a fair vote-count after an unfair ad blitz by the GMO lobby.

      To recap: you said on your show that 80% of voters supported the bill mere months before the show, yet somehow it was defeated, ergo a clear-cut case of election fraud.

      But here’s the actual polling:,_Mandatory_Labeling_of_Genetically_Engineered_Food_(2012)

      Support for the bill was only 61% in late September, and after $45 million in deceptive ads—claiming among other things that the labeling would raise food costs–two different polling outfits found that support had been driven down to 39% by late October, two weeks before the election. Now you can argue, I suppose, that the GMO lobby also paid for multiple sets of fake poll-results, to cover their asses in advance of a bought election, IN ADDITION to wasting $45 million on advertising they didn’t need because they were planning to rig the vote anyway, but at that point you’re talking about an implausibly vast and elaborate conspiracy which, were it ever uncovered, would blacken the industry’s reputation beyond any possible redemption. Isn’t it much more likely that what appears to have happened did happen: the GMO lobby scared voters into defeating the bill by simply lying to them?